More images for Sideshow’s Premium Format Cobra Commander

Good grief this thing is spectacular.

Granted, as I’ve said before, I prefer my figures to actually move, but it’s tough to argue at the sheer coolness of the display value with this particular figure.  Part statue, part figure, and full of imposing awesomeness.

I love that the images they added also include a shot of him with the upcoming premium format Baroness as well.  These would make for one cool display.

Check out the additional images right here and if you love this thing like I do, pre-order him via the banner below.

Cobra Commander Premium Format Figure

2 thoughts on “More images for Sideshow’s Premium Format Cobra Commander

  1. I live in Canada and a store a couple of towns over from where I live had him on display…amazing when you see it in person

  2. Why does this remind me of that Funny or Die video?

    Cobra Commander loves 70’s boogie
    He’s a big fan off 3 Dog Night…

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