Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone Statue Guest Review

I’ve been on record for a while praising the great items we’ve been getting from Sideshow Collectibles, yet I also must lament the fact that much of it is a bit out of my budget.  Thankfully folks like Mysterious Stranger have come through and pitched in with reviews, and now, faithful Twitter friend and GeneralsJoes reader Chad Lawless comes through and supplies GeneralsJoes with an extensive and amazing review of the Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone statue.

I’m not much of a statuary kind of guy, but man… Chad’s review has almost changed my mind.  Holy crap this thing looks amazing.

Check out his excellent review right here, and if you like it, hit up the banner below to buy your own!

Thanks again, Chad!  If you like what you read here, make sure to follow Chad on Twitter to keep up to date with his Joe opinions!

Snake Eyes and Timber Statue Sideshow Exclusive Version

One thought on “Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone Statue Guest Review

  1. Yowza, that is one nice statue. Love that you can swap out the hands and accessories, and the paint apps/sculpting are top notch. I might have to start saving up for that badboy.

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