Sideshow Collectibles Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Review

It’s Sideshow Collectibles day!

Hot on the heels of Chad Lawless’ excellent Snake Eyes Polystone statue the always awesome Mysterious Stranger reminded me of another review (combination review at that!) that I hadn’t had a chance to get posted yet.

The Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper are two similar offerings that Stranger elected to review in one joint review, and it’s another great one!

Check out this latest review right here and again a big thanks to those folks who choose to pitch in with reviews on the site.  I am endlessly grateful.

5 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Review

  1. Another great review, Stranger!

    Meanwhile, Resolute sets and the TRU not-so-Exclusive Quick Kick and Spirit are apparently showing up at Ross stores.

    I would kill many cute puppies to be within reach of a Ross store.

  2. I think Sideshow has done a great job on their 12in line. They include so many great details, way cooler than the standard 12in G.I.Joes. But they are also more expensive, so I am sticking with 3-3/4 for now. Like the review said, I wouldn’t consider these guys mast have but they are still nice.

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