More photos added to Wave 3 and Wave 4 Reviews

Now that I’ve gotten the retail versions of these last two assortments from online e-tailers, I’ve updated my G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary and Renegades reviews with the carded images, filecard images, and a few others.

Check out all of the reviews to see the updated images!

2 thoughts on “More photos added to Wave 3 and Wave 4 Reviews

  1. Regarding Lifeline, I really enjoyed the Special Missions issue where he used Aikido. I do feel it is weird that he came with an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment. I think in part that it is due to Doc and him being portrayed as pacifists, but also I think of the characters of MASH, especially Hawkeye. I have never actually met a real combat medic. Do you guys carry weapons or actively use them? I think the 30th Anniversary sculpt is great and the accessories are incredibly awesome!

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