Big Bad Toy Store Year End Clearance sale has a G.I. Joe flair

Granted, they don’t have a ton of G.I. Joe product, but there are some out there.  Hit up the BBTS Clearance Page for products, or just hit the links below:

Go get ’em!

  • Well, I guess we can finally, officially, give a definitive ruling on what is too much of a good thing:

    Three separate waves containing the Steel Brigade figure was enough to push it over the top into the clearance aisle.

    Kinda surprised to see Tunnel Rat get discounted so quickly – he’s a good army-builder. Although I guess that’s mostly because those Wave 3/4 Renegades figures are being sold in cases that are mainly being bought for the Sci-Fi / Lifeline / Airtight / Law and Order figures along with their original case assortments.

    I think I’ll wait a bit and grab some spare Ripcords and TRs for kitbashing purposes.