G.I. Joe: Renegades Animated series discounted on iTunes!

Since G.I. Joe: Renegades ceased airing new episodes on The Hub, I’ve been asked quite a bit where to find the episodes online.  My answer is always the same – iTunes.  With the full season uploaded in HD quality, iTunes is the best place to get these episodes, and I’m proud to say I have them all, and love being able to watch them at a moment’s notice.

But the full season of iTunes episodes was a little on the pricey side, especially for the HD episodes.  However, the full season is now pretty deeply discounted on the iTunes music store.  You can currently get the full season in Standard Definition for $29.99, and you can get them in HD for $39.99 but only through January 4th, 2012.  I think that’s a pretty decent price, and I’ll readily admit I paid a lot more myself.

So check out the iTunes Music Store and grab the season now!  If only we could get a DVD or Blu Ray release…

  • Awesome news. My daughter and I have been watching them on some random Anime site. I may have to spring for the iTunes format now that it won’t cost $60 for the season… that said, $30 is still too pricey.

    Meanwhile, what do you think of this:



    I would love for this to become a trend, though obviously I’m disappointed in the figures they chose.

  • Hawkwinter

    Must be nice. They still haven’t even released it on iTunes Canada yet. Still haven’t seen over half of the episodes.

    Not overly upset about Renegades in particular but I’d like to see the Joe brand get some more iTunes love here in Canada anyway.

  • Hawkwinter

    Not a fan of this. When they showed this originally I contacted my comic shop guy to make sure I don’t end up with these covers. Love the pics and I really appreciate them in their own little world but not as covers to my comic books.

    Another reason I’m not for this idea is exactly what you just pointed out Monte….it leads to people being unhappy about which figures were chosen to represent any specific character, which in this case, seeing as no IDW figures really exist, will always be the wrong version. New fans of just the comic will wonder what the hell these covers are depicting…..lol

  • As someone who has had no opportunity as of yet to explore the IDW universe, my disappointment isn’t about whether the figure are suitable representatives of their comic book counterparts. I just think the figures they chose are clunky and awkward and dated.

  • Would love a Blu-Ray set, but this will have to do for now.