Just what was that vehicle in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer?

I think most folks assumed when that vehicle came roaring through the flames that it was some sort of movie universe “HISS” Tank.  But is it really?

Thanks to The Terror Drome Twitter account, we find out that the makers of this mysterious vehicle, Howe & Howe Technologies have a feature on it on their site, and they appear to be calling it “The Ripsaw”.

Is that their own name?  Could it still be called “The HISS” within the film, or is this something completely separate from your more standard HISS Tank?  Something tells me that this isn’t a HISS, and this turns out to be something else.  It almost looks too small to be a dangerous COBRA offensive vehicle, but I guess time will tell.  Until then, check out Howe & Howe Technologies and see just what this Ripsaw is all about.

12 thoughts on “Just what was that vehicle in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer?

  1. They have a show on the Discovery Channel and the Ripsaw was a vehicle they made hoping to sell to the military.

  2. either way…thats the vehicle that roadrock is standing on whilst firing that big-ass cannon…looks like he pulled it off of its mount.

    i personally think this is what is going to pass as a HISS for the movie.

    (thats not my hope mind you. i hope its some sort of small joe strike vehicle…but i think its the ”HISS” of the movie-verse)

  3. Well the HiSS is a High Speed Sentry. So it fits better with it being a smaller scout, patrol and hit and run vehicle. Instead of a MTB with a high profile and large glass canopy (newest version aside).

  4. I’ll buy that as a H.I.S.S. It’s not an absolutely perfect fit to the classic design, and you could just as easily call it an IMP, HAVOC or Triple-T, but it looks pretty cool.

  5. now that i think about it…….when i passed by the fort pike set a few months back…i remember seeing what i thought was a caged camera truck. figured it was for high-speed rugged terrain shooting.
    mayve been this thing.

  6. I saw something at Zellers that really resembled it. Cant remeber the name, maybe I’ll go back and take a pic

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