GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s Snake Eyes #8

Lost in the shuffle of the big Cobra Commander reveal from the mainstream G.I. Joe title last week was the most recent issue of IDW’s Snake Eyes title, which hit comic shops this past Wednesday.

Continuing the story of the Cobra Civil War, with a focus on a mysterious virus that Duke has been infected with, this run of Snake Eyes pairs up the two pseudo-rivals and sends them deep into a Cobra operated laboratory looking for a cure.  Click the Read the Rest of this Entry link below for the full review.

Snake Eyes #8
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Casey Maloney

I will admit, I wasn’t quite sure where this title was going in regards to the Cobra Civil War. I really enjoyed the somewhat aggressive and brutal nature of the arctic battle, which faced Snake Eyes off against Slice and Dice for the first time in the IDW universe and gave us a heaping helping of Agent Helix as well.  With Duke’s viral infection and subsequent team up with the Joe Commando Ninja, I felt like maybe things were in a downward trend.  Dixon’s work on the main G.I. Joe title had been uneven at best, and he seemed to excel with Snake Eyes, but the whole virus angle wasn’t doing a whole lot for me.

Well, I must admit, it took a turn for the better with this issue.

Keep in mind, even though the big Cobra Commander reveal from G.I. Joe #8 last week effectively ended the Cobra Civil War competition, this issue still seems fairly status quo.  In fact, the Cobra Civil War doesn’t really seem to make an impact here at all.  Duke and Snake Eyes make it to the Cobra Pharmaceutical company, in search of an antidote for Duke’s deadly virus (which keeps him in this high tech containment suit).  What they find is a cadre of Cobra Toxo-Vipers and a whole lot of gunfire.

The end result is a pretty fun, fast-paced issue that is quite well drawn, has some great dialogue, and actually left me with a sense of impending doom.  I thought for a second that perhaps Duke might not make it out of this alive, and although I was proven wrong, he seemed prepared to accept his fate, and doesn’t seem quite as enthralled as one might think to still be alive.

To me the highlight of the issue, though, was the excellent artwork, which includes very faithful recreations of the various iterations of the Toxo-Vipers.  Seeing not only the ’88 version recreated in exacting detail, but the Eco Warriors version as well, treated almost like a Toxo-Viper Officer was very cool and brought a smile to my face.  I will say the Cobra IMP was an amazing surprise, too, though I must admit having a vehicle with rockets of that size within a closed-in facility doesn’t seem realistic.

Maloney did an admirable job on the artwork for this run, and this issue was no exception.  While Robert Atkins remains my favorite Joe artist on any book out there, Maloney certainly filled in nicely, has a great sense of storyboarding, and excellent detail work.

To date, Chuck Dixon’s work on the Snake Eyes title has been impressive.  It can’t be easy to write a book that focuses on someone who can’t even talk, but Dixon has been doing pretty well so far.  By using a strong cast of supporting characters and some interesting story twists, this book continues to work really well, and that’s high praise coming from someone who isn’t a big Snake Eyes fan.

2 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s Snake Eyes #8

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said, except for your compliments of the artwork. To me, the art is the most childish looking of any Joe comic ever made.

  2. Gonna have to disagree on the art. Yes, the storyboarding and layout is good, but the art itself is what I expect to see in an Archie comic (Actually I believe this guy has done Archie comics) NOT in a comic where we have been getting kick ass Atkins art. If they need to sub in other artists, why not someone with at least a similiar style?

    I’d actually much prefer they skip a month than give us this filler artists and or writers to be honest.

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