G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer – 10 Questions and/or Answers revealed

Ahh…  G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  The gift that keeps on giving.

Caught up in the “Wow” moments of last night, it was tough to sit back and look at what we saw and make judgements about the events transpiring and what they mean for the film.  I will be laying some trailer related spoilers out here, so if you’re avoiding the trailer for some weird reason, you may not want to read ahead.

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I’m sure what most folks are asking right now, is how can you possibly pull 10 things out of your ass from a 3 minute trailer?  Well, I’ve spent about 12 years in this hobby pulling things out of my ass, so why stop now?

Going into this trailer, we really didn’t know a whole lot about G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  Aside from some great Tweets from The Rock and Jon Chu, it was still more or less a mystery.  So, even with only less than 3 minutes of footage, I feel like we got some answers, but also got some great questions.  Isn’t that what a trailer is designed for?  Don’t people hate it when it reveals the whole story?  I know I do, and while this G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer did spill its guts a little bit, it left the door open for a whole lot more.

10 – What is the tone of the film?

Obviously based on the results from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, it was prudent to expect a pretty superficial popcorn film for the sequel.  The first one was, at its core, a mindless, numb, summer blockbuster that looked pretty but ultimately didn’t really make you “feel” anything.  It bordered on campy, with just certain elements of realism tossed in, all amongst accelerator suits, brainwashing, and nanomites.  So what about the sequel?

Well, we don’t yet know for sure, but early indications are that this is a far darker, more serious adventure.  Of course there will be some humorous elements thrown in (Bruce Willis quipping about cholesterol from the back of an El Camino, for one) but judging by this 3 minutes, there will be far less camp, far more hard-edged action.

While I’m hesitant to completely shut children out of the property, for an ever-aging once 1980’s audience, I think this can be a good thing.

9 – Is it all Ninjas all the time?

All we’d really heard leading up to the trailer was how “ninja-centric” the film was going to be.  Ray Park was Tweeting left and right about training and stunt work and ninja action with Elodie Yeung, and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner had specified there would be a lot of ninja stuff as well.

Well, judging by the trailer there certainly is a strong ninja element to the story, but it’s far from 100% ninja action.  We see a healthy dose of machine guns, explosions and vehicles scattered throughout the trailer, and it’s pretty clear that this isn’t just ninjas, this is military as well.

Like it or not, the ninja piece is a very strong driving force behind the G.I. Joe universe, so from what I can tell, this film (so far) is bridging both things nicely.  Of course, we’ve only seen three minutes.

8 – What happened to the cast of the Rise of Cobra?

A big question many of us had coming to this film is how were the producers going to separate themselves from The Rise of Cobra, and what did that mean for the cast of the earlier film?  Well, apparently it doesn’t mean anything good.

Granted, names are not specifically mentioned, but it becomes pretty clear that the G.I. Joe team gets ambushed and most of them are dead.  The only carry over we get from the Rise of Cobra character-wise is Duke, so for all we know, the others might still be safe and sound somewhere, but judging by comments from Marlon Wayans, that’s not necessarily true.  I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for Scarlett somewhere down the line, but for now, things look somewhat bleak.

One must wonder how that plays into Snake Eyes’ mindset.  While the first film didn’t dive too deeply into the Scarlett/Snake Eyes dynamic, the body language suggested some bond was there, so I do wonder if the writers will at least make that tie-in within the confines of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and how that plays on Snake Eyes going forward.

From the trailer we still don’t know what’s up with The Baroness or Destro, either, but perhaps that is for the best.

7 – How do the updated costumes look?

I stand behind my thoughts that the biggest issue folks had with film #1 were the costumes.  The Reactive Armor just didn’t lend itself to a cutting edge military team, and people just didn’t feel attached to these weird characters in variations of black and gray.  So of course a big concern about the second movie was the uniforms.

Well, Snake Eyes obviously makes the biggest impact, practically landing in our lap at several different times sporting an awesome lip-less mask, some great layered body armor, and almost a completely new look.  He was impressive.  The rest of the Joes are seen mostly in various different military garments, but without the Reactive Armor, and in some cases with some cool layered armor on their chests which is a neat touch.

Firefly is tough to follow as he dodges around with Roadblock, but you can make out some camouflage within his uniform, and he is sporting a balaclava in one sequence.  Storm Shadow, of course, looks much the same, while the Cobra Troopers are much more “Cobra” and much less “Neo”.  The Troopers look pretty great in the urban camouflage and flak vests, with those great Viper-esque helmets.  Here’s hoping somewhere down the road they all end up with chrome faceplates.

And of course, there’s Cobra Commander.  Ahhh, Cobra Commander.  Reviled in the first film for his somewhat strange chrome and transparent goat/snake face mask that really did not evoke the character well.  Personally, I thought it was a pretty cool look, but I know I’m in the vast minority, and I must admit, I geeked out hard when I saw him appear in this trailer, looking as he should.  He appears to be wearing a modified version of his familiar battle helmet, with little teeth at the top and bottom, which looks fantastic.  He has a long leather coat and really brings out a sense of menace and most importantly, an accurate feel for this character, who is inarguably one of the most recognizable characters from 80’s lore.

6 – What is the plot?

While most of us had an idea where the film was going due to the whole Zartan as The President story that carried over from the Rise of Cobra, we certainly got verification with the trailer.  Apparently framed for a heinous crime, the G.I. Joe team is mostly exterminated, leaving the remnants to fight back against the government, who appears to be working in concert with Cobra Command themselves.  How the government and Cobra rationalize their relationship isn’t quite revealed, and the whole shocking imagery of the Cobra banners unfurling on the White House is a pretty big jump, but for the most part, we now understand how this film is going to work.

I can’t help but find it interesting just how similar the themes of the movie are in comparison to the recently deceased G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, and part of me wonders if it had to go away so the film could tell the same story a different way.

Certainly curious.

5 – Where is Destro?

That is a question many of us had, and an answer we still do not know.  If I had to wager, I’d say Destro doesn’t appear in Retaliation, but is probably being kept in the back of screen writer’s minds in anticipation of the third film, where he will certainly make a triumphant return alongside a “proper” Baroness.  That’s my guess, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.  If the costume designers were to design a revamped Destro in the same vein as they did for Cobra Commander, watch out.  We could be in for something very cool, but I stand by my thoughts that we will not see the Scottish arms dealer make an appearance in this second film.

4 – Is Cobra Commander in the film?

Leaked script sheets spoke of a scene between “CC” and “Storm” which convinced the fandom that Cobra Commander would be a part of this movie, but none of us really knew for sure until we saw him standing on that gantry with Firefly and The President.  And it was awesome.

3 – What is up with the Test Tube Vipers?

So exactly what the heck is going on in that laboratory setting, where Storm Shadow is kneeling, surrounded by large glass tanks that look to contain white-uniformed Cobra…  somethings.  What is up with that?

And what is up with the fact that Storm Shadow actually appears to SHOOT one of the glass tanks?  Why?  Are they containment tanks for Cobra Commander, and this is part of Storm Shadow’s rescue?  Then why are there other people in the other tanks?

Or perhaps…  is this part of some twisted genetic experiment?  Are we possibly seeing the birth of Serpentor?  Is Cobra using DNA from these bodies, or did they use this DNA to bring Storm Shadow back to life?  At one point, the Cobra ninja opens his eyes under water, which would indicate that perhaps he was, at one point, inside one of those tanks?

But then, of course, the question remains, even with all of the above scenarios, who is the person walking out behind Storm Shadow?  If the ninja was rescuing Cobra Commander, that could be the Commander in some sort of suit, which helps him breathe (since he had those respiratory problems in the first film) and he adapts that suit to look more fitting later in the film.  But again, who are the others?

This is perhaps the biggest mystery within the trailer, and one I cannot wait to find out more about.

2 – How did Storm Shadow come back from the dead?

Tying back in with the above issue, how exactly does Storm Shadow make his return?  Obviously in those scenes with the test tubes, he’s shirtless and looking very similar to how he looked when he drifted under water in the Rise of Cobra…so did his body get recovered and genetically revived?  Did he go into some sort of ninja trance and then wake himself?

Again, more questions than answers, but obviously the fact remains that he is alive, and hopefully we get a cool reason as to why.

1 – What does Duke’s “death” mean for the brand?

This is something that is very intriguing to me.  There are already some conflicts within the fandom about whether or not Duke truly “died”.  It is evident from the events in the trailer that the audience and the characters in the film believe he did, but did he really?

I think he just might have.  So what does that mean?  First of all, this totally turns the core character concept Hasbro has been marketing for 10 years now on its ear.  They’ve spent so much time and money investing in Duke as the essence of G.I. Joe, to cast him aside like that seems drastic and downright  shocking.  Even if he’s not really dead and is only captured, it’s obvious that he plays a pretty small role in the film, and the focus is now squarely on Roadblock, a character who Hasbro couldn’t even produce until 2003 because they had lost the trademark.  And heck, even when they got the trademark back, they still rammed Heavy Duty down our throats throughout Valor Vs. Venom, Sigma 6, and then the Rise of Cobra, so this sudden and dramatic leap to Roadblock is very surprising to say the least.

I will admit, I like it.  Roadblock has been one of my favorite characters since the first day I bought him in 1984, and I’m glad such a focus is being put on him as a central component of the G.I. Joe film mythology.  I’m not entirely sure what the long-lasting ramifications are of this removal of Duke as a G.I. Joe icon, but it could mean some serious changes down the road.  I, for one, am really anticipating just how these changes impact our favorite brand going forward.

So what do you think?  A little too much analysis for a 3 minute trailer?  Yeah, probably, but after all the lead up, I felt like I had to get myself some pay off, and this helped.  Do with it what you will.

  • Great analysis. I feel some elements might be borrowed/referenced from the modern comics: Cobra as Homeland Security (from ARAH revival) and the Commander’s look (from the Civil War line). I really hope your ideas about Destro are correct; I could use a break from him, and an Iron Grenadier part 3 would be awesome. I hope the “test tube vipers” aren’t the red ninjas we see bouncing around (Clone Ninja Wars?). Would they be so bold as to reference “Compound Z”?

  • ero

    Great analysis. Don’t be so apologetic! It’s fun to parse this stuff.

    I think there’s a good probability that Hasbro is dropping their Duke strategy because it hasn’t worked for them. Turning it on its ear, as you stated, is a welcome risk, and I hope it pays off for them.

  • 788 Vs. Your Name Here

    those arent BATS or SNAKES or Vipers in those tanks. theyre not a genetic experiment, its not serpentor.
    Its Destro and Commander in some state-of-the-art suspended incarceration. thats why one is shot by storm shadow…he’s eliminating Destro. He releases Cobra Commander the proper way and thats commander following storm shadow. the faceplate on commander’s uniform is a holdover from that suspension suit.
    the killing of Destro is part of a ”capture” protocol that Commander had in place for storm shadow to perform.

    read it here first!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really starting to come around to this way of thinking. He either eliminates Destro or shoots the tank to free Cobra Commander and leaves Destro behind. Either way… looking at Storm Shadow’s pants, too, they’re the same as “Cobra Commander’s” which means he was probably imprisoned as well.

  • Anonymous

    I can see that. SS probably awakens from the Sleeping Phoenix and frees himself, cuts down the guards we see later in the trailer and frees CC. That’s probably CC he’s freeing from the tank that explodes. As they’re walking out the figure (most likely CC) is carrying a handgun he probably picked up from one of the dead guards. The helmet faceplate is dead on for what CC is wearing earlier in the trailer, with the black covering.

  • 788 Vs. Your Name Here

    didnt even notice the pants. that pic where storm shadow is ”underwater” seems that hes wearing his uniform…..maybe the facility is over water and hes using ninja breathing skills to hide under it til the time is right.
    it makes more sense for him to be abandoning Destro…you know…for future appearances.

    “Destro’s gonna be okay!”

  • Knomadd

    Consider that both Duke and Destro have been massive peg-warmers through most of PoC. Furthermore, only one Duke figure of the two characters has been shown in 4 waves so far of 30th/Renegades. Perhaps this strategy of relegating these characters to more of a “back-burner” has already begun.

  • FredVIII

    I figured it was Destro in the other tank as well. I’m hoping he’s just left there and not killed. Because although I like that this movie is rebooting things it would suck if we never see Destro, Baroness, Scarlet, or Duke (the character NOT Tatum) again.

  • Agreed. The only question is if it’s actually on the FLAGG (which, given the prominence of the Cobra watercraft, seems like a posibility) or some other facility.

    Frankly, the FLAGG showing up was my favourite part of the prior movie.

  • Scramble

    A lot of great points, Justin. To reflect on Hasbro’s sudden investment in Roadblock, think back to the Transformers franchise before the first movie. There had been one Bumblebee toy between the end of the vintage line and the movie. He was basically dead to Hasbro. It seemed to take an outside perspective to realize how important that character was to the casual fandom and get Hasbro reinvested.

    Personally, Roadblock is the one character I think Hasbro has given the Bumblebee treatment. Heavy Duty didn’t cut it. I may prefer Flint to Duke but I can understand Hasbro’s reasoning pushing Duke over Flint. Neglecting Roadblock is leaving a key piece of the GI Joe equation out.

  • On the Destro / Baronness thing:

    Duke being killed would be a nice way to justify a recast Baronness (get Minka Kelly for the FNL jokes!) going fully heel in a third movie without having to resort to anything weird. She just blames the Joes for him dying, and then hooks up with Destro of her own free will.

  • Ryan( Mapleleaf )

    I think that the scene of Storm Shadow with that white dressed guy behind him is when he breaks Cobra Commander out and that is CC. Destro I think was not killed off but he could not be rescued for an escape factor ( plus he might be needed for the third movie).

    Believe it or not I actually agree with the concept of letting Duke die. Not because of Tatumn but the character has carried the brand for years. In the first Marvel run he looked like he was a spawn of General Hawk and he has commanded the Joes in everything since. Its a good passing of leadership. As for Hawk I think if not even written in isn’t dead but perhaps had been court marshaled for his actions at the end of RoC. Though his actions resulted in the capture of CC and Destro and the rescue of Duke, he still disobeyed orders. He may not have lost his rank but might have been put at a desk at the pentagon.

    If there is a third film ( and after just seeing this trailer I hope there is) definitely have to have Destro and Baroness back. I don’t know who could play Destro but we already have the perfect candidate for the Baroness in Olivia Wilde( Tron: Legacy) who was the Baroness in the fan film ” the Ballad of G.I Joe”.

    One thing I’m still wondering in the trailer did we see Rattlers and in the scene before the Joes are wiped out , are we going to see an updated fang helicopter?

  • Craig bradshaw

    GREAT review / comments on the trailer ! …….
    I was thinking about your statement, how does STORM SHADOW come back from the dead ??? ……. If these tanks are some sort of CLONING tanks ?! I think COBRA COMMANDER might have CLONED or ressurected / healed STORM SHADOW in some way !? …….
    I say this because he dosent appear to have any SCARS from the several deep wounds that SNAKE EYES inflicted on him at the end of the RISE OF THE COBRA movie ! …….

    HHHHMM ??????????.

  • Weerd1

    What if the Commander from “Rise of Cobra” is not THE Commander at all, but just Dr. Lewis getting uppity? Maybe he and Destro are locked away for the time being, and the properly dressed character here is THE Cobra Commander who was pulling strings all along?

  • KV

    Good points all around. I’d like to add my .02:
    The trailer makes the movie look cool, promising. However I’m into Joe for the figures, 99.9%.
    I’m sick of Duke, I’d love the first wave of the figs to NOT have a Duke in it, for once. Anyone but Duke, CC, and Destro. I have a high tolerance for SE, though.
    ROC costumes: You’re right, they were all sub-par and not Joe-like, except for the Reactive Armor–I really like the torsos and arms on the figures for customs. That’s about the only nice thing I can say about ROC!
    Glad to see Roadblock back in action!! But will he still be a trained chef, and will he at least get one rhyme-line in the movie? There’s so many cool things about vintage RB, I hope they stick to it. The Rock is a good choice, too, I like to watch action stars having fun with their parts.
    A Firefly based on what we’ve seen here would be really cool, too.

  • DW

    If you look at the pic of when SS and the man in white walk out of the room, you can see the other man in white still in a tank of liquid behind them. That would mean that the guy walking out came from the tank that SS shot and the other was left floating in his tank.

  • Baxter

    The situation with Destro.. it does look as SS and CC leave without Destro. But it also seems as if they take over that building.

  • JoeFanForLife

    Storm shadow died in the first movie. The reason he looked so “hurt” when he destroyed the tank is because he found out that he was cloned (like the ones in the tank), and he destroyed them out of anguish. Duke shouldn’t die. If he does, that would suck. Also, I wanted Scarlett back. I hated that they have to kill the ROC cast just to justify the new cast. They could have simply gone into hiding (or are stranded in another country/mission) because the Cobra-led US government is looking for them, and it’s up to Roadblock and company (and Snake Eyes) to save the day. Duke’s cameo could have been afterwards, thanking the new team in behalf of the old cast. boooo!

  • hey u fatty

    duke is beast dont let him die u bums

  • Marshjranthony

    Although the first film was bad (in my opinion I still liked it), this is a better G.I. Joe movie and it WILL be the best one. If all of this fails, I don’t think there should a third film of the series. If they ever brought Destro back, I wish the filmmakers would make him resemble his “Resolute” or “Renegades” counterpart. If they brought the Baroness back, get a much sexier actress and/or model to play her. Sienna Miller, IMO, was the worst choice for the character. She had the stylish black hair and glasses but her body was too skinny (like a stick) in costume.

  • Misty

    I’m not a happy person if Duke is dead. And where is The Baroness? I don’t understand the complete cast change. I love the addition of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis but as an addition, not replacement. Was the first film a flop? I really enjoyed it. Bring Duke back!

  • Tristian_dark

    while i find the focus given to roadblock just as cool, I am not happy with the death of Duke. I mean come on, he was the true team leader…the guy who never asked his team to do what he himself wouldn’t. He was an idol to alot of us back in the day. that is like when Marvel killed off Scott Summers in the X-men trilogy…yeah its gonna change things and maybe even catch some attention, but a true fan isn’t really going to appreciate it.

  • Dak the Knomadd

    “the guy who never asked his team to do what he himself wouldn’t”
    Pretty sure that was Hawk. Duke’s file card was more about him preferring not to be an officer.

  • The Baking Wand

    I have always loved the joes… but ihave to admit i was a little disappointed with the first one and by the looks of it, i don’t think the second one wont be a different case. There wereso many amazing characters that should b there at the same time and who in their right mind would kill Scarlett and ripcord so quickly???? What ever hapenned to Gung Ho, Shipwreck or timber, snake eyes wolf? And what about Zartan and his makeup??? Idont know, asa true Joe fan the movies leave me waiting for more.

  • 1extreme18

    I Don’t like the fact that any of the team died.

  • Raiderred98

    I remember when Transformers The Movie came out in 1986 and Hasbro had the bright idea after two successful years of getting every kid used to the Autobots, they killed almost all of the originals including Optimus Prime in the first 20 minutes of the film. Gone were likes of Iron Hide, Rachet, Prowel, Brawn, and countless others. The decimated most of the Decepticon forces as well so they could make room for new toy lines. The writers even eluded to it in the Anniversary box set. So it should come as no surprise that Hasbro might want to try the same route with one of the other best toy lines and franchises in Joe. I will wonder if there will be the backlash when they wipe out a good chunk of the Joes that there was in 1986 when they did the same in the Transformers franchise.

  • Valika

    From the perspective of a 17 year old girl, I would not be happy if Duke was really dead. And what about Ripcord? They can’t take away my Ripcord! Seriously. Why would they create those characters just to throw them away like a piece of trash? Tsk.

  • Gwen_st Clair

    I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch this movie if Scarlett and Duke where killed off and i will just have to assume that Hollywood has gone mad and pro villains. Since they added one. This is absolutely disturbing to watch the trailer, i felt like Tocan from southpark’s episode of the lord of the rings where he clapped his hands and said “I’m Out”. plus their are better authentic looking black actors to play roadblock they just put the rock in because of his past action movies without any other thought. I’m still ticked about rise of cobra they made Scarlett not live up to the comic or cartoon. This woman grew up in a Dojo with her older brothers, dated a ninja and somehow she is not going to survive this Joe apocalypse. Also they made Covergirl hawks secretary and drop her like she is an afterthought. This girl was a tough army mechanic,ex model who drove the wolverine tank, I was expecting a battle at least with Zartan. But no Hollywood does what it does best. Typecast actors and push out crappy films hoping that no one will see the big elephant in the room.

  • Rbmanicane

    I think Duke character really died on the film,,from the 2nd trailer,their base was attacked by the Cobras,and then from point of the trailer,you did able to see more of Channing Tatum’s character from the end of the trailer..so its obvious,his character died from the story.

  • mocusty

    From the beginning I thought the Rock was going to play Gung-Ho. When I saw it was Roadblock I was disappointed. I mean he looks like him. Then with the cast change, I don’t know. Willis looks frail. The only reason I saw the first one was for Destro and Snake Eyes.

  • Jwabtv

    i think cobra commander captures duke while the others dont know it

  • gabe maingot

    Maybe storm Shadow also had those nanobots in him like the foot solders did in the first one and his wound was so bad that it took longer for him to recover?

  • erock1119

    Killing off Duke is like killing off Captain America. In the early to mid 90’s he was the face of G.I. Joe, just like cap was the face of the Avengers. I think the thing (not the only one, but a big one) that really messed up Duke aside from the horrible writing in the first movie, was that they chose Channing Tattum to play him! There is no way in hell anyone is going to take that guy seriously….. I mean his first name is more like a last name and his last name is more like a first name…… Oh yeah and he is a horrible actor to……

  • erock1119

    and another thing…… I am really really happy that they finally decided to get there heads out of there asses and put Flint and Lady Jaye in this one. They should have been in the last one besides fricking Ripcord. Also were the hell is the likes of Shipwreck or Beachhead!

  • Gwen_st Clair

    What ticks me off is that the comic book with the red ninja’s are from Scarlett,snake eyes,and jinks battle them and now we don’t get to see scarlett in action.

  • Luprki

    Remember this is a business. Hasbro want to sell a different group of gi joes action figures.Their not going to sell too many action figures from ROC, because people are not going to buy a toy they already have. Hasbro came with new characters for gi joe 2, so the fan we buy them. If there a 3rd movie we will see another group of gi joes.

  • I have to say that I’ll be glad if Duke is dead. His character just waltzed in and was put in charge. It didn’t seem right. And Tatum just seemed like a wooden board in Rise of Cobra. The scene with Baroness passed out and Rex threatening to kill her was a great example of how much of a better actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is. I couldn’t stand Ripcord, and his relationship with Scarlett was stupid. Breaker bordered on being useless, and the movie itself was just too campy. The only characters that I wanted to be kept on the Joe’s side was Snake Eyes and Scarlett. Hopefully she makes it out with just a handwave of somehow surviving.

    I’m incredibly excited for this movie. It seems to be ignoring all of the stupid stuff from the first movie…and has Bruce Willis! Snake Eyes seems to be getting lots of focus, as well he should. Cobra Commander is, well, Cobra Commander. Retaliation is shaping up to be everything that Rise of Cobra wasn’t. I’m still keeping my hopes up for Scarlett surviving, but if she doesn’t, the movie looks awesome enough to be worth the sacrifice.

  • Huntress

    The thought of another G.I Joe movie made me want to let out of a glass shattering fangirl scream, but of course, after much digging I found out some of the characters were not going to be in it. including my ultimate favorite character,Scarlett. So my most rational response to this was…WHAT THE FUCK?! What kind of shit loads of bullshit were the writers and director was smoking?! Without Scarlett,Ripcord, Breaker, the Baroness and others, what kind of G.I Joe would that be? To top it all up, They’re killing off Duke?! This movie is a rip off! I can not believe I put my hopes up for a Snake eyes/Scarlett moment in the sequel. They are the original pairing. Mr. Chu you said you were a G.I Joe fan, so far from the trailer alone is enough to piss me off a bit, clearly you claiming to be a fan is just for ass kissing acts. so FUCK U! (double middle fingers) asshole!!!

  • well if Duke and Ripcord are killed im not watching it and i know a lot wont either!!!!!!!!! I mean come on Duke is the freaking main character!!!!!

  • Not only am I a Tatum fan but I am a serious Duke fan. I am at the theater now and walking out with the killing of Duke!!!! No Scarlett, no Duke, return of the “dead” all equals shitty movie!!!! I am highly disappointed as a Joe fan and pissed I wasted my money


  • Me too! I watched every mins to see Duke back, but he still DIE :(
    Hope to see Duke back in part 3 :)

  • I liked the movie a lot and the fact that Duke died was what made Roadblock the leader he became. Story wise it made sense in my head but I never cared for Duke very much in the first movie, I did love roadblock and flint. Also wish mouse wasn’t killed early on = (.

  • will mf

    how can they kill DUKE off what is the point. And why was Ripcord and Scarlett not in the film and the others. there was no point of that film.

  • will mf

    i feel the same

  • Koston00

    Just saw the movie tonight. Killing off Duke was such a slap in the face for us old school Joe fans! I ALMOST walked out but my girl likes the Rock. I am ROYALLY PISSED DUKE DIES!! I bought 2 copy’s of the first movie on DVD and WILL NOT BUY THIS ONE or go see Joe 3 without Duke!!! Tatum I’d a great job portraying a soldier and a leader and needs to come back.

  • Jeremy Blackwell

    The explanation for Storm Shadow is simple, if you follow comic book logic. Snake Eyes is a master, through and through. He is also very well trained in anatomy. In an issue of the comics, he was able to sell Scarlett as a traitor, by stabbing her in the chest. Just barely missing her heart, or so it seemed. He missed on purpose. Add that to Storm Shadow’s ability to slow his breathing and heart rate, equals return for the sequal.

  • Roger Jamaquin

    why there is no “philippines” related in the meeting of presidents ??? you know the nuclear free ,, why there is no PH ?? please answer thanks.