IDW’s new Cobra Commander is revealed by USA Today!

Last chance!  Turn away if you want to avoid spoilers!

Big friend of and USA Today writer Brian Truitt reveals in an awesome USA Today article today where IDW is going with Cobra Commander.  Not only do we get a great peek through the articles text, but there are some insanely cool sample pages as well, showcasing a fantastic updated look for Cobra Commander.

Of course, those of you wanting to avoid spoilers, TURN BACK NOW.  For the rest of you, click the Read The Rest of this Entry link below for the full details!!

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GeneralsJoes Reviews Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD

What’s this?  A Transformers review on a G.I. Joe site?  Gary from What’s on Joe Mind would be appalled.

Truth be told, as much as I ranted on and on about the wonder that is G.I. Joe: Renegades, The Hub has also brought a great Transformers animated series to existence as well in the form of Transformers Prime.  With some great production values, an awesome voice cast, and some impressive animation, the first 5-part series of Transformers Prime has been assembled as one feature length animated movie!

Priced at $14.97 it’s a great deal, and even includes some special content.  To see the full review click the link below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 3 Storm Shadow

When I was so graciously given the chance to review Wave 3 a couple of weeks ago, Storm Shadow was absent, but now no longer!  I received this guy a couple of days ago, and he is one flat out fantastic figure.

I’m sure I’m not telling anyone something they don’t already know…but when a figure can actually hold throwing stars, I sit up and take notice.  Just how much further can Hasbro push their design elements in a 1:18th scale?  I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell glad they’re pushing the envelope so much.

Check out my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or just hit up the link directly for more pictures and information than you can shake a stick at!