Episode 32 of What’s on Joe Mind is online now

And damned if it’s not a good one.  Now that the G.I. Joe fanfilm Operation: Red Retrieval has been launched on YouTube, the What’s on Joe Mind crew invites director Mark Cheng back to the show, and he was cool enough to bring Mack Kuhn (Zartan) along with him!

We had a great conversation with the two of them, learned a lot about producing the film, and even received a surprise live Tweet from a certain G.I. Joe Hollywood director!

Along with our great guests we also covered some news, had an argumen… err … discussion about the FSS card art, and talked about the Wave 3 Storm Shadow, which both Greg and Gary had in hand.  Check out the show on Podbean, or hit up the embedded player below.  I’ve also added some show notes after the jump.

Show Notes:

Operation: Red Retrieval Fanfilm

Breakdown of the Visual Effects

FSS Card Art

G.I. Joe Q & A Round 6

  • I’m about halfway through the latest episode (my internet kinda sucks when it comes to audio and video files). Cool to hear from the guy who played Zartan, as he was definitely a highlight.

    Meanwhile, that Jinx art is reused from the RoC Baroness art, isn’t it? It has to be.

    That smirk looks awfully familiar!

  • Having listened to the rest of the episode… huh. Scarlett, huh? Weird.

  • Revsears

    becoming addicted to these podcasts. I really feel a compulsion to listen to them all, so i am behind! These are wonderful to listen to as I make customs (or just maybe work out or clean the house but really… it’s a joe time!)

  • I couldn’t make them work for me until, likewise, I started listening while I sort through my fodder and put together some customs.

  • Coilstorm

    you know what is sad, i would have gave all the subscription figures a thumbs up

  • Scramble

    *Red Retrieval spoilers*

    *last warning, spoilers*

    Putting the Predator in basically the only GI Joe fan film is like loading sports references in basically GI Joes’ only news podcast: It isn’t that it has no place or doesn’t fit, I just feel like I’m forced to accept something only because there are no alternatives without it.

  • LiamHenritze

    Hey just got my Wave 3 Storm Shadow, thought he was suppose to have a Black Sash mine has RED

  • Greg

    He should have both, the black sash was at the bottom of the package.

  • LiamHenritze

    ah will have to look, WIfe is holding figures hostage as x-mass gifts

  • Jamarmiller

    good job as always !

  • De Baisch

    Great episode! I’m finally caught up in listening to all of your shows thus far. I like that you all are quite avid about the hobby but aren’t whiny fanboys about it. I also like that I can listen in the car when driving about with my kids (unlike many other podcasts that feel the need to drop the f-bomb every 5 minutes). It sounds like you guys are genuinely having fun doing the show instead of churning through it like it’s some kind of chore.

    However, I am quite miffed at all of you because now I’m buying Joes again and trying to hide this stuff from the wife is proving to be challenge. Very much looking forward to this week’s show!

  • Update your blog, you bastard. I’m on a four-day weekend, so this dry spell is unbearable.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I should be getting the Wave 3 Storm Shadow review up tomorrow, so that will hopefully provide some light reading. ;)

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