Episode 32 of What’s on Joe Mind is online now

And damned if it’s not a good one.  Now that the G.I. Joe fanfilm Operation: Red Retrieval has been launched on YouTube, the What’s on Joe Mind crew invites director Mark Cheng back to the show, and he was cool enough to bring Mack Kuhn (Zartan) along with him!

We had a great conversation with the two of them, learned a lot about producing the film, and even received a surprise live Tweet from a certain G.I. Joe Hollywood director!

Along with our great guests we also covered some news, had an argumen… err … discussion about the FSS card art, and talked about the Wave 3 Storm Shadow, which both Greg and Gary had in hand.  Check out the show on Podbean, or hit up the embedded player below.  I’ve also added some show notes after the jump.

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