Some more great artistic updates from Robert Atkins blog

One thing that IDW artist Robert Atkins does that I love is showcase some of his commission work on his blog.  Because of this, we get some awesome detail into the thought process behind work that we might not normally even know existed.

Today he provided some terrific inks for a commissioned Flint and Ace piece, with links to each step in the process.

Previously he also supplied an update to a terrfic Zartan, and a very nice classic Firefly piece that he had done as well.  All of these items are awesome and deserve some Joe fan attention.  Check out the various links below:

Excellent work, and don’t forget, Robert Atkins is scheduled to make an appearance on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast this week, too, and I’m already fighting myself not to just geek out for 2 hours straight.

The Hub presents a Cobra-Palooza Megatron-a-Thon on New Years!

With an awesome YouTube promo to go with it!

New Years Day, The Hub will be showing a marathon of Sunbow G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episodes as well as old school episodes from Transformers, too.  Fans of either property don’t want to miss it!

Check out the awesome YouTube promo below.

More images for Sideshow’s Premium Format Cobra Commander

Good grief this thing is spectacular.

Granted, as I’ve said before, I prefer my figures to actually move, but it’s tough to argue at the sheer coolness of the display value with this particular figure.  Part statue, part figure, and full of imposing awesomeness.

I love that the images they added also include a shot of him with the upcoming premium format Baroness as well.  These would make for one cool display.

Check out the additional images right here and if you love this thing like I do, pre-order him via the banner below.

Cobra Commander Premium Format Figure

Sponsor Update from Nerd Rage Toys – Wave 4 is IN!

Hey everyone,

We have some great announcements to tell you all about.

Our wave 4 shipment has arrived, and all pre-orders have processed. I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who placed orders with us, and for your patience. Your business is greatly appreciated.

With that being said, we have 1 case of wave 4 left, and it needs a good home. We also have 1 Law & Order IN STOCK and ready to ship. Follow the link below to jump to our 30th Anniversary section.

Also in stock are some great 30th Anniversary Troop builders. We currently have Techo-Vipers, Renegades Troopers, Hazard-Vipers, Steel Brigade, and classic Cobra Troopers. We also have some great deals on wave 3 “Peg Warmers”, some up to 20% off.  Follow the link below to jump to our 30th Anniversary section.

For our international friends, Nerd Rage Toys now offers international shipping. Currently, we only offer “Priority International”, but plan on having additional service in the near future.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have added over 100 vintage GI Joe figures. We currently have over 160 in stock. All are priced to sell, and are moving quickly. Recharge your nostalgia tanks by following the below link to our vintage figure section.

Also be sure to check out our Vintage Parts, Vehicle, and File Card sections.

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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys

UFC using Sunbow G.I. Joe clips in guerrilla marketing ploy

In a strange move that is sure not to piss of our Hasbro Legal Overlords, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has dipped into the Sunbow G.I. Joe vault to bring us some admittedly hilarious promos for their upcoming Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem fight.

While the legalities are probably a gray area (parody seems to be able to skate relatively free, see Fensler Films) I can’t argue that these are pretty hilarious, even if I can’t tell Overeem from Wolverine.

Check out the clips below, courtesy of Youtube and

Big Bad Toy Store Year End Clearance sale has a G.I. Joe flair

Granted, they don’t have a ton of G.I. Joe product, but there are some out there.  Hit up the BBTS Clearance Page for products, or just hit the links below:

Go get ’em!

Daily BLAM! rates G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer top trailer of 2011

As much as I loved the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer, I did fear it would be a bit overshadowed by the recent trailers for films like the Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit, but at least one entertainment website still thinks Retaliation rises to the top (I agree).

The Daily BLAM has listed their top 10 trailers released in 2011, and indeed, G.I. Joe: Retaliation comes in at #1, a rating I can hardly dispute or argue with.  Thanks to Jon Chu’s Twitter account for the heads up.

I promise I didn’t post this just as an excuse to embed the trailer again.

Yes I did.

Sideshow Collectibles Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Review

It’s Sideshow Collectibles day!

Hot on the heels of Chad Lawless’ excellent Snake Eyes Polystone statue the always awesome Mysterious Stranger reminded me of another review (combination review at that!) that I hadn’t had a chance to get posted yet.

The Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper are two similar offerings that Stranger elected to review in one joint review, and it’s another great one!

Check out this latest review right here and again a big thanks to those folks who choose to pitch in with reviews on the site.  I am endlessly grateful.

Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone Statue Guest Review

I’ve been on record for a while praising the great items we’ve been getting from Sideshow Collectibles, yet I also must lament the fact that much of it is a bit out of my budget.  Thankfully folks like Mysterious Stranger have come through and pitched in with reviews, and now, faithful Twitter friend and GeneralsJoes reader Chad Lawless comes through and supplies GeneralsJoes with an extensive and amazing review of the Snake Eyes & Timber Polystone statue.

I’m not much of a statuary kind of guy, but man… Chad’s review has almost changed my mind.  Holy crap this thing looks amazing.

Check out his excellent review right here, and if you like it, hit up the banner below to buy your own!

Thanks again, Chad!  If you like what you read here, make sure to follow Chad on Twitter to keep up to date with his Joe opinions!

Snake Eyes and Timber Statue Sideshow Exclusive Version

More photos added to Wave 3 and Wave 4 Reviews

Now that I’ve gotten the retail versions of these last two assortments from online e-tailers, I’ve updated my G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary and Renegades reviews with the carded images, filecard images, and a few others.

Check out all of the reviews to see the updated images!