G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Pre-Orders are Online!

With the third wave of 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Renegades figures hitting mailboxes now, of course attention has already turned to Wave 4.  Well, good news from a couple of different fronts as various online vendors now have Wave 4 available for pre-order!

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Pre-Orders are Online!

  1. *punches fist in air*

    HA! Knew that waiting on this case assortment would wind up being a better assortment for my purposes since I’d rather have a wide range of unique characters rather than yet another Snake Eyes / Firefly / Storm Shadow (as awesome as he does look) like in the prior case.

    Sure, I have to absorb that nigh-useless Renegades Scarlett as a result, but that’s not a huge concern.

  2. Am I right that law appears to have a blue helmet instead of the white one with MP on it? (in the bbts pictures).

  3. Totally in agreement on this. I want a second techno-viper, but this assortment of 12 is WAY better than the Wave 3 pack.

  4. If Big Bad Toystore frequents this site, I want it on record that I purchased the Wave 4 case, and Marauder/Dreadnok 7-packs as a direct result of Generalsjoes.

  5. What makes it worse is that the first-wave Renegades look to be total and utter pegwarmers. The Target I was at over Thanksgiving had exactly one Hazard-Viper and Cobra Trooper, but at least ten each of Renegades CC, Firefly, and Snake Eyes.

    Which is funny, since from experience recent Fireflys have always been tricky to find in the wild. Now, the guy is going to wind up in infamy with Arctic Strike Destro.

    I’m not willing to pay full price for them, but I’m sure I’ll see them in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx in a year or so for $4.

  6. I fought the good fight for G.I. Joe: Renegades on a consistent basis, but it does seem that without a full time animated component, the Renegades figures are destined for lukewarm response at retail. A real shame, since that could potentially impact Hasbro’s decision to revisit the universe for a future animated series.

  7. If Big Bad Toystore frequents this site, I want it on record that I purchased the Marauder/Dreadnok 7-packs despite of Generalsjoes.


  8. I think the mistake was unleashing those first four figures as a case unto themselves. Target had obviously over-ordered that wave – or ordered the same number of figures as they’d get from a six-to-a-wave assortment, and then been stuck with multiples of characters that people already have versions of.

    You’d think Hasbro would’ve learned after most of their recent failures (missile-launching Duke, Arctic Destro) were of “big” characters rather than the more niche ones. The only troopbuilder I can recall being a flop recently was the Jungle-Viper, for instance.

    If they’d rolled the Renegades figures out more slowly, I think this problem could’ve been avoided. They kind of did that with Resolute, and I don’t recall too many issues there.

    The shameful thing is that the later waves are filled with characters that, given the current nature of the line, will sell through much better than what’s on the pegs now. They just might not find the space to do so. Hasbro needs to pull a TF: Energon and recall the Renegades figs, stat.

  9. And as for the “revisit” option… well, you did see what The Hub did after the final episode, right? I think Hasbro’s burying Renegades as far beneath the surface as it can.

  10. Yeah, I certainly saw that, but I never saw it as a specific “burying”, I thought it was just sort of a funny nod to the long time fans, not any indication of their ongoing plans for the universe.

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