A new piece of package art added to Mike Thompson’s blog

So Mike has had his hands full with deadline requirements, so we’ve been G.I. Joe-less for a few weeks…but we forgive him.

He posted an update today on his awesome production art blog, this time featuring…  White Out!  The Rise of Cobra era driver for the updated Snow Cat, he was one of the lucky ones to be carried over into the Pursuit of Cobra line, and as usual, Mike does him proud.

He gives us a terrific run down of the step-by-step process for translating White Out from plastic to art form and as usual, the results are impressive.  I especially love seeing these vehicle drivers, because we usually just get a head shot on the package, and now we get to see the whole head-to-toe piece all at once.  Awesome.

Check out the blog post right here with tons of great pictures.  I’ve mirrored only one of them below.  Great stuff as usual.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 31 is online now

I live-tweeted during the recording on Tuesday night as we talked to Jason from The Terror Drome and talked about the latest news, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription, and we ran through a Holiday “gift giving guide” for your favorite G.I. Joe fan!

We also talked about the IDW comic, the Dreadnoks and Marauders 7-packs, the potential direction of G.I. Joe in 2013 and many more items on the agenda.

Hit up our Podbean site to take a listen, or just click the embedded player below.

The latest Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format figure is The Baroness!

Happy Black Friday from Sideshow Collectibles!  They’re celebrating by launching a pre-order for the latest in their line of premium format figures.  To go along with the awesome Cobra Commander we’ve already seen, now we have The Baroness!

In all honesty, I’m not big on the premium format stuff.  They look gorgeous, but I’d rather my action figures move.  They are certainly some awesome display pieces, and if money wasn’t an object I’d be all over them for that purpose, but at any rate…she’s up for preorder.  Check out the links below for pre-orders.

GeneralsJoes Reviews BBTS Exclusive Falcon, Mercenary, Zanya and Zandar

Florida Everglades.  0330 Hours.

“Come in!  Dammit, someone respond!”

Falcon slammed his radio against the nearest tree in disgust as Mercenary roamed over his way in a low, stealthy crouch.

“What’s goin’ on, LT?” Mercenary inquired as he drew close enough to talk in a whisper.

“Wish I knew.  We’ve got flamethrowers, sniper fire, and I just heard at least half a mag of 5.56, but nobody is responding.”

“Well…if no one else is gonna take the fight to ’em, might as well be us.” Mercenary gestured his head towards the direction he had come from.


“Saw Zandar over that way.  He took cover after all hell broke loose.  I was ’bout to jump him, but figured I should get your say so first”

Falcon nodded and crouch-walked past the Renegades Mercenary, lifting his tactical shotgun out in front of him.  He couldn’t help but glance at the Cobra-issue Viper rifle that Mercenary still toted around from his past time in the Cobra Viper corps.  Falcon would be lying if he said he was totally comfortable with it.  But the Renegades were totally off the grid.  He could direct them, but had no say-so about their gear load out.

Falcon and Mercenary pushed through the brush as silent as possible, but stopped suddenly when they saw what appeared to be a young girl looking very worried at the surrounding chaos.  Flickers of flame shot ribbons of light throughout the thick woods, but they could still see the silhouette of the girl, but not much in the way of details.  Mercer used hand gestures to ask permission to proceed and Falcon nodded.  His face turned into a sneer as he set down the rifle, pulled out a pistol, then screwed on a silencer.

Slowly he pressed forward, reaching out to the young girl with a consoling hand.  Before he could bring her in to protect her from erupting gunfire, she whirled around and drilled him in the temple with an elbow, breaking out in laughter.  Mercenary stumbled backwards, squeezing off a trio of silenced shots, but they went wide even as the green-haired girl in the Zartan t-shirt pulled out her own large caliber Magnum.  Two thundering blasts rang from the thick barrel, glancing off of Mercenary’s appropriated Alley-Viper body armor as he stumbled to the ground.  Even though the shots were not direct impacts, breath exploded from his lungs and he was gasping as he dropped into the grass.

Zanya sneered and moved in, her pistol training on the fallen soldier, but Falcon was right in her path, lifting his shotgun.

“Don’t do it little girl –“

But before he could finish, an arrow drove deep into his right side, sending blood spraying from his lips and staining his green uniform.  Zandar leveled his crossbow and loaded another arrow.

“Did you forget about me, G.I. Joe?  That’s okay… everyone does.”

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