GeneralsJoes Reviews BBTS Exclusive Red Dog, Bull, Thunder and Road Pig

Florida Everglades.  0325 hours.

Red Dog cursed under his breath as sniper fire rang out not too far away.

“Blast it”! He shouted as reinforcement.  “Where was that comin’ from?”

“Don’t ask me, ‘Dog”, Bull replied in his thick Turkish accent.  He lifted his rifle.  “Let us see if we can find out, eh?”

Normally operating as the Renegades, under the auspices of several layers of black ops protocols, their connections to the Slaughterhouse sometimes put them on operations in tandem with the Marauders, who were certainly a shade below gray themselves, but not quite as deep as the trio of Renegades.  While the Marauders were known for their quick strike ops against domestic and international targets, the Renegades were not.  In fact they were unknown completely.

Often times used in assassination plots and other unspeakable purposes, the unusually dressed Renegades chose to let their actions speak above their wardrobe.  Red Dog lifted his Desert Eagle pistol as he turned East in another flanking attempt, with Bull close behind.  They didn’t get far before the stench of motor oil mixed with sweat permeated the air.  But they could not see any vehicles…

The lacrosse stick club pounded Red Dog in the back of the head, though he had sensed it coming and was already shifting his momentum, so the blow was just a glancing one.  Bull spun rattling off gunfire from his silver machine gun.  Rounds drilled Thunder in the chest and tossed him back, but the funny looking lacrosse pads weren’t just for show.  They were reinforced with ballistic battle armor, and the Dreadnok motorhead rolled backwards into a low crouch, his teeth bared.

Bull was unfazed and started towards him, but was interrupted by a massive frame of a “man” slamming into him broadside.  Bull was no small person himself, and being the well trained acrobat that he was twisted effortlessly and landed on his feet, facing off against the mountainous Road Pig.

“Nice dodge, baldy,” snarled the monstrous white-haired Dreadnok.  Easily the strongest, most powerful, but least stable of the whole lot.  “But lessee you dodge THIS!”

Road Pig charged forward, his cinder block hammer swinging in a low, ferocious arc.

Red Dog had recovered and turned to help his friend, but suddenly, Thunder was upon him, wrestling him to the ground.  Red Dog’s Desert Eagle barked loudly, but only hit air as he felt himself being drilled into the swampy muck.

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G.I. Joe Q & A Answers November, 2011

Well, the guys at Hasbro’s PR firm were burning the midnight oil the night before Thanksgiving making sure we got our Q & A responses in!  Check out mine below…  I don’t remember asking two Kwinn questions, but there you are…

1) Speaking for the majority of collectors out there, I think we’re all very thankful you are going to such great lengths to finally release the perfect version of Kwinn the Eskimo. He obviously stands out quite a bit amongst the more modern and cutting edge military action figures that are hitting store shelves. How much of a challenge is it when you try and release figures that are so different aesthetically from their peers, and is that partly why Kwinn is possibly going to be relegated to a Convention Exclusive in 2012?

HASBRO:  From a marketing perspective, we had hoped to get him out with the 30th Anniversary line but the timing did not work out. You are correct in that the challenge now lies in finding the right place to put him. There is currently no final plan for Kwinn but he will make it out there eventually!

2) Back in the Marvel days, there was a tight connection between the comic and how toys appeared at retail. Have things changed from a retail perspective these days which prevents that connection between toys and the IDW comics? There are a number of great designs from the IDW comic team that Joe fans would love to see in plastic form.

HASBRO: With so many different forms of entertainment we have to prioritize which story to tell through product. There are definitely a number of great storylines in the IDW comic and we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying them!  The IDW team does an outstanding job.

3) In light of the recent issues with Kwinn finding a place at retail, how much input do retailers have with individual characters in a specific case assortment? Do they have final say about which specific figures are in each case and how they “mix” with the current retail strategy?

HASBRO:  The decision not to ship Kwinn was an internal decision based on knowledge of retail timing. With our movie product set date in early summer 2012, we did not want to risk shipping out an additional wave of figures so late in the year and risk excess inventory blocking movie product. Our retail partners trust Hasbro to make decisions regarding which figures we release in what mix.

Answers are coming in to other places around the web as well, but I’m about to depart for a day of family adventure, so I’ll have to recap that when I return.

Happy Thanksgiving from GeneralsJoes

It’s that time of year where hopefully we can take a step back and look at our lives and find something that we can be thankful for.  Over the past few years, I’ve seen GeneralsJoes grow considerably and as the feedback comes through, I’m exceptionally thankful for everyone’s support and enthusiasm.

I’m also thankful for my family and that my life situation puts me in a place where I can spend time on a daily and weekly basis updating the site and spending time doing things that I love.

I hope you have a fantastic start to your 2011 Holiday Season and can find much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!