GeneralsJoes Reviews BBTS Exclusive Spirit, Low Light, “Gnaw” and Zanzibar

Florida Everglades.  0310 Hours.

Already things were going South.  Desperately attempting a covert approach, the Marauders had been spotted and Burn Out had razed their team with his flamethrower.  As Barbecue separated to take on the aggressive Dreadnok, the team split apart, hoping to flank their disorganized enemy.

Only it turns out the enemy was not so disorganized.

Spirit wove seamlessly through the brush, almost becoming one with the jungle as he paced himself South, trying to find a way around the cackling Dreadnok.  His movements were smooth, slick, and silent, but even the quietest of hunter gives off heat amongst the cold leaves of the surrounding trees.

A quick shot rang out, which Spirit was a bit too slow to avoid, and took a bullet at his left hip as he dove to the ground.  Low Light, who had been following close behind, immediately dropped to a crouch and raised his rifle to his eye, quickly spotting the familiar curled hat of Australian poacher Dreadnok “Gnaw”.  The snarling ruffian let his rifle slope a little towards Spirit as he moved away.  The Native American Joe caught Gnaw’s scent now, and silently chided himself for not noticing it sooner.  He also quickly noticed amongst the thick brush, he had no immediate outlet, and could almost feel the heat of the infrared scope on his forehead.

Low Light squeezed off a shot, striking his target, the broad side of Gnaw’s rifle, shattering it.  The poacher shouted profanity and spun around, whipping a knife from a sheath in the small of his back.  Low Light jacked back the magazine, loading another round in the chamber, but another shot rang out to his right and struck him in the shoulder.  Grimacing, the sniper slammed to the thick jungle ground as the Dreadnok pirate Zanzibar was on him, casting aside his old school pistol for a blade of his own.  But Low Light was ready.

Ten yards away, Gnaw gracefully eased forward, his knife glinting in the moonlight, but suddenly his prey was upon him and Spirit descended like a jungle demon.

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17 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews BBTS Exclusive Spirit, Low Light, “Gnaw” and Zanzibar

  1. “Ironic that it wasn’t Gnawgahyde but the GIJCC Exclusive “Crusher” figure that really opened my eyes to the greatness of the original Gnawgahyde.”

    As o-ring style figures were mix-n-matched over the last ten years, I found the “new” figure created gained my attention, but eventually led me to just getting the original figure itself.

    An example is the “chief torpedo” figure from that VAMP/ Whirlwind pack. I got Muskrat (’88) soon after!

  2. Low Light works WAY better with those accessories. It’s a shame the normal version has a rifle that just falls apart.

    Spirit is awesome, and I’m so glad they didn’t repaint the old man on from the 25th line! He doesn’t look as bats*** crazy as the TRU one, but it’s still cool. Odd addition of the arrow gun though…on one hand it’s very strange, but on the other hand I can just give him something else and the inclusion of the arrow gun will provide easy jokes!

    Gnawgahyde is pretty awesome! That all hinges on the fact that he can actually hold the rifle well! It’s rare when a figure can hold a rifle like that in any believeable manner. Now I’m looking forward to him and his porn face!

    Zanzibar is kinda cool, and to tell ya the truth I’m kinda glad they didn’t follow the original closely. This one looks young and impetuous, and I like that better, for some reason. I never had any interest in the original one; especially because of that stupid sprout of hair comin’ out of the top of his head.

  3. It’s a small thing but I wish they made Low Light’s goggles blue. I really think it’s an important part of that version and would make me a lot more excited to get him. I try not to be negative but I really dislike everything about that Spirit too. I like the Billy original but I think it’s a bad choice for the Marauder Spirit.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day when we’d get a G.I. Joe with a big ol’ swastika tattooed over his heart…

  5. Some instances of nostalgic disappointment make sense to me, but anyone who thinks these Marauders should have the random, ugly swipes of color of the vintage figures is an idiot. People’s complaints on that score just make it doubly irritating that the rest of us have to endure the blue bits on these figures.

    Unlike Barbecue, Low Light is stuck with his blue bits, ’cause neither those shoulder pads nor his ski cap are removable, and some of us don’t paint. Same with Spirit; unless you break your Joes open to swap their arms, you’re stuck with the ugly blue on Spirit.

    And the knife-less holster on Low Light isn’t something I’ll dwell on, but that’s pretty damn lame.

    I don’t like Spirit’s tattoo. These plain black tattoos almost always look cheap. Compare it to what we can see of Mercer’s; all it takes is some color. I don’t expect something like Sigma Storm Shadow’s tattoo at this scale, but I’d rather have no tattoo than a cartoony, cheap-looking tattoo.

    I do like Spirit’s dart gun, though. I don’t have the Anniversary Spirit, ’cause my self-respect gets in the way, plus I can use the gun for one of my Adventure Team LBCs.

    And his eyes look alright on yours; other photos have made him look almost cross-eyed. And this photo makes me think even the blue won’t be an issue:

    Gnawgahyde’s bare back makes me think it might be time to retire the backpack hole. Just give the backpacks shoulder straps or something.

    Otherwise, the shade of Gnawgahyde’s blue pants is a bit too cartoony (Hasbro has never really nailed a good blue for pants, that I can remember), but otherwise he is awesome. If they had only released his head, hat, gun and vest for this set, he’d still be one of my favorites. Again, though, that probably has a lot to do with the figure’s potential where Adventure Team concepts is concerned.

    Zanzibar is something of the sleeper hit for both sets, for me. He might not succeed as an update of Zanzibar (though I’m relieved they didn’t go with rooted hair!), but he looks cool and weird. Something about the teeth makes him almost look like some sort of racist caricature, and he basically has a fauxhawk, but I like him for some reason. Awesome pirate pistol, too.

    And ya know, a repainted Wraith chest protector might have worked as an attempt at replicating the original Zanzibar tunic. Hmm…

    I’m loving the reviews, man.

  6. A faux hawk AND a duck tail (or whatever those are called). Zanzibar is rebelling hard against his parents :)

  7. I find this set of reviews puzzling. How does a straight repaint like Low-Light get nearly 5 stars, but Zanzibar falls so short? I don’t think Zanzibar is the best of the bunch, but he certainly doesn’t look like a Franken-Joe at all. In fact, he’s a pretty creative use of parts, and while I’m a traditionalist, I can forgive the missing pig tail or whatever it was. And Gnaw should be right up your alley. He’s a modern day update who blends in well with PoC, but is still clearly Gnawgahyde to those of us who keep a classic ARARH display.

  8. Low Light is an amazing figure, even as just a repaint. Great detail, awesome new paint apps, fantastic weapons. Gnaw is fine, I don’t have any major problems with him, but he’s pretty scrawny, his hat falls off when you look at him crooked, and he just doesn’t “wow” me like Low Light.

    As for Zanzibar, you know me, I don’t care if something is deeply rooted to the classic design, I just don’t think the Zanzibar design is all that good. With his migrating eye patch, the random pirate pants, and the webgear over bare chest, the design is just really weird and doesn’t work for me. I don’t care if he looks exactly like the vintage, but I do care if the figure is good, and in my opinion, it’s just not that good.

  9. What’s worse than the eyepatch on the other eye is the egregious misuse of facial hair on these guys! Zanzibar with that artisan goatee, Red Dog with the full beard and Taurus living in Amish Paradise! I think there’s a certain Hasbro sculptor who missed his calling as a hair stylist! ;)

  10. Zanzibar’s flintlock pistol originally came from the SDCC Destro 2 pack, by the by.

  11. Something that might answer the question of the eye patch is this: Specifically myth 5.

    Apparently pirates wore eye patches so that one of their eyes would remain in the dark. When they went below deck while raiding enemy ships, there probably wouldn’t be very much light. *boom* Switch the eye and instant night vision!

    All in all I loved Zanzibar as a kid, so I’m not in love with this one because it deviates too far, but I realize it might be too much to ask for a classic Zanzibar.

  12. Zanzibar’s second filecard has a blurb about Zarana thinking there’s not even anything wrong with his eye. So she was right. And if the other Zanzibar’s had their teeth painted they’d probably look like this one. The goofy hair and the lack of shirt to tie the pads onto hurt it the most for me.

    And Gnawgahyde getting a less colorful vest is fine too since Crusher stole his original leopard print one.

  13. After reading the Zanzibar review I got to thinking about some of the issues you pointed out with the head sculpt like the eye patch on the wrong side for instance, and it kind of hit me, what if the head sculpt was originally going to be used for a version of Major Bludd? I could very easily see the head as maybe a prototype that was rejected and remade for Zanzibar. Is this a plausible theory? I mean does Hasbro or any company make 2 or three versions of a head sculpt to any character and pick one to go into production?

  14. OMG, there has actually been a Joe character from the Cayman Islands. I’m from the cayman islands. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY. The islands are really small, really small, like really, really small so I’m really glad that we’re getting some form of recognition other than money laundering, even if it’s that we birthed a pirate.

    Super, super stoked!!!!!!!
    But i hate this character and figure.

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