Transformers: Prime – Darkness Rising arrives on DVD December 6th

Like many other Joe fans out there I was pretty depressed about the ultimate fate of G.I. Joe: Renegades on The Hub.  But the fact remains that Transformers: Prime currently airing on The Hub is a pretty fun animated series in its own right, and the landmark 5-part mini-series that started it all comes to DVD on December 6th as a full-length movie event!

I plan on reviewing the DVD upon release, but also figured G.I. Joe fans out there might want to be kept up to date on release information as well.  Shout! Factory has released a series of Trailers and Clips to showcase the animated series as the release date draws closer.  Check them all out after the jump!

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G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club debuts card art for FSS Quarrel

As an early Thanksgiving present, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has posted an image of the card art for the upcoming Figure Subscription Service (FSS) Quarrel figure!  She will be single packed in a 25th Anniversary style package as all of the FSS figures are.

Check out the mirrored image below, and get all the details on

Also of interest, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has posted their first official FAQ for the subscription service, and you can find that right here.

Crew member of G.I. Joe: Retaliation dies after accident on film set

Tragic news to report from New Orleans as an unidentifed crew member apparently passed away while in the process of tearing down the set of the G.I. Joe sequel.  The information comes from and reports the following:

“…the man was working on a high-poweredscissor lift, when the machine tipped over and the man sustained fatal injuries.”

This is a stark reminder that there is a lot going on with the film’s production even above and beyond the actors, directors, and stuntmen.

Our thoughts and wishes are with this crew member and his family. has 30th Anniversary Wave 3 IN STOCK NOW

Fire up those keyboards, Joe fans! has received their stock of 30th Anniversary Wave 3!  Hit ’em up right here to grab your own, or click the links below:

Kokomo Toys reports their pre-orders are due shortly as well…  here they come!

A hint of costume design for G.I. Joe: Retaliation ninjas?

At first I kind of glossed over it, thinking it might be custom fan art of some kind, but HissTank board member “BIG BOSS” says he works for a t-shirt licensor who will be producing clothing for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film, and he provided some artwork that may be getting used on these shirts.

Considering how closely the Snake Eyes artwork matches what we saw on the IDW cover, I’d say these seem like they could be authentic.  Granted, there isn’t a ton of detail here, but enough detail to be interesting and news worthy I think.

Personally?  I’m quickly falling in love with this Snake Eyes design.  The integrated armor on the shoulders and the forearms is pretty damn great.

Jinx and Storm Shadow are still tough to really make out, but both wearing ninja masks is a cool thing.  I’m liking what I’m seeing.  Considering Rhett Reese already confirmed the new Snake Eyes mask is without the lips, that’s just another bonus.  Good stuff.

GeneralsJoes Reviews BBTS Exclusive Spirit, Low Light, “Gnaw” and Zanzibar

Florida Everglades.  0310 Hours.

Already things were going South.  Desperately attempting a covert approach, the Marauders had been spotted and Burn Out had razed their team with his flamethrower.  As Barbecue separated to take on the aggressive Dreadnok, the team split apart, hoping to flank their disorganized enemy.

Only it turns out the enemy was not so disorganized.

Spirit wove seamlessly through the brush, almost becoming one with the jungle as he paced himself South, trying to find a way around the cackling Dreadnok.  His movements were smooth, slick, and silent, but even the quietest of hunter gives off heat amongst the cold leaves of the surrounding trees.

A quick shot rang out, which Spirit was a bit too slow to avoid, and took a bullet at his left hip as he dove to the ground.  Low Light, who had been following close behind, immediately dropped to a crouch and raised his rifle to his eye, quickly spotting the familiar curled hat of Australian poacher Dreadnok “Gnaw”.  The snarling ruffian let his rifle slope a little towards Spirit as he moved away.  The Native American Joe caught Gnaw’s scent now, and silently chided himself for not noticing it sooner.  He also quickly noticed amongst the thick brush, he had no immediate outlet, and could almost feel the heat of the infrared scope on his forehead.

Low Light squeezed off a shot, striking his target, the broad side of Gnaw’s rifle, shattering it.  The poacher shouted profanity and spun around, whipping a knife from a sheath in the small of his back.  Low Light jacked back the magazine, loading another round in the chamber, but another shot rang out to his right and struck him in the shoulder.  Grimacing, the sniper slammed to the thick jungle ground as the Dreadnok pirate Zanzibar was on him, casting aside his old school pistol for a blade of his own.  But Low Light was ready.

Ten yards away, Gnaw gracefully eased forward, his knife glinting in the moonlight, but suddenly his prey was upon him and Spirit descended like a jungle demon.

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