GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Lifeline and Zombie-Viper

A little over a week ago I was able to devote some serious time to reviewing upcoming G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 3 and Wave 4 figures, thanks to Gyre-Viper.  Well, he did me another solid favor and passed along the upcoming Lifeline and Zombie-Viper as well!

In fact, he and online community member Glumby have been doing an awesome job with their connections enabling many Joe fans to check this stuff out prior to release.

So without further ado, I encourage you to hit up my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or the links below to check out these latest reviews of two excellent new additions to the G.I. Joe action figure family.

Make sure you keep your eyes on as well!  Throughout the rest of this week I’ll be posting reviews for the soon to be released 7-Packs of the Dreadnoks and Slaughter’s Marauders!

16 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Lifeline and Zombie-Viper

  1. I think the tentacles are also supposed to evoke the jelly-like tentacle-ness of the Bio-Vipers in Renegades.

  2. Lifeline is amazing! Truly epic.

    And while I dig the whole Zombie-Viper thing, you gave him a 5 but Sci-Fi got a 4.5? Yeah, I’m not getting over that. Sorry. lol.

    PoC w3 Snake Eyes, PoC Low-Light, Cobra Trooper, Sci-Fi, Airtight, and now Lifeline.

    6 PERFECT remakes of 6 figures I loved as a kid and still love just as much. I can’t believe that just two years after I thought RoC had flushed this franchise down the toilet forever, I’m adding figures to my collection that I never dared dream we would ever get.

    If we can continue getting 6 perfect figures every year I would be happy. VERY happy. Like I am now.

    Thanks for the cool reviews and kick ass pics Justin!

  3. “Am I looking too much into a 4″ plastic toy?”


    Man, that IV bag! Awesome!

    And re: people expressing nerd rage at Lifeline’s gun: good lord. Admittedly, he does have a holster, so I guess there are limits to the extent to which one can choose to ignore it, but the things people groan about…

    Meanwhile, the sculpt on that Zombie Viper is truly stellar… but the paint apps don’t do it justice. I can see why they avoided red, ‘cause that might be too grim for a Hasbro product. But for the hair to be the same color as the flesh is just silly.

    I’m gonna use him as a single character, not least ‘cause his Viper outfit isn’t the same color as the standard-issue Viper outfit, which somewhat hampers the idea that he’s a Zombie “Viper”. But man, what a sculpt, and that harness is all kinds of awesome, and I’m totally lying when I say I’ll only get one.

    Also, I bet Alexx is pissed, ’cause you know he was probably planning on using Toxo Viper in his review, ha ha ha.

    You mentioned working this guy into your dios… are you still producing them? I thought they’d been put on indefinite hold?

  4. I don’t just like the Zombie Viper, I LOVE it and the whole concept behind it. A few pop-culture ‘undead’ have the ability to use fire arms, most notably in gaming, Halo Flood and Gears Lambent both retain their ability to wage war with both skill and weapons, the later of those too much better. I always found the undead’s ability to retain some measure of ability to fight with more than slapping you around a more challenging foe. Coupled with the fact that they will only cease to attack once you either a) make a head shot or b) cause enough mass tissue damage they cant function anymore.

    Lifeline is brilliant, the accessories alone make this figure WELL worth its value.

  5. Great pics as always, but I have some gripes with the figures.

    The Zombie Viper has holes for 4 canisters in his back, but he only comes with one? And the torn sleeve pieces don’t even connect to the main sleeve. Looks pretty bad.

    Lifeline’s knees are a different shade of red than the uniform and the word “Rescue” is cut off. Kind of distracting.

  6. was thinking the same as Monte stated as far as the zombie. inspired sculpting, lazy painting.
    still…where im not an army builder, i will probably grab every zombie i encounter.

  7. I LOVE IT! The Zombie Viper, I mean. Not only do they break the mold in terms of Zombie (though it’s not like fighting Zombies haven’t been done before, but this one I like) but they go far with the blue gunk to show that these aren’t really undead so much as they are biological horrors. The tenticle arms are what get me the most! AWESOME!! Horrible, misshapen, buldging, extending, dripping – ugh, just fantastic! You never know what these disgusting things are gona throw at you. I can’t wait for ’em!

    Oh, and Lifeline is cool too! He’ll be my first medic outside of the TRU Arctic Doc. I love the accessories, and since I didn’t watch much of the toon or read the comics, I’m totally not effected by any nostalgic need for him to have or not have guns. I can just take ’em as-is. Part I love the most about him is the head and accessories – accessories of course, because they’re awesome – but the head is a really cool normal-dude-with-sunglasses head that we really don’t have yet! I mean, there’s Doc and Wild Bill, but you can’t really use those in too many other places (especially if you’re just stuck with the tiny Wild Bill head that I have). I hope they use this head somewhere else at one point (with a different hair and sunglasses color, of course).

    And Monte: What makes you think I ain’t gona use the Toxo-Zombie? Everyone can use the Toxo-Zombie! Heck, Zedhatch was usin’ it way before me! He’s totally gona be in the future reivew…dunno how yet, but he’ll be there. He’s the only one you can compare this guy to! Can you believe it? Only one Zombie in this toyline before this one, and BOTH have an unexplained costume color-change when they change to a Zombie (though with this one, at least, there’s a possibility of the clothes being used specifically for the Zombie Viper experiment. The Toxo-Zombie just randomly changed colors with exposure to the toxic junk…)

  8. Zombie viper an impressive figure I give it that just never cared for zombies. But I might be able to get behind the idea of a bio experiment that went wrong but the numbers I get will be extremely limited.

    Lifeline on the other hand is the bomb. I agree with you Justin that Sunbow did over emphasize the pacifist trait for Lifeline( most likely because they made Doc more of the combat medic depicted with traditional Snowjob laser rifle in the “Countdown for Zartan” episode as an example.” But I always thought that Lifeline would be some sort of marksman anyway using a handgun for defense and being able to take a target out but never killing it. But I’m off on a tangent here I love this figure’s accessories. The IV bag is just an unbelievable touch . I can’t wait to find this one.

  9. Yeah, I think a 5’s a smidge too high based on what the Zombie-Viper looks like; as much as I hate to say it, he’s likely destined to be tossed in a box somewhere.

    Lifeline, on the other hand, is getting a front-and-centre placement on the shelf. He doesn’t look quite as awesome as I’d hoped, but he’s a great capper to one of the best years of Joe figs ever in any event.

    Now here’s hoping they don’t screw up another movie line (… or, hell, go right ahead, I’ll enjoy buying them up cheap two years later….)

  10. I am very impressed with both of these. If this is the last hurrah (along with the BBTS packs) before the movie line at least it is going out with a bang.

    Are the kneepads removeable on Lifeline? It looks like the last part of the RESCUE is under the kneepad

  11. Lifeline is AWESOME!!!
    Gen. Hawk you need a pic without the knee pads on. I’m assuming the E from RESCUE is underneath there?

  12. These are both great figures. Lately I’ve been taking Joe too serious and the Zombie Viper reminds be to relax and just enjoy the line. After all this is a line of guys with metal masks, robots, and ninjas.

  13. Justin, are Lifeline’s weapons painted black instead of black plastic? I ask because some pics make it look like the paint has chipped off them. Not sure if that was a trcik of the light, or real.

  14. Do you have Lifeline’s filecard? This appears to be one of the few reviews where you left the filecard out.

  15. Just want to point out that it looks to me like the blue cannister that came with the Wave 5 Cobra Commander is intended to use with the Zombie Viper harness.
    You see, the cannister has a seam at one end, and a simple twist and tug and you can pull out a small tube from the inside. I think that tube will fit on the sockets on the harness. Someone reading this give it a try and report back, as I do not have the Zombie figure yet.

  16. There seems to be a lot of “Zombie”, “genetic”, and “toxic” related figures in with the more recent renegade figures. I wonder if a second season of Renegades was going to start down this path? We did see some of it in the first season of the show, especially as we got closer to the end.

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