GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Lifeline and Zombie-Viper

A little over a week ago I was able to devote some serious time to reviewing upcoming G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 3 and Wave 4 figures, thanks to Gyre-Viper.  Well, he did me another solid favor and passed along the upcoming Lifeline and Zombie-Viper as well!

In fact, he and online community member Glumby have been doing an awesome job with their connections enabling many Joe fans to check this stuff out prior to release.

So without further ado, I encourage you to hit up my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or the links below to check out these latest reviews of two excellent new additions to the G.I. Joe action figure family.

Make sure you keep your eyes on as well!  Throughout the rest of this week I’ll be posting reviews for the soon to be released 7-Packs of the Dreadnoks and Slaughter’s Marauders!

Stop what you’re doing! G.I. Joe fanfilm Operation: Red Retrieval is ONLINE NOW

I’ve only been talking about it for several months, and have been following every word of director Mark Cheng throughout each step of the process.  I wasn’t looking forward to this or anything.  :shifty:

I actually had a chance to watch an early screening of the film last week, and it was impressive.  The production level is very, very nice, very polished, and there are some great effects strewn throughout.  You’re thrust immediately into the action, and it doesn’t let up throughout the entire film.

But don’t go in expecting that you know exactly what you’re going to get.  There are a few twists in this 21 minute feature that you are NOT expecting.  Trust me on this one.

Run, don’t walk to and watch the full release of this excellent fan film.  It’s 21 minutes of fast-paced G.I. Joe machine gun action, and I think you will really enjoy it.

Check it out!