That’s a wrap! Principle filming ends on G.I. Joe: Retaliation

And with a mere 140 characters, Jon Chu announced that filming has ceased for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Over the past several months we’ve been on the business end of a stream of Twitter updates, photos, cast announcements, and tiny little nuggets of information that the G.I. Joe fandom has been eagerly consuming.

With principle filming done, now the fun stuff can begin like teasers, trailers, official photo releases and hopefully enough cool merchandise to bring smiles to our (and the Hasbro execs) faces.

I for one need to take a few moments and wish Jon Chu the best of luck in post-production with his first major action movie, and thank him for his enthusiasm, eagerness, and transparency throughout the filming process.  It’s not often we get these great Twitter updates littered throughout film production, and his enthusiasm was palpable.  I’ve often thought that the end result of a film was a big part due to the excitement and energy of the cast and crew.  If that holds true for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, we are in for a great ride in June, 2012.

Here we go!  Yo Joe!!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club showcases gallery of Big Boa on Facebook

And is it beautiful.

Big Boa is just another one of those highly underrated figures and characters that get overlooked because they were conceived of post-1986.  I hold firm that if he had come out in time to be shown on Sunbow animation, or got more face time in the comics, he would be infinitely more popular than he is.  As it stands, he is a somewhat forgotten piece of G.I. Joe history that the Club deemed important enough to put in their Figure Subscription Service, and pretty much make him the showpiece of the entire subscription.

This is one awesome looking figure.  The tooling, the accessories…home run from start to finish.  Now the Collectors’ Club has given us a gallery of even more fantastic images on their Facebook Page.

I won’t mirror them here, because you should hit up the GIJCC on Facebook and like their page, or just check out the gallery.  Very, very cool figure and a great way to end the official reveals of the FSS.