Whats on Joe Mind Episode 30 is online!

I got into such a Twitter frenzy this afternoon that I done forgot to announce that the latest episode of the Whats on Joe Mind podcast has been edited and uploaded to our awesome Podbean page.

Teaming up once again with James Kavanaugh, myself, Gary, Greg, and Chuck tackle the news of the day, have some great discussion about the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription service (seems to be a weekly trend) and break down all the current G.I. Joe related events. ¬†We also take some time to answer the mailbag.

Hit up Podbean to check out the episode, or just listen via the embedded player below.

5 thoughts on “Whats on Joe Mind Episode 30 is online!

  1. If I tell you I don’t have a FaceBook account, will that increase the odds that you’ll respond to my e-mail on the show? :)

  2. Monte, your question is in the queue. We’ll probably get to it within the next two weeks :)

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