GeneralsJoes Review-A-Palooza – The Sequel

Remember like a week and a half ago when I ran those daily reviews for G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary figures that hadn’t been officially released yet?  Yeah, that was awesome.  Guess what I’m doing again?

Starting on Monday, I will once again be diving headfirst into new product review hell!  I’ll be tackling a couple of key figures from the 30th Anniversary Wave 4 assortment that haven’t yet been covered (hmmm, I wonder who…) and I’m also happy to announce I’ll be reviewing the Dreadnoks and Slaughter Marauder 7-Packs from Big Bad Toy Store!

This will make for many late nights for me, but hopefully also late nights for the readers who get to check out all of the details and images prior to official release!

Until then, make sure you catch up on my 30th Anniversary Review Page, which has almost all of Wave 3 and also a chunk of Wave 4.  Last, but certainly not least, I must once again give props to Cobra Island for coining the Review-A-Palooza term.  I dig it.

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  1. I don’t know if you have alreay thought of this but when you do your Dreadnok review can you please take a photo of Road Pig with the crossbow that is supposed to come with Zandar?

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