In hand images of upcoming 30th Anniversary Lifeline and Zombie-Viper

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The ever omnipotent Gyre Viper has posted some great in hand images of the upcoming 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Lifeline and Zombie-Viper due for release soon from Hasbro.  These figures round off Wave 4 of the 30th Anniversary (along with Sci-Fi, Airtight, and Law & Order) and look to keep up the quality of the other three figures.  Very nice.

Check out all the great images at, and I’ve also mirrored some of the images below.

And of course, after you’ve drooled over these early images, keep on coming back here to, as the full reviews should be going up very soon!

6 thoughts on “In hand images of upcoming 30th Anniversary Lifeline and Zombie-Viper

  1. Heh.


    In all seriousness, heheheh.

    No, but seriously, from all the picks I’ve seen of the Toxo-Viper, my only objection was to the monochrome feel of the whole thing. Either they increased the contrast between flesh (heh) and uniform for the release or this camera just picks it up better but that is a much more stimulating pallet for a great mold.

  2. OH MAN. I’ve been limiting my army builders to two (two Cobra Troopers, Vipers, and Steel Brigade) but I’m gona have trouble only getting two zombies. We’ll see. They look AWESOME.

  3. Oh yeah, and Lifeline’s head is gona be RIPE for customs! I think that’s the best sunglasses head they’ve made so far!

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