GI Joe Collectors’ Club reveals 11th FSS Figure – COVER GIRL

Many fans have been waiting for it…and here it is!

Reveal #11 for the upcoming Collectors Club FSS (Figure Subscription Service) has been officially announced, and it is

Folks who have been anxiously waiting for some vintage homage figures may have just gotten their prayers answered.  Not in action figure form, but in Sunbow animation form!  Yes, that’s right, this great looking Cover Girl update has blonde hair!  Check out the mirrored image below, and keep your eyes peeled to for all future FSS announcements and info!

20 thoughts on “GI Joe Collectors’ Club reveals 11th FSS Figure – COVER GIRL

  1. I dunno, man, I would really call this a Sunbow figure. This figure is wearing the ARAH uniform. The Sunbow blond had a pretty different green uniform.

  2. I dig it. The hair looks reddish blonde to me. It matches the color in her filecard pic almost exactly, which is a neat touch.

  3. NOW this is what I was talking about last week. this is not a second stringer, third stringer, forth stringer, extreme, or JvC. This IS A REAL AMERICAN HERO. THIS is what we should see in the FSS

  4. It’s another whiff for me. Basically Sparta in a coat and a dye job . . . Almost as insulting as Tan Grunt imo.

  5. I mean there are some gems, but by and large the character and deco choices have been lazy.

  6. What exactly were you expecting? It was pretty much a no-brainer that, aside from the blond hair, this is what we were going to be getting.

  7. Actually, that green variation may have been a better idea to give us a early cartoon-accurate version.

    Also, you could almost consider this an IDW comic version, since she’s again got long blonde hair in that series.

  8. I figured out that the figure its mostly based on is one of the Scarlett “Rise of Cobra” figures. Between the movie Scarletts, Baronesses and Cover Girl, Hasbro does at least have more female molds to work with.

  9. Now I’m getting really curious as to what the mystery 13th figure will be. With the hyping up of the figure I’m really wondering… is there some special figure fans would really love to see? We’ve already got a Hasbro Kwinn in the works. How about Billy, finally?

  10. Billy is a good guess. I think the only novelty action figure the fandom would support would be a Larry Hama figure. Other than that, I can’t think of many choices that would do anything but disappoint. ME style Horrorshow?

  11. I’m pretty sure they can. From what I’ve always understood, the incentive of getting the subscription is that you get that 13th free figure. If you just buy them individually you don’t get that figure.

  12. After the heaps of unnecessary stuff, at least the back end of the figs is showing more life than the front.

    Frankly, I’d have paid a slight premium for the ability to order the second half of the series independently of the first – with or without the mysterious 13th figure.

    The big issue with Cover girl is that simply sticking a rifle and pistol in her hands isn’t really conveying what she’s supposed to do. She’s supposed to be one of the vehicle drivers / mechanics, so more tech-y accessories would have been a better fit. There’s gotta be an in-scale toolkit somewhere in the library, right?

    And I agree with whomever it was said that her hair isn’t all that blonde. It’s a good balance between figure and animation, however.

  13. Weak. That head just doesn’t look right on a modern body. No neck, soft sculpt. And the hair color looks funny to me. It’s not the blonde of the cartoon. It’s orangey.

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