GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Renegades Ripcord and Scarlett!

Taking a little break from the Wave 4 content as I wait for the USPS to catch up with my review speed, we’re taking a step back into Wave 3 now!  According to most online retailers, we should be expecting Wave 3 to hit within the next couple of weeks, so keep those fingers on the order buttons, or even better yet, pre-order while there is still some available!

Initially when G.I. Joe: Renegades hit the airwaves, the fandom was in an uproar, begging and pleading for Hasbro not to release figures in the animated style of the show.  Well, Hasbro listened, and now we have some Renegades flair infused with a distinct Pursuit of Cobra core.  The results?  So far, pretty darn good.

To check out my reviews of the G.I. Joe: Renegades Ripcord and Scarlett you can hit up the 30th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below.

17 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Renegades Ripcord and Scarlett!

  1. Gotta say, if I were still collecting every G.I.Joe toy that came down the pike, I’d be in heaven right now. I’d snatch up EVERY. SINGLE. RENEGADES. FIGURE. That includes Firefly, and even Snake Eyes. But since I no longer do that, all I’ll be nabbing are the ones that really grab me/I think I can use: Scarlett, Storm Shadow and probably Law and Order. Yep, I’m passing on SciFi and Airtight (even after the excellent reviews) and Lifeline. Considering it was nostalgia that got me into this collecting mess in the first place, that’s an odd realization. Anyway, it’s all good stuff. Hasbro no longer seems capable of producing junk.

  2. now its no secret around here how i felt about ”renegades” hated the story as well as the animation. however, i did like the character designs. (okay i never warmed up to roadblock’s Mississippi farmboy look) i, in fact, do own all the renegades figs this far….hell, i even own two cobra commanders due to an inability to decide which head i liked better. all that being said……that ripcord is one shitty looking figure. where did those accessories come from?–a 1983 accessory pack? baby blue firearms? and that orange para-pack? damn. yes the helmet looks okay, but it still looks like its ”comic pack” or 7pk quality. ripcord is the easiest pass yet.
    scarlett is nice though…ill likely get her if i can find one that doesnt look too green-googled in the eyes.
    youd think hasbro wouldve added some facts together about scarlett (female figures dont sell as well plus, she is not nearly as bulky (less plastic used in production) and given her a myriad of accessories as incentive for purchase.
    ah well……somewhere along the line i forgot to get a job at hasbro making those kinds of decisions.

  3. I agree with your reviews 100%. Dropping the wrist articulation on a general production figure is just crappy. Especially considering that it appears the trooper doesn’t have it either. Scarlett looks great but also don’t understand why H didn’t give her a toon crossbow.

  4. I will probably be the only person to express this opinion, and it certainly doesn’t reflect my reaction to the first photos we saw of these two figures, but here it is:

    Ripcord is the superior figure.

    I don’t know what vest he’s supposed to have, and having only seen the pilot of Renegades (stupid iTunes with your stupid prices!), I have no attachment to the character. But strip away all your notions of who or what Ripcord is supposed to be, and just look at that figure: he looks badass!

    I do admit that I hate the weapons. I don’t think guns should ever be cast in any color but black. And I don’t know if it’s your photos or the figure, Justin, but he is shiny around his nose and mouth, so that he appears to have been slimed while wearing Batman’s cowl.

    But I love, love, love that head sculpt, and his gear just looks neat, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters to me… says the guy who unabashedly loves Volcano Viper.

    As for Scarlet… hmm. I was SO excited about her when we first saw photos a few months back. But unlike Tunnel Rat, who looks as good or even better in recent photos than he did months ago, Scarlet now looks cheap. Her head sculpt in particular looks like it’s composed of cheap plastic, and she looks washed out beyond any loyalty to the animated design. Like Renegades Duke, she also looks too animated to fit alongside the regular figures.

    Thanks for trying the head out on the Resolute body. Too bad about the giraffe neck. I finally cut the peg off mine so the Hermione head I use will look better.

    Could you by chance pose Ripcord in all his gear alongside the unproduced PoC Desert Ripcord in all his gear? That’d look awesome, methinks. (And if you could post Sci-Fi with Matt Trakker’s backpack while you’re at it, you’ll have my vote for president).

  5. Hmm…Scarlett is awesome, but I think I’m gona reserve judgement on her headsculpt until I have it in hand. Otherwise, I’m very disappointed in her accessories. She ALWAYS gets gypped! Crossbow crossbow crossbow. OH, a pistol! How nice. Come on! Give the woman some friggin’ accessories!

    As for Ripcord…I like ’em, but he just feels like a mass of parts. Nothing is really keeping him together in my mind…I keep seeing parts I wana use elsewhere. Fantastic headsculpt, but one I wana try elsewhere. Cool helmet, but one I want to use on Ace. I dunno. I might like him better as Renegades Ripcord when I have him in hand, but I think I’m a little crazy in thinking that I would much rather have him in his civilian clothes that he’s wearing for most of the series when he comes back. That looks more like Ripcord, since he was in this figure’s costume for pretty much two episodes. That and…what, is he jumping out of planes dressed like that? I dunno. Awesome stuff and figure, and I’m certainly getting him, but I dunno if he’s gona stay together.

  6. I figured that rather than tooling, the main reason a Roadblock figure wasn’t produced was the impossibility of making those sideburns not look terrible in three-dimensions.

  7. Scarlett in my Joeverse is always sexy. This one has an ugly face and those gangly long legs and big feet. I guess this is for the next generation.

  8. This is so weird. I was really looking forward to Scarlet and couldn’t give a crap about Ripcord (mainly due to his weird colors) but after seeing your pics…..I doubt I’ll even buy Scarlett. What an atrocious looking head. Maybe if she was the nastiest villain in a fairy tale I could dig it but as Scarlett??? Doesn’t get any uglier than that. Looks like she’s been snorting coke for the last few years with those nostrils and her beady eyes make her look like she’s some demon posessed witch. Just horrible. Plus she’s about as plain jane as they get. Boring!

    Ripcord on the other hand does look pretty good. His color scheme is still throwing me off but otherwise he looks solid. Head sculpt is great and his accessories are cool.

    I guess I’ll have to see them in hand before I make final judgment but I am so disappointed with Scarlett.

  9. Frankly, I think that a modified 7 Pack Taurus (aka Bull) head could work quite well for a Renegades Roadblock. Soon after I saw images of Taurus, I thought, hmm…subtract the chin hair and darken the skin, and I could see that head being Roadblock’s. And that Taurus head, sideburns and all, looks pretty damn great.

  10. Still think that the Resolute Scarlett headsculpt isn’t nearly as bad as you make her out to be. The Renegades version is just as “ugly”, but in a completely different way – and the body’s too pixie-ish.

    I like Alpin… er, Ripcord quite a bit. The vest could be nicer, but other than that he’s got a good look to him. A bit ugly with the weapons, but other than that, quite nice.

  11. Wow. I can’t believe what people are saying about Scarlett, especially regarding the head sculpt. I think it looks very nice. Perfect? Of course not. You all did see the comparison shot next to the Resolute Scarlett right?

    Anyway, IMO, Scarlett is all WIN (well, mostly). From the start, I felt that this Renegades design was “definitive modern Scarlett” worthy. I love the update. I love the slender, petit, almost elfin look.

    If Hasbro intends to abandon the Renegades continuity going forward, than I hope they will at least retain some of the character designs, and I hope Scarlett’s would be at the top of that list. I think it’s a great base design, capable of being “evolved” and elaborated on in many different ways going forward. And I LOVE that it breaks from the leotard/body-suit designs of previous Scarlett versions. Finally, she has real PANTS!

  12. Oh, BTW, is Scarlett’s face painted, or is it her hair that’s painted? I had been under the impression that her head had been molded in flesh-colored plastic, but now I’m uncertain.

    Anyway, can’t wait to get her, and LOAD her up with some accessories. I wonder if there is any kind of small harness or holster strap or some such that would fit over her torso? Or a belt that would fit around her waist? Hmm.

  13. I’m thinking the 25th Lady Jaye’s belt-with-holster probably fit and Hawk’s shoulder/underarm holster might work too.

  14. Yeah, and I noticed that the ROC Desert Ambush Scarlett has a belt with holster around her waist, which I might try getting off to use on Ren Scarlett. Also, Desert Ambush Scarlett comes with some kind of harness with a string attached, like it’s meant for repelling or something. Maybe if that string contraption could be removed, it could work on Ren Scarlett.

  15. Agree full heartedly.

    If you were to compare the head sculpts to the real world, Resolute Scarlett looks very pretty but with an unfortunately too large forehead (ala Marcia Cross) while Renegades Scarlett looks ugly in a ” mean spirited” way; beady eyes and flared nostrils conveys a very mean spirited person or in regular slang, extremely bitchy, which she didn’t look like in the show.

    And while I agree about her body being too frail it does fit the cartoon look so I wouldn’t see that as a negative. She would fit in nicely with the Star Wars Clone Wars figures.

  16. That harness might work, but it’s pretty narrow and may not fit jive well with Reneg Scarlett’s “flak vest” thing. It also has a big molded, hook shaped, “pulley”-type thing on the back that will have to be cut off. Plus, both the harness and the belt are pretty ugly and don’t match up well with this Scarlett’s design aesthetic, IMO.

    I think the best option for a belt is 25th Scarlett’s. It includes not only both a holster (albeit non-functional) and a quiver, but it also features a “snap” so you won’t have to remove any legs to get it on and off.

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