G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS figure #10 is SURE FIRE!

Woooow!  I am very pleasantly surprised with this one.  A very cool looking figure.  Part of me figured they would go the blue and black route from the original release in the Real American Hero Collection, but instead they elected to go with the green colored repaint that was released in the Joe vs. Cobra line.

While I prefered the blue version, I have no glaring issues with the green, and I am impressed that the Club was able to get access to Law’s vest!  Bonus!  Awesome machine gun, flashlight, looks like some G.I. Joe: Resolute parts underneath, and potentially a new head sculpt.  Excellent.  Check out GIJoeClub.com and the image is also mirrored below.

24 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS figure #10 is SURE FIRE!

  1. I got to say, as a die hard RAH fan, the FSS rejally ran out of steam with the Tan Grunt. TAN GRUNT? really? with all the Joes & Cobras that havej not been made in the 25th and 30th we get A*N*O*T*H*E*R Grunt. I would have like to see something like Golobulus , Track Viper, Pythona, Fridge, Night-Viper or someone from MASK or even MASH or just something N*E*W. I would have liked even something to honor a Metal of Honor winner and it could have been announced TODAY.

  2. It strikes me as distasteful and arrogant for the club to be using extremely limited slots for vanity figures… If you must make a vanity figure, give the opportunity to the “Entire Fan Club” offer it as a prize for a contest or a membership perk… That would be a move that would make Master Collector seem much more like the “Club” it pretends to be when it’s not a poorly run business.

  3. Ah, yes, the return of the man with the goofiest file card ever (and think of the ground THAT covers).

    Too bad they couldn’t have tooled up a stack of doughnuts for him.

  4. Meh. Kinda boring. If COVER GIRL & BIG BOA are really the last two I hope they’re immaculate. And I hope 13 is amazing (PYTHONA??)

  5. Jesus, that looks like shit. I betcha tiger-shirt “Big Brawler” will be the much anticipated “bonus” figure.

  6. I’m liking it More MP’s to protect the PITT is always a good thing.

    “Vanity figure”?….Okay.

  7. You know? I got excited for a second when I saw Sure Fire. I have a soft spot for the v2 figure.

    Not feeling the goatee. It doesn’t look bad. It’s just not him in my opinion.

  8. It’s getting to the point now where this experiment is just a bad joke. Cover Girl better be freakin awesome.

    With Justins reviews of Sci-Fi, Airtight and Law & Order and even Ripcord, this just looks like crap, something thrown together in 30 seconds and passed off as something more. Crap.

    And yes, you can yell at me all you want about the clubs limited tooling, but it still doesn’t change the fact that these figures (for the most part) are just ….well, it’s not even that I would say they are bad……they are just…..uninspired.

  9. I like that they went with the more character-specific colors of v2. I like that era of G.I.Joe to be represented and Sure Fire is one of the more memorable ones. The FSS needed to be an eclectic mix of Joes imo. They really just need one figure in the set that is based on a character who has never been made into a toy, which is where my mind would have gone first when choosing characters. I will bet that is what we get from the 13th.

    I will definitely need a new vest for this figure. I just don’t like this one at all.

  10. I think it was being referred to as a vanity figure because SURE FIRE is based on one of the members of the collectors club, David Lane.

  11. I genuinely like most of the sub figures so far, but this one is definitely a low point for me. I feel as though, unlike the Nano Bat, I won’t be able to sell it (can’t see a lot of extra demand for this fig) and while I suppose I will keep it, I would’ve much preferred something closer to the color palette of the first Sure Fire.

  12. I like the sculpt of the vest well enough, though the big old badge limits its versatility somewhat. But the glossy paint isn’t doing it any favors.

  13. Who?

    ;) j.k.

    I actually did make some use of Sure Fire, the GvC green with the “original” (non-Shockwave) head.

    The guy fit in with my “security forces” style figures when I had them. The “L.T.,” as Sure Fire was called here, was the one who was also in charge of the armory at base most of the time.

    The character, while not a particular huge standout for me, is nice as an aside from the most popular ’82-’85 characters that are almost always picked.

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