Newsarama has a special preview of IDW’s G.I. Joe: ARAH #172

For those left on the edge of their seat like I was with the ending of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #171, there is at least a taste of what’s to come on  They have posted a preview of the upcoming 172nd issue of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and it takes up right where the previous issue left off.

Who gets the med kit?  Does Flint have to make a hard decision?  Head on over to Newsarama to find out!

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS figure #10 is SURE FIRE!

Woooow!  I am very pleasantly surprised with this one.  A very cool looking figure.  Part of me figured they would go the blue and black route from the original release in the Real American Hero Collection, but instead they elected to go with the green colored repaint that was released in the Joe vs. Cobra line.

While I prefered the blue version, I have no glaring issues with the green, and I am impressed that the Club was able to get access to Law’s vest!  Bonus!  Awesome machine gun, flashlight, looks like some G.I. Joe: Resolute parts underneath, and potentially a new head sculpt.  Excellent.  Check out and the image is also mirrored below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Renegades Ripcord and Scarlett!

Taking a little break from the Wave 4 content as I wait for the USPS to catch up with my review speed, we’re taking a step back into Wave 3 now!  According to most online retailers, we should be expecting Wave 3 to hit within the next couple of weeks, so keep those fingers on the order buttons, or even better yet, pre-order while there is still some available!

Initially when G.I. Joe: Renegades hit the airwaves, the fandom was in an uproar, begging and pleading for Hasbro not to release figures in the animated style of the show.  Well, Hasbro listened, and now we have some Renegades flair infused with a distinct Pursuit of Cobra core.  The results?  So far, pretty darn good.

To check out my reviews of the G.I. Joe: Renegades Ripcord and Scarlett you can hit up the 30th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below.

To those who serve, who have served, or who will serve… thank you

As we run down 2011 and make our way head-first into 2012 and what is likely to be a dirty-fighting, mud-slinging, exhausting political campaign year it’s important to step back and reflect on what (and who) really made this country what it is today.

Without our veterans, there would be no republicans or democrats.  Without our veterans, there would be no 1%, and there would be no 99%.  There would be no liberals, no conservatives, no independents, no right-wingers, left-wingers, or in-betweeners.  There would be no us.

When politics comes into play it’s easy to take sides and to turn against your closest friend just because they have the nerve to disagree with you, but it’s important to remember that without veterans, none of it would be possible.  Hopefully on this day we can step back from an “us” vs. “them” mentality and all remember together who the truly important people in this country are and how much we owe to them.

One day is not enough, but at this point it is what we have, so let’s use it wisely.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the history of Veterans Day or what its true meaning is, I strongly encourage you to check out this link.  It’s a great look into the rich history of our great nation.