GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Airtight and Law & Order

The review train keeps on rolling!

Started off the frenzy yesterday with Sci-Fi and today I continue on with two more figures from the excellent G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Wave 4 figure assortment.  These two figures were inspired by the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, but clearly have a modern and realistic slant.  A pair of two more fantastic examples from Hasbro.

For the moment, these two figures round off my Wave 4 reviews, with the rest of the review frenzy pulling from Wave 3.  So sorry, no Lifeline or Zombie-Viper (yet) but I’m trying to make that happen for next week.  Keep you all posted.  Until then, check out my 30th Anniversary Review Page or hit up the links below:

Once again, big thanks to Gyre Viper for letting be the first one to reveal these great figures to the readers.  These toys are truly as great as they look, and I hope the retail reaction tells Hasbro so.

26 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Airtight and Law & Order

  1. I had no interest in Law and Order. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Don’t care about the character, and the sneak peak photos didn’t look all that great.

    But MAN! He looks awesome! That head sculpt is amazing. I love sculpts of figures in just a T-shirt; they’re very versatile, where customs are concerned. He just shot to my top 5 most wanted.

    “Much of the figure looks like G.I. Joe: Renegades Duke, most notably the torso and legs but in fact they are pretty different. The torso is a completely different tool…”

    If I’m not mistaken, Duke’s torso is the same as the PoC Snake Eyes that came with the really weird jacket that was just reused for the Crimson Horseman. I remember the indentation for the belt.

    Law’s torso appears to be the Resolute Beachhead/Flint torso.

    I’m not gonna use him as military policeman (which’ll mean painting or covering his armband), but I want at least two of him. He’s fantastic.

    Off to read more, then I’ll continue my babbling.

  2. I expected Sci-Fi to be my favorite upcoming 30th figure, but that Airtight is so perfect. I love it.

    Law, however….ugh. That badge is so large he could almost use it as a face mask. I am also not crazy of the way the vest causes the whole top of the figure to ramp upward. And the helmet looks inadequate without the visor on, but the way the visor attaches looks awkward. I have to wonder why they didn’t use the helmet/visor combo from Pit Commando. I will definitely give it a second chance when I get it in hand. And I think the colors are an improvement over what was shown at Joecon. But I was hoping other improvements would be made before this one got released.

  3. Huh. I don’t specifically remember the second head for Law from preview photos, but if they weren’t gonna use it here, it woulda been cool for the Steel Brigade figure to’ve used it rather than reusing the PoC Beachhead noggin. Ah well, I’m sure we’ll get it in some form eventually.

    Wow… look at Order. Compare him to Timber or Junkyard or, worst of all, the Order from the K-Mart-exclusive Rise of Cobra 5-pack, which was just a reissue of the vintage Order if I am not mistaken, and which looked hopelessly toyish and cheesy.

    Order looks incredible here! If he was fully articulated like the Sigma 6 Adventure Team tiger, he’d be purt near worth the $8 himself.

    I am blown away by Law and Order, man. Some nostalgic fans might be disappointed because he’s not as loyal to the vintage aesthetic as Sci-Fi, but for my money he’s every bit the awesome, faithful-to-the-vintage-spirit update that Low Light and PoC Beachhead were.

  4. One last note on Law and Order…

    This photo here?

    It’s gonna look a lot better with Renegades Tunnel Rat and Marauders Falcon!

    Geez, to think that I read the Law and Order review first because I thought I wouldn’t care about that one…

    Onto Airtight… Sorry for the scatterbrained replies, by the way; like Alexx’s reviews, these two toys have given me too much to think about; I can’t keep it all in mind at once.

    First off, I hope they reuse Airtight’s head sculpt. That is freakin’ wicked!

    “Hasbro is coming close to perfecting that side-clasp. There are still some issues to work out here and there, but both Sci-Fi and Airtight have that clasp on the sides of their harnesses that snaps in very tightly, and doesn’t give us the “rib poke” that many of their comrades have.”

    That is a HUGE relief. Those things have become the bane of my existence.

    Like you, I could care less about Airtight, but this is a perfect update. Hasbro is reaching MOTU 200X levels here, taking corny old designs and making them viable and relevant and cool.

    Man! I’m already hoping to see some of these parts reused. That’s a very good sign of a successful figure.

    Your “1985 Represent!” photo is great. I hated the Anniversary series and mostly still do, but if they’d been like that from the start, I woulda been on board with the first 5-packs. I mean, some of those figures have issues, no doubt, but compare that group shot to the first wave or so of figures, and the difference is staggering.

    These reviews were a treat, Justin. A lovely thing to come home to after a long day at work. Thanks to you and Gyre-Viper both!

  5. It didn’t occur to me to notice those shortcomings because his MP accessories are irrelevant to me, but that doesn’t mean the shortcomings are irrelevant.

    Still, I’m giddy.

  6. It’s funny that by dropping the Renegades aesthetic, Hasbro has given us some of the most realistic head sculpts ever. It does not have the chubby cheeks or dopey grin of the original, and that makes this figure a truer representation of the character than the vintage version.

    He may not be an homage to the teal and red original, but Law’s colour pallet is a solid update of [url=]Law from 2000[/url]

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  8. I’m really glad they didn’t use the Paris-Pursuit SE/SE desert battle/Renegades Duke torso for Law. It looks really bad with just a spot there for the web belt. The resolute Flint torso is much better for Law and I’m glad they went that way. I really wish they kept the legs he was shown with at the toy fair. I liked the look of the blue legs better than these legs. Does his nightstick fit in that hole in the back of his vest?

  9. I pretty much only buy Cobra figures, but Hasbro really hit it out of the park with Sci Fi and Airtight (and to a lesser degree Law n Order). Can’t wait to pick these up.

  10. AWESOME! Can’t wait to get one! Love your 1985 modernized roster. Is that Heavy Metal from the ROC Rhino? Still haven’t got one

  11. You know, looking at L&O again, he really doesn’t look anything like the Renegades character, at least as he appeared (I’m sure, had the series continued, he would have adopted this look). And if he did have the red sleeves, he’d be as close to the ’87 look as any of the other guys coming from the 7-packs. Maybe he can find a place on my classics shelf. Might throw some Bazooka legs on him just to ratchet down the modern look. But it could work.

    Justin, are the greens even close?

  12. I was thinking the same thing about that 2K Law. It’s not the exact same colors but it certainly is evocative of it.

  13. I’ve never owned an Airtight figure, and he never really interested me at all. This one looks so great, though, that I’m really looking forward to his release. I think he’ll display really well with the Zombie-Vipers, too. As for Law and Order, this is a huge improvement over the original ’87 design. I’m always a sucker for characters with animal companions, but the color choices for the original Law were garish. This new figure is immediately recognizable, but with a deco that makes for a far more impressive action figure. These will be welcome additions to my collection.

  14. Another two good ones! Airtight is gona be the arch enemy of my Hazard Viper now, I think. Law looks cool, though I’m getting a little tired of that holser and pistol with silencer set since that pistol falls right out of the holster in pretty much everyone other than Stalker (and I honeslty thing his fits on just a fluke). Oh well, he’s pretty dang cool in every other way, at least!

  15. They would’ve given him a more “uniform” look. If the new tooling was a factor, why not go with PoC Dusty’s legs? They’re similar.

  16. Boo-yah! I’m with Monte – I’m gonna paint over Law’s MP armband and use him as something more akin to an Urban Assault specialist with the PoC Not-Beachhead/Is-Shockwave figure, to down my Alley Vipers and such. Great fig, who I didn’t think I was looking forward to until I was, and am! Also, I totally agree on Airtight, but I appreciated what they did with him in the Devil’s Due comics, and the potential he has in combating the hazard vipers and zombie vipers. Great stuff!

  17. Law and Order looks more like a scaled down COPS figure…

    … but who the heck cares, because even that’s pretty awesome. I’m going to touch up that phone on his chest (the flat light blues are annoying on all the Renegades stuff), but other than that, YAY!

    Airtight is also predictably awesome, and fills a BIIIIIG hole in the lineup. I can’t imagine that someone would want yet another Destro over him. That just… no.

  18. In regards to the hole in the back of Law’s vest, If I had to guess, I would say it’s there so you can hook the handcuffs to it. It apppears to be about the right size that one of the loops might fit through it.

  19. Airtight was one of my favourite figures as a kid, often doubling for an x wing pilot. I’d basically given up on seeing a modern version of him, but to get such a great update? Freakin’ AWESOME! Hasbro’s product just gets better and better!

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