What’s on Joe Mind Episode 29 is online!

Boasted as the “longest episode evaaaahhh!” the guys from What’s on Joe Mind sit down with G.I. Joe masterminds notpicard and Gary “Gyre Viper” Head, and pick their brains about test shots, variants, factory errors and everything in between.  Learn more than you ever wanted to know about date stamps and Patrick drops a couple bombshells about 25th Anniversary variations you may not have even known about.

It’s an absolutely captivating 2.5 hours of G.I. Joe discussion (if I may say so myself) and we even touch on a few news stories along the way.  As usual, hit up Podbean to check out the episode, or listen via the embedded player below.  I can honestly say it was a fantastic experience with a lot of great conversation, and I still can’t believe it was our longest episode.  Really didn’t feel like it.

GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Airtight and Law & Order

The review train keeps on rolling!

Started off the frenzy yesterday with Sci-Fi and today I continue on with two more figures from the excellent G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Wave 4 figure assortment.  These two figures were inspired by the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, but clearly have a modern and realistic slant.  A pair of two more fantastic examples from Hasbro.

For the moment, these two figures round off my Wave 4 reviews, with the rest of the review frenzy pulling from Wave 3.  So sorry, no Lifeline or Zombie-Viper (yet) but I’m trying to make that happen for next week.  Keep you all posted.  Until then, check out my 30th Anniversary Review Page or hit up the links below:

Once again, big thanks to Gyre Viper for letting be the first one to reveal these great figures to the readers.  These toys are truly as great as they look, and I hope the retail reaction tells Hasbro so.