Oye! The G.I. Joe Collectors Club unveils latest FSS Sub figure – TNT!!

As promised on Facebook yesterday the G.I. Joe Collectors Club revealed their latest FSS (Figure Subscription Service) figure today, and long time fans will immediately recognize it.

TNT, creatively called Theodore N. Thomas is a Blowtorch repaint that was originally released as part of the Argentinian release of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  He’s got a very unique deco that should be familiar to most Joe fans out there.

If I have any complaints it is that I’m not a big fan of the Blowtorch tooling.  The figure is so bulky and over detailed that it loses some of the articulation, which is too bad.  Beyond those issues, the concept is sound and the end result looks neat.  Check out GIJoeClub.com or take a peek at the mirrored image below.

Now, something of a trend I see forming here, which is cool, I’ll give you that.  During the 2009 Convention, the Collectors Club released Manleh, Shimik, Topson, and Redmack, who were three excellently done foreign exclusive figures from…  you guessed it, Argentina.  Keep in mind, Hasbro also released Pilot Scarlett, which was a Glenda-inspired repaint, also from Argentina.

Fast forward to 2011, and the Collectors’ Club included Sparta as part of their Special Missions: Brazil Convention Set, and really if you think about it, the FSS Tan Grunt could also pass for Sokerk.

So looking back a few years, it would certainly seem as if the Collectors Club has an affinity for the Argentinian era, and it’s pretty cool that they now have a very respectable group of foreign inspirations that you can sort of have forming up your own South American branch of G.I. Joe.  Pretty damn awesome, even if I have my doubts about the Blowtorch tooling.

Now excuse me while I hit up eBay and see if I can track down those 2009 Convention Exclusives…

  • Hawkwinter

    Weird….just weird.

  • Tolan

    …can’t wait to see the UK/Euro repaints next…

  • Jamarmiller

    LOVE IT, really enjoy this one

    I am really only interested in TNT, QUARREL, and IRON KLAW at the moment possibly Dice as well

  • Neapolitan Joe

    Terrific wasre of plastic.
    We need Billy, Pythona, a best Dr. Venom etc.

  • Southzen

    This is what I was hoping for; I was hoping the club would provide us with s. american figures and euro figures. Hasbro will evenntual give us most of the usa characters out there.

  • Admiral Hunter

    Justin… You realize I have like four or five of those lying around here somewhere? :-P I’ll call my seller to see if he has any left.

  • Crossfire1138

    I like it, love that we are getting some international love. I need to track down the older convention figures too.

  • Ryan

    Not a bad figure for a Blowtorch/Charbroil repaint. I love the idea of Joe being international and the accessories more so then the figure itself makes this one in that category, at least for me. It will go great with the other internationals the club is having in the FSS as well with the Sparta from the Mission Brazil con set. It will also complement my Canadian figs too. What I don’t understand is who has the licensing for the name TNT? I know the club came out and said they used the character’s real name instead because of that issue but does anyone know who might have the name?

  • Burg

    Not super crazy about another full on repaint but the history of this character is the reason to grab it. After listening to the latest “What’s On Joe Mind” podcast someone mentioned the possibility of there being some underlying themes in the GIJCC Subscription Figs – this would certainly tie in with Quarrel & Iron Klaw with some kind of international angle. All in all he’s on the low spectrum of figures I’m interested in from the club

  • Do you realize you can buy Dr. Venom from this same Collector Club today? If you follow what the Club does and what they provide to the G.I. Joe fan, you would notice that they do everything they can to get things into the hands of fans. General’s Joes has only been reviewing and reporting on this… forever.

  • Stalker rifle, VAMP mk1 shovel, Doc/Firefly backpack (with accessories?) and all that Blowtorch Bodyarmor!

    This pretty much confirms that the earlier discussion of the Jungle camo PoC Blowtorch never happened and that this figure may be the one Hasbro execs were sure had been produced in the Fall 2011 Q&A.

    They were mistaken, and we should take the hint on answers like that in the future that second level distribution like the Club may be working in the wings.