GeneralsJoes Contributor reviews Sideshow Collectibles Red Ninja!

Okay, first of all, props to Mysterious Stranger for sending me this review…  like months ago.  :shifty:

Then double props to him for asking me about it a couple of weeks ago.  :shifty: :shifty:

And now, triple props to him for reminding me today that it still wasn’t posted, and that I had promised a review to folks today.  Killing two birds with one stone!  Anyway, Mysterious Stranger is always the man when it comes to Sideshow Collectibles reviews, and I’m psyched that he does them for the site…even if I forget to post them for a few months.

Check it out below:

3 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Contributor reviews Sideshow Collectibles Red Ninja!

  1. Nice review, sir.

    The Sideshow Joes (SideJoes?) have been rather inconsistent, in my opinion, but while a Red Ninja is theoretically the least essential figure they’ve released, it’s also one of the coolest; he looks much better than Storm Shadow in that side-by-side photo.

    Are these figures getting more expensive as the series goes along, or am I imagining things? Seemed like the prices were reasonable when they first started making Joes, but now Sideshow’s prices are a bit out of hand, in my opinion. Also out of hand: eBay prices for the 25th Anniversary Red Ninja. Who knew?

    I had my eye on Cobra Commander, the only Sideshow Joe I intend to get (even though Zartan looks like the best one they’ve ever done); he was something like $70 or $80 on Amazon, but it sold before I mustered the funds. Blast!

    Anyhoo, I say again, Stranger: great review! Your photos of the Red Ninja are awesome.

  2. Sideshow has been working on finding better fabrics and adding more detail over time. I think you can see how they have improved their base materials in that side by side picture. And they plan a second version of Storm Shadow somewhere down the line and I expect it to be much more in line with the Red Ninja and Ninja Viper.

    The pricing is a result of the better materials and overall quality going up. With the generic Cobra troops hovering around $100 and the named characters around $120-140 it is getting to be an expensive line. But they are totally worth it in my opinion.

    Glad you enjoyed the review. More coming soon!

  3. Ya know, this figure made me realize that I’d LOVE a repaint of Renegade’s Storm Shadow as a Red Ninja.

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