When it comes to FSS Barrel Roll, THIS is what I was talking about!

You know when you’ve been buddies with someone for so long they seem to read your mind?  Well either that or they just think a whole lot like you do?

Over on JoeCustoms, Matthew has perfectly represented what I envisioned for the FSS (Figure Subscription Service) Barrel Roll, just using some Photoshop.  I think the figure is great, and it seems obvious that they’re going for a potential desert air team theme with him and Grunt, but I just think the Spy Troops color scheme could have been so much cooler.

Check out the mirrored image below for Matthew’s awesome Photoshop work.  It’s like he pulled it right out of my brain!


6 thoughts on “When it comes to FSS Barrel Roll, THIS is what I was talking about!

  1. I think the club colors will look good with not just the Club Clutch but also the unproduced Ripcord that was repainted as Skydive.

    But then, I have no attachment to Barrel Roll, as he was after my time. If anything, I think Barrel Roll should be all gray, ’cause the Sigma figure is the only version I ever owned.

  2. Ohhhh…. nice thought! This color scheme seems so natural that this would really make a lot of sense. Maybe not for JoeCon per se, but somewhere else along the line.

    I would love that for sure.

  3. I can understand that. My only thing is that pretty much every Barrel Roll appearance that was out there during this time (retail presence, Spy Troops cartoon, DDP comic book) he was in his blues and grays. So I just can’t figure out why they would choose the desert version as an inspiration.

    Unless, of course, as Patrick says above, they intend to use a blue/gray repaint as some sort of future offering.

  4. I honestly don’t mind the color, it’s that awful helmet that does it for me. It almost doesn’t matter what the figure looks like, as the helmet would pretty much ruin anything.

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