30th Anniversary Wave 3 In Hand images

Well, the notorious Gyre Viper is at it again, using his awesome connections to get the fandom some great images of upcoming product.  With the release of Wave 3 on the horizon, he’s posted a bunch of images of these upcoming figures over on JoeDeclassified.com.

He has given me permission to mirror the images on my site as well, but be sure to hit up Joe Declass for some more great insight and conversation.  Holy crap are these some nice looking figures!

Supposedly hitting in November, Wave 3 includes:

  • Ripcord (G.I. Joe: Renegades)
  • Scarlett (G.I. Joe: Renegades)
  • Tunnel Rat (G.I. Joe: Renegades)
  • Cobra Trooper (G.I. Joe: Renegades)
  • Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe: Renegades)
  • Techno Viper
It must be noted that Storm Shadow is not in here, and doesn’t seem as if Gyre Viper got his hands on that one.  The reasoning for that is unclear, but it should be noted that every case packout we’ve seen on Wave 3 so far includes Storm Shadow in the list, so I don’t think there is any reason to get up in arms about his release.  I will admit it’s very odd that he hasn’t been seen in carded form yet, but time will tell if he is actually in the upcoming assortment or not.  A big thanks as always to Gyre Viper for the images and the intel!  Hit up JoeDeclassified for more great discussion.

18 thoughts on “30th Anniversary Wave 3 In Hand images

  1. Lookin’ good! Scarlett’s face even ain’t that bad; I was afraid it would get fugly for the production figure. Tunnel Rat is also lookin’ great; good to see he’s still got leg movement even with the clothes in the way. I’m really lookin’ forward to the Cobra Security as well! I’m planning on using those with Night Adder.

    Finally: TECHNO VIPER. Don’t like the looks of the body armor kinda stickin’ out at his right side, but I may glue that down (they’ve had this problem since they started making armor like that; Renegades Firefly’s armor doesn’t stay closed all that well either). Otherwise, they look big and bulky and like they’re actually wearing useful gear! Crazy!

  2. Where is Techno-Viper’s backpack and the rest of his gear? I thought it was shown in the carded sample from before. I thought just the entrenching tool was removed.

  3. Yes, I hate hate hate all the armors that stick out where they clasp on the side. The PoC Spirit/Pit Viper one drives me nuts.

  4. It doesn’t appear that Trat, the Trooper or Rip have the added wrist articulation. I think that should be the baseline articulation and not the exception. Huge bummer.

  5. Interesting photo of Order there at the end, given that everyone figured seems to have figured Sci-Fi was going to have two interchangeable heads and not two removable helmets…

  6. So is Techno-Vipers gear a couple of turn tables, and a set of head phones to wear under his chin? Maybe a big set of speakers and a mirror ball?

  7. I agree! All potential hyperbole aside, I honestly think this is one of the best Scarlett figures we’ve seen to date.

  8. Curiouser and curiouser… perhaps more light will be shed on this next week? Perhaps that light will be shed right here on GeneralsJoes?

  9. I kind of agree. Techno Viper is actually one of the low points of this assortment to me. Not a real big fan of those side clasps that just can’t seem to stay together all the way.

  10. Indeed! This is a pretty cool character that has never really reached his potential in 3 3/4″. The best version was the 8″ Sigma 6 Soldier figure. But this version is a great update and an awesome looking figure all told. Very nicely done by Hasbro.

  11. @Greg… how dare you poison this site with words like d**step. You should be ashamed.

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