Carded images appear for 30th Anniversary Lifeline and Zombie Viper

It was only a short while ago that the folks over at AC Toys gave us carded images of most of Waves 3 and 4 of the upcoming 30th Anniversary figures, but noticeable by their absences were both Lifeline and Zombie Viper.

Well today that has been rectified as we get some very nice and detailed images of the undead Cobra and the G.I. Joe medic, both coming from the fourth wave of 30th Anniversary figures.  Check out the images here, or take a peek at them mirrored below.

Thanks much to The Terror Drome for the info.

8 thoughts on “Carded images appear for 30th Anniversary Lifeline and Zombie Viper

  1. Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man.

    So awesome.

    On a side note, Lifeline’s headsculpt looks EXACTLY liek a co-worker of mine. Even the glasses. wierd.

  2. oh god where the hell is Storm Shadow??? his absence has me worried we aren’t gonna get the alternate gear and we’ll be stuck with the crappy Rengades look….say it ain’t so!!!

  3. That was a neat idea – a true “Para” medic – but it doesn’t bug me at all.

    I still don’t think he should even come with a gun, but I’ll get past that.

  4. I for one am glad they got rid of the para-gear. I now it would make sense to have it since he was shown with Lift-Ticket in a Tomahawk most of the time in the Sunbow series but the pics of him at Joe con and SDCC just looked like gear that was just unneeded and added to the figure ‘s bulk. These pics give me what I remember of the old lifeline figure. The one question remains though , if Lifeline was a pacifist why the Big A$$ rifle in this figure or the pistol in the old one?

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