G.I. Joe: Retaliation reportedly will have a PG-13 Rating

With some information just revealed about the potential upcoming trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation being rated “PG” some fans were  a bit put off, thinking that somehow indicated the film itself would be rated PG.

Thankfully, ever vigilant director of the film Jon Chu wasted no time coming on Twitter to debunk that and to report that the film will indeed be rated PG-13.  The Tweet is below:

“FYI we will be PG13 but trailers need to be PG rated so they can go in front of movies for general audiences…”

Makes sense to me.  It would be tough to think of a film featuring Dwayne Johnson with a machine gun and sword-fighting ninja being rated anything less than PG-13, but the confirmation is certainly comforting.

As always, keep up to date on all of this info by following Jon Chu on Twitter.

UnderScoopFire Podcast interviews Thundercats writer Brandon Easton

Now, I know I’ve talked about Thundercats here and there on this site and on the Whats on Joe Mind podcast, but I don’t generally devote an article to it.  Well, this time I am, because this time I had the unique opportunity to join Howie on the Under Scoop FIRE podcast and speak with Brandon Easton.

Brandon Easton is a long time independent comic creator who is currently in the midst of releasing the fantastic looking Shadowlaw graphic novel.  While working on independent comics, he also does some writing for animated series, and he will be writing future episodes of Thundercats!

We spent some time talking to Brandon about his work in comics, about Thundercats, and yes, I manage to sneak in plenty of G.I. Joe related questions as well!  Check it out in Under Scoop Fire Episode 13 right now.

If you like what you hear about Shadowlaw , it is scheduled for release on December 21, 2011. Your local comic book shop may have ordered it but if they haven’t, ask them to and reference this code: (SEP110748). Tell your local comic book shop to order Shadowlaw!

Shadowlaw will also be available for order through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.  Under Scoop Fire is also giving away 5 copies, so enter on their Podcast page as well.

As always, I had a blast working with Howie, hope you all enjoyed it as well.

Nerd Rage Toys launches with great 30th Anniversary Wave 3 & 4 Pre-Orders!

Welcome Nerd Rage Toys to the stable of GeneralsJoes sponsors, and they are coming on board with a great announcement!  They have unleashed pre-orders for G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Waves 3 & 4 at rock bottom prices.

Offering figures at $8.50 apiece for singles and very competitive prices for the cases, Nerd Rage is hoping folks will take advantage of these awesome new G.I. Joe releases.  Check out the link below to pre-order these figures now.  Even the army builders are cheap!  Grab ’em up.

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club reveals more FSS card art, among other things

The Collectors’ Club continues their roll as they reveal another swath of card art today along with a nice close up of the upcoming FSS Sure Fire figure’s head sculpt (which appears to be a modified Valor Vs. Venom Shipwreck head).

For our viewing pleasure, they went to Twitter, Facebook, and GIJoeClub.com to give us art for Cover Girl and Big Boa as well as the aforementioned Sure Fire.  Check out the mirrored images below.

G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Pre-Orders are Online!

With the third wave of 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Renegades figures hitting mailboxes now, of course attention has already turned to Wave 4.  Well, good news from a couple of different fronts as various online vendors now have Wave 4 available for pre-order!

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club art extravaganza for the FSS!

Wow!  Hopefully Joe fans out there are following the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club in all their various iterations, because they unleashed a barrage of sneak previews for artwork from the upcoming FSS (Figure Subscription Service)!  These reveals include the full card art for Quarrel and Nano-Bat as well as sneak peeks of Iron Klaw, Jinx, and Topside!

Make sure your eyes are glued to the GIJCC on Twitter, Facebook, and on GIJoeClub.com to keep up to date on all the latest FSS information!  Also check out the mirrored images below.

I will say I’ve seen a lot of people talking trash about the artwork as well…and while I’m not necessarily head over heels about the art either, I think the limitations more lie with the source material than with the work being done with it.  Let’s all face it, the art we got in the 25th Anniversary line was nothing to fawn over.  It took inspiration from the classics, but was not even in the same league with the likes of Dave Dorman.  The Club is working with what they have, and in some cases it works, and in some cases it doesn’t, but in my eyes, the biggest limitations are the source images.

Of course, this isn’t true of Jinx, which is based on the awesome City Strike Scarlett by Mike Thompson, but personally, from what I see, the Jinx looks pretty damn good.

Look, I’m not a MOC collector anyway, so it doesn’t impact me much one way or the other, but I do think we need to cut the Club a little slack on this one.  They’re working with existing art from the Hasbro libraries that isn’t the best to begin with, and what they’re doing is certainly right on par with what we’ve seen in the 25th Anniversary line already.  At least that’s my opinion.  We’ve been spoiled by the Pursuit of Cobra stuff and even the Rise of Cobra stuff, which was exponentially better from a package art perspective, but I think these figures are really being designed to blend with the existing 25th Anniversary stuff, and do a perfectly fine job at it.

G.I. Joe: Renegades/30th Anniversary Storm Shadow confirmed w/ black sash

Conspicuously absent during some early Wave 3 images (as well as my own reviews) was the latest release of the Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow.  With some leaked pictures of the MOC figure wearing the red sash and Renegades style head, there were some concerns among the fandom that the figure’s final release might suffer some accessory shortages like some of this G.I. Joe: Renegades brethren.

I’m happy to report that this is NOT the case.  GeneralsJoes contributor and What’s on Joe Mind co-host Gary has received his Wave 3 from Kokomo Toys and reports that the figure does indeed come with his alternate head and DOES come with the black sash to give us vintage fans an awesome old school look to the latest Storm Shadow.

Terrific news.  I, for one, plan on buying two…one to display with my Renegades figures, and one to display alongside the rest of ’84.  He is a gorgeous looking figure.  Gary also Tweeted a nice image of Storm Shadow’s healthy accessory compliment, which I have mirrored below.  Gary can be found on Twitter @garygodsoe.

For all the gory details on this figure and the rest of Wave 3, make sure you’re tuning into the What’s on Joe Mind podcast with weekly episodes on Podbean, or here on GeneralsJoes.com.

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club reveals card art for FSS Nano-BAT!

Even with all of the FSS (Figure Subscription Service) subscription figures revealed, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club is keeping the reveals flying!  This time around, we get a peek at the card art for the upcoming Nano BAT!

Wow.  Very cool.  It’s essentially a photoshop recolor of the Defense of Cobra Island Battle Damaged B.A.T., but it looks terrific.  I’m sorta down on the whole Nano B.A.T. concept, but this art is impressive even to me.  Very nice.  Check out the G.I. Joe Club website for full details and the mirrored image below.

Happy Cyber Monday! Kokomo Toys has 30th Ann. Wave 3 IN STOCK NOW!!

This is not a typo!  Kokomo Toys officially has 30th Anniversary Wave 3 IN STOCK and ready to sell!  They have already sold through the Wave 3 Storm Shadow, but the rest have been listed in their eBay store, so go get ’em!

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Cyber-Monday Deals from Past Generation Toys!

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