Fan wishes get answered! GIJCC reveals Subscription IRON KLAW!

Aw hells yeah!!

It started earlier this morning when the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Tweeted about a reveal today for a character that first debuted 25 years ago.  But as sometimes happens, plans changed, and they mentioned needing to “Iron out” some details.

Well, that was about all the encouragement I needed as I kept reloading my Twitter client and every 12 seconds until he was finally revealed.  The one, the only… Iron Klaw.

Back in ’95 Iron Klaw was the evil mastermind of the G.I. Joe Extreme universe, with a very cool design aesthetic.  For whatever complaints folks have about the toys, the cartoon universe of G.I. Joe: Extreme was fascinating, and Iron Klaw was a big part of why.

For this reason, the fans were thrilled when it looked like we might get a comic pack featuring this evil terrorist (although redubbed as a Cobra “Iron Klaw Trooper”).  However, as often happens to the G.I. Joe fandom, our hopes were crushed as the movie line took over, and subsequent Anniversary or Resolute styled comic packs vanished into the ether.

But along comes the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to the rescue, digging the tooling for Iron Klaw out of Hasbro’s vaults and finally giving the fans what they’ve been asking for over the past two years.  Can I say they’ve done a fantastic job on it, too?  This is one great looking figure, and whether you want to use it as a new Cobra “Iron Klaw Trooper”, or as the malicious Iron Klaw himself, this guy works both ways.  I love the detailed weathering on the mask, the new webgear…man, it’s all awesome!  Great work.

Kudos, GIJCC, and I think this figure will be just the first step in convincing many folks to sign up for the Sub.  For more details on the subscription service, check out Can’t wait to see more!


16 thoughts on “Fan wishes get answered! GIJCC reveals Subscription IRON KLAW!

  1. The initial Tweet mentioned debuting 25 years ago, but then they Tweeted again saying they still had some details to “iron out” with that one, and would debut a different one instead. Sorry if the post wasn’t clear in that fact.

  2. Yeah, Goggles set me straight. Rereading it now, it completely makes sense. :)

    And I gotta say, a character that debuted 25 years ago … the animated movie was 25 years ago …


  3. Nevermind about Jinx. The GIJCC let slip a pronoun. It’s a “he.” Not sure about the math, since the figure came in ’87, but I bet it’s Big Boa. Still cool.

  4. Well, this is the first one that’s made me think that I actually want it.

    Too bad they’ve been batting a (generous) 0.300 to date, or else I’d be happier.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I like everything the club has shown so far. But this one is a step in a more obscure direction that I much prefer. This one looks great and now the subscription is showing off a decent variety. Imo it is important to support the subscription service just to give ourselves 13 more slots per year for figures we have been wanting forever.

  6. Been pretty positive about this whole subscription thing but this just sucks. This makes the neon Joes look good. It’s just a mess of really bright colors on a shiny black base figure. I can’t find anything redeeming about this.

    Back to square one with this subscription thing. One more like this and I’m out for good.

  7. Imo this is exactly what the club should be focussing on. It’s a mold that never got to see release.

    I also liked Topside and Dice. Actual thought went into the parts usage for both of those figures.

    Quarrel and Nano-BAT are figures I might have grabbed at retail for the hell of it, but not at club prices. Grunt isn’t even a “new” character or troop builder.

    If I were going to fork over a membership fee and subscription fee they’d have to do better than 3 for 6.

    They haven’t announced prices on these figures yet, but if it’s even close to what they usually charge then they’re in Master of the Universe Classics territory (Yeah. Mounts, two-packs etc vary in price, but the standard figure is ~$20). Whether they like it or not they’re competing with that. Someone who’s a fan of both series might only be able to afford one subscription, and I don’t think they can compete. It’s not fair to make the comparison, but that’s exactly the kind of thing that a collector is going to weigh.

  8. The red and purple is way too bright. Appeared a lot more muted in the comic the figure was originally supposed to come with. Also, the way they painted the face gives him angry eyebrows instead of the skull-face. Want to see what it looks like without the beret since that sits kinda funny. Zanzibar really could’ve used this webgear.

    As is the case with most of the sub figures, would’ve been happy to get this at retail as a comic pack figure but I don’t know about it at the Club’s premium prices. Wish they’d consider different subscription tiers: on-card at whatever arm & leg price they’re going to charge and bagged at the cost of just an arm.

    So tired of the Club’s silly anticipation games. The list has been leaked for a while now. Just show them all and tell me how much so I can decide if I want to buy or not.

  9. I need to hear the pricing and how the plan will work. I may not collect the movie line at all if the Club product ratchets up the excitement. Iron Klaw is a step in the right direction, however it is too bad that they are limited to older parts. Imagine what they could do if they had access to all the RoC leftover pieces. There are still a few surprises left for them to get folks on board.

  10. In-hand pics may lead me to change my mind, but that beret ruins it for me now. I was excited to see this one, but the way it hovers above his head makes it look silly.

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