In hand images of G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Waves 3 & 4 offer insight

Of course the big news is that someone overseas officially has pieces from both Wave 3 & 4 in hand, and images have been posted on  But what is really interesting about the images is what new information is revealed about these upcoming figures, especially compared to previously seen images at various conventions, including NYCC, which just happened a week or two ago.

The G.I. Joe: Renegades figures especially seem to be in a constant state of change.

First and foremost, the images look to be an amalgamation of some items from Wave 3 and some from Wave 4.  Below I will rundown what we see in these images and what might have changed:

Wave 3

Ripcord – Probably the biggest and most disappointing change…  Ripcord is now sporting Renegades Duke’s vest instead of the all new Renegades-authentic vest he had been spotted with in every convention appearance to this point.  I don’t know…something about this really rubs me the wrong way.  Ripcord was shown at NYCC as recently as just over a week ago, and you’re telling me they couldn’t at least show him in a more final version?  Exceedingly disappointed, not only in the move to replace the vest, but in the total lack of forethought to at least broadcast this change ahead of time.  Not cool, Hasbro.

Scarlett – Yes, as I suspected (and many agreed) it certainly looks like she has lost the City Strike Scarlett gear.  Big bummer.  All we can hope at this point is maybe the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club will find a way to get that stuff in our hand.  The figure itself still looks amazing, but really disappointed in those accessories vanishing.

Tunnel Rat – Well, T Rat at least looks mostly the same, which is actually somewhat frustrating in and of itself.  I would much rather he not have that funky motorized bomb disposal thing if it meant Scarlett got her City Strike gear.  Was anyone clamoring for that thing?  Regardless, Tunnel Rat looks to be pretty much what we’re expecting.

Cobra Trooper – Parts-wise, this figure looks like the same one we’ve seen (thank goodness!) but he does have some minor cosmetic changes.  The coloring seems to be a bit more vibrant and bright, and not quite so subdued, which is a bit disappointing as well.  Sure, I was hoping for a animated aesthetic for Renegades, but since they were going whole hog into the realism, I had grown to really like that pale blue color, which almost looked like actual denim.  This new figure is pretty bright, though it may just be the flash.  I actually like the more well pronounced Cobra symbol, and the shield, to me, isn’t a deal breaker, so I don’t mind that it’s missing.  At least he has the Renegades laser rifle!

Techno-Viper – This guy looks much the same, but we now see his silver Cobra logo in full resolution!  Awesome addition, very glad it’s there.

Wave 4

Airtight – Holy crap this guy looks awesome.  I believe this is the first time we’re seeing him without his helmet, and I really love that hood pulled tight around his head.  A very cool touch, and he looks like he’s fully accessorized.  Totally geeking out over the Renegades artwork for him, too!

Law & Order – Hmm…tough to tell for sure, but I think he might be missing that awesome balaclava extra head.  If so, though, that’s it.  Hot damn this figure is amazing.  Ever since I got ole melon head the first time in 1987 I’ve been pretty luke warm to the character, just because I really didn’t love that head sculpt.  But this guy is awesome.  Great tooling, amazing accessories.  Love it.

Sci Fi – Another figure I hated since he came out in the 80’s.  I don’t have anything against bright colors, but the figure just didn’t seem very interesting to me.  Yeah, that’s changed.  This version looks amazingly cool.  Nicely detailed rifle, backpack…I don’t see the XLMR that was pictured with previously, but not a huge loss.  He’s got the helmets and the important stuff.

So yeah, once again to a small degree the Renegades fan feels like a red-headed stepchild as those Renegades figures are tweaked pretty severely while the 30th Anniversary stuff is left alone.  I certainly understand why Hasbro does it that way, and from a popularity standpoint, it definitely makes sense.  The Renegades fan in me can’t help but feel a little besmirched.

All that being said, even with the changes, these figures are, by and large, spectacular.  I can’t think of a single real stinker in this whole bunch so far, and this series of images doesn’t even include Storm Shadow, Zombie-Viper, or Lifeline, all of which are just as stunning as this group.  Truly astounding how far Hasbro design has come in a very short period of time.

If these are showing up packaged in Asia already, they should be here before we know it.  Can’t wait!

23 thoughts on “In hand images of G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Waves 3 & 4 offer insight

  1. I wish it was painted better, but hell yes I want the motorized thingy that comes with Tunnel Rat. It looks like it might be one of Sigma 6 Short Fuze’s accessories, but I could be wrong.

    Whatever the case, this is the coolest Tunnel Rat figure ever, and that’s coming from someone who has still only seen the pilot of the Renegades series.

    What accessories is Scarlet missing, exactly? Was she gonna come with that trippy helmet from the City Strike artwork you recently posted?

  2. The loss of Ripcord’s vest is SOOOOOO shitty. As I’ve said elsewhere… rarely do I complain… but this is just…
    absolutely terrible. Hasbro did NOT come through on this one. Ripcord in this ROC-esque Renegades incarnation was a gamble as is… and the initial responses were amazing considering. And now this… GAH. NO NO NO NO NO NO. You don’t mess with something that most people probably would have thought they’d dislike if they had heard the name first with no product… that turns out to be the sleeper hit of the wave upon its reveal.

  3. You’re right Monte; that is Short Fuze’s little accessory. It actually came in the Wal-Mart pack called Outpost Defender (pretty sure I reviewed that). I coulda gone without it as well, if it meant that Scarlett came with those awesome accessories. And yeah, that recent pic had the accessories we’re talkin’ about; a facemask, sword, and those arm blades. I REALLY wanted those….oh well.

    Anyway, I’m really lookin’ forward to Tunnel Rat and Scarlett, and OMG TECHNO-VIPERS ARE ALMOST HERE.

  4. I honestly could care less about Ripcord. I can’t stand the race change for the pure political correctness run amock. Plus he is such a small part of the Renegades story. Airtight and Sci Fi just look fantastic. I hope the trooper and Trat have the wrist articulation but it is hard to tell.

  5. Yep, a very disapointing move. I was never all that keen on Ripcords colors but he did look cool, now he just looks that much more….meh, for lack of a better word.

    It’s a real shame they downgraded the Renegades figures as the loss of all the extras probably took them off a lot of peoples buy lists who aren’t Renegades fans but were looking at using all those cool accessories and parts for other things.

    Scarletts downgrade in gear is also very, very annoying.

    On the plus side, I love the Troopers more vibrant colors!

    And Sci-Fi just makes me cry with overwhelming happiness.

  6. Wasn’t Ripcord supposed to come with interchangeable Bio-Viper limbs? I’m not that bummed about Scarlett just as long as she still has the ankle pivot.

  7. Let’s see here:

    – Ripcord’s annoying, but not fatal to me since he’s going to be a new Alpine anyway.

    – Hell yes I want the bomb disposal unit – if only because my frankensteined “Hurt Locker” Joe needs the help. :)

    – I wasn’t going to use the spare Law and Order head, so no biggie.

    – HOLY CRAP Airtight is made of win.

    Bonus – IF these are selling in this case assortment, I’m all over it. Filling up every Joe in one shot, plus more SBs, would be great.

  8. I am really disappointed they changed the Cobra Trooper’s chest logo from the small pocket one to that gigantic one. The smaller one looked very much like part of something like a security uniform, matching the general aesthetic of the design. The new one is just… big. It’s like a giant Cobra logo t-shirt… but on body armour. It doesn’t make any sense. And it doesn’t ever look particularly good!

    The general culling of accessories from the Renegades figures is another disappointment. I mean- If girl figures don’t sell, why the hell is Scarlet coming with JUST a pistol and crossbow. She is coming with fewer accesories than her 25th version (which also came with a belt), in a line that packs so many accessories in with the other figures that they can’t even carry them all. They are going to make her MORE attractive to buyers by making her the one that doesn’t come with jack shit? Really? With Tunnel Rat festooned with camping gear AND bomb disposal gear? It’s ridiculous!

    And Ripcord not even coming with his vest. That’s just… I mean… it was bad enough that he looked nothing like the show version of the character in headsculpt (which was clearly based on the IDW version)… but to ditch a tooled accessory that was made for the only figure of a character that’s likely ever going to be made?

  9. No. Zombie-Viper comes with some Bio-Viper like interchangable limbs, but as a result of Compound Z, not anything related to Renegades.

  10. Shortly. Online retailers are reporting November as an arrival time frame for Wave 3. Wave 4, I’m not sure, but since carded samples are already out there, they can’t be too far behind.

  11. I guess I underestimated the desire for the bomb disposal unit…I know it’s been released a couple of times already (once in a Convention set, a second time in the Wal-Mart Exclusive Rise of Cobra Outpost Defender) so I wasn’t sure that the appeal would match that of the City Strike Scarlett stuff (which hasn’t been released anywhere yet).

    This is certainly a more accessible way to get that little robot, though.

    Scarlett was going to come with that cool facemask/visor yes, twin tonfa swords, and a very cool leg-belt with sword (and working sheath). I’ve attached an image to this comment, though the visor is a bit tough to make out.

  12. That is a good point. There are enough fans out there looking for an excuse not to buy the Renegades figures, and Hasbro just gave it to them with Ripcord. Though to his credit, he does have the awesome Renegades style laser rifle that was missing from Duke. I can’t be too pissed, I guess.

    Really, though, the design of that vest is what really set him apart. Seeing it gone is a true bummer. Granted, the figure still looks great, as does every single figure in this wave, but I can’t hide my disappointment in that fact.

  13. Yeah I’ve started rethinking my love of the huge Cobra logo, as well. I’m seeing lots of folks comment about how these guys are Cobra Security, and that is a good point, and the small Cobra logo makes sense in that regard. Seeing the huge emblem plastered on the vest does take away that element somewhat.

  14. Actually glad for Ripcord coming out. I need helmets for pilots that fly f-14s and to make a better looking Ace

  15. It looks like Law isn’t getting new legs, but rather SE54’s upper legs and Renegade Duke lowers.
    I’m actually more bummed about the City Strike Scarlett gear going missing than Ripcord’s vest. I was only going to get him for his helmet anyway.
    Maybe the club can make City Strike Scarlett figure 13!

  16. Another reason why G.I. Joe: Renegades sucks ass. They can’t even get this right. I hope this god-awful series never comes back.

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