The next G.I. Joe Collectors Club Subscription figure… Tan Grunt!

Hmmm…  gotta admit, this guy wasn’t high on my list of priorities, though I know many fans were somewhat lamenting the fact that Grunt didn’t get his own unique head sculpt in the Anniversary line.  I cannot tell for sure if this is a new head for the premier G.I. Joe infantry trooper, but it looks like it just may be.

For an added bonus, he comes with a neat flip-out glider pack, likely the modern day version of the old school Falcon Glider that he came with originally!

An interesting choice, to be sure…though honestly, not a deal-maker for me.  I do have a feeling the GIJCC will start turning up the heat a bit, and we’ll start seeing some much cooler product very shortly.  Tan Grunt does leave me just a bit cold.

Check out G.I. Joe, or hit up the image below.


EDIT – The Club has also sent out an email with a great composite picture of every sub figure revealed so far, with a little blurb about Subscription information. Check both out below:

We have now released FIVE of the Twelve figures that will be included in the official G.I. Joe Subscription service. Attached is an image of the five released so far.

Each figure will be packaged on a 25th Anniversary style blister card. These five figures, plus seven other subscription figures, will only be available through the GIJCC Subscription service from Fun Publications. As an added bonus, by signing up for the full six month subscription you will receive a FREE bonus 13th figure.

Note: This Subscription Service is an additional option to the GIJCC Club Membership. Stay tuned as we will have more exciting details over the next couple weeks!

Details for how to join will soon be available at

12 thoughts on “The next G.I. Joe Collectors Club Subscription figure… Tan Grunt!

  1. I’m with ya on that on Justin . tan Grunt just doesn’t hit it like the other figures seem too.

  2. They need to utilize some Pursuit of Cobra tooling; Anniversary figures were ugly when they were new, let alone after having been outclassed by their descendents.

  3. While I certainly agree with the sentiment, Hasbro holds tight control over what tooling the Club can or cannot use. I would imagine any of the newer and better PoC tooling that Hasbro might possibly be holding onto for 2012 – 2013 items is probably off limits to the GIJCC.

  4. Man, I want that Nano B.A.T. for a Sci-Fi custom.

    It’s funny, but I don’t like the dated bodies or the garish color schemes, and yet seeing them all in one shot like this makes them “fit”, if only with one another.

  5. You know something? I just realized why I actually like Dice and Topside (I’ll probably even track Dice down). Both of those figures actually required some imagination to conceptualize them.

    Quarrel is a straight repaint based on an international figure, the Nano-BAT was a cancelled figure, and tan Grunt is . . . wait for it . . . Grunt in a tan uniform! I think they’re going to have to try hard to top the mediocrity of this one.

    This is worse than the time they hyped the hell out of Interrogator’s identity only to reveal that he was some obscure 12″ figure, and most 3.75″ collectors were like who the eff is he supposed to be?

  6. I like him. I like the attempt to do something special with his glider backpack, although I need to see it before I’m sold on the execution, obviously.

    Tan Grunt isn’t pushing me any closer to subscribing, but he’d hardly be the reason I wouldn’t.

  7. Too 25th Anniversary-looking for me for my liking. The head looks new, and that’s a plus, but other than that, I’ll have to pass. No drinkin’ the Kool-Aid here for me.

  8. Topside and Dice are my favorites in this line. I hope the subscription service isn’t too expensive. I agree that tan Grunt isn’t overwhelmingly exciting but I like that this is another chance to get him (since the 1st release was a store exclusive) and it pays tribute to the original line.

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