G.I. Joe Q & A Answers are coming in!

Woo hoo!  I had almost forgotten the responses were due today, but even on top of NYCC craziness, the G.I. Joe team comes through.  Some very insightful answers this time around as well.  Here are my three (they answered all of them!):

GeneralsJoes – The second wave of 30th Anniversary/Renegades figures comes with many fewer accessories than were shown in early images.  Is this a trend we should expect going forward, and how do you make the decision on which weapons end up being left out?  Many fans are nervous that the upcoming Lifeline will end up missing some of the medical equipment he was shown with previously.  Can you alleviate their concerns?

HASBRO – In order to put out these highly articulated, highly deco’d figures in the face of rising production costs we had to make some tough decisions. These changes were made in an effort to cost reduce the entire assortment. There are currently no plans to further cost reduce these figures so Lifeline should be safe!

GeneralsJoes – Wave 2 of the 30th Anniversary figures made it clear that the G.I. Joe design team is getting much more creative using existing tooling.  Has the creative process changed at all recently to take advantage of the much broader tooling library that is now available?  Is the manufacturing adjusted at all to ensure a more seamless fit between pieces of separate figures?

HASBRO – Using existing tooling is more challenging than one would imagine.  Some of the tools from 2007 (25th anniversary) no longer have the same “pizzazz” when they are paired up with a more modern ROC or POC body.  To make matters more complicated (as many in our customizer audience already know) many of the knee and shoulder joints are not exactly compatible, thus limiting the legs choices that can be used for certain parts combinations.  The Designer has to have an excellent grasp of the tooling library and what parts are compatible, as well as understand where those parts are, and what their family mold is, and what “project” they initially came from.  Plenty of design work goes into the existing tooling figures, it is one of the greatest challenges of our job.

GeneralsJoes – As a member of the design or marketing team, what was the biggest heart break figure that you were excited about which never got released?

HASBRO – (Design) Data Viper.  The figure, although very very cool, proved to be too complex  to tool, and in a year where we were trying to offer premium product at a great price, he had to be sacrificed to make room for great new tooled characters like Airtight, Lifeline, Scarlett, and the new Storm Shadow.  Data Viper was an in-house designed and imagined trooper, and we put alot of thought into that character and his place on the Cobra Team though, and it was sad to have to leave it behind.  On a positive note, we are very excited about the figures that did make it and I could not be more pleased by the way they turned out.

I really like these answers.  Some good thought and consideration, and some great insight.  Looking forward to seeing some other responses start coming in.  Be sure to stay tuned to my Q & A Page as I update it throughout the evening!

City Strike Scarlett is the next subject of Mike Thompson’s art blog!

Ohhhh yeah!!  Ever since Mike mentioned this piece on What’s on Joe Mind last week I’ve been dying to see it up close and personal…and here it is!

This time around he not only posted the progress piece for Scarlett on his awesome WordPress blog, but also posted the stylesheet and some set photos that Hasbro sent him for reference.  Probably one of the most in depth and process-oriented pieces you’ll see about package artwork for the G.I. Joe line.

I cannot recommend hitting his site enough.  He has been very open and accessible to the Joe fandom and is an awesome artist to boot.  I’ve mirrored one of the City Strike Scarlett images below, but be sure to hit up MikeTArtworks.WordPress.Com to see the full skinny.  Some awesome stuff there for fans of the art, especially for City Strike Scarlett, a figure that was never released at  retail.

The next G.I. Joe Collectors Club Subscription figure… Tan Grunt!

Hmmm…  gotta admit, this guy wasn’t high on my list of priorities, though I know many fans were somewhat lamenting the fact that Grunt didn’t get his own unique head sculpt in the Anniversary line.  I cannot tell for sure if this is a new head for the premier G.I. Joe infantry trooper, but it looks like it just may be.

For an added bonus, he comes with a neat flip-out glider pack, likely the modern day version of the old school Falcon Glider that he came with originally!

An interesting choice, to be sure…though honestly, not a deal-maker for me.  I do have a feeling the GIJCC will start turning up the heat a bit, and we’ll start seeing some much cooler product very shortly.  Tan Grunt does leave me just a bit cold.

Check out G.I. Joe Club.com, or hit up the image below.


EDIT – The Club has also sent out an email with a great composite picture of every sub figure revealed so far, with a little blurb about Subscription information. Check both out below:

We have now released FIVE of the Twelve figures that will be included in the official G.I. Joe Subscription service. Attached is an image of the five released so far.

Each figure will be packaged on a 25th Anniversary style blister card. These five figures, plus seven other subscription figures, will only be available through the GIJCC Subscription service from Fun Publications. As an added bonus, by signing up for the full six month subscription you will receive a FREE bonus 13th figure.

Note: This Subscription Service is an additional option to the GIJCC Club Membership. Stay tuned as we will have more exciting details over the next couple weeks!

Details for how to join will soon be available at www.gijoeclub.com