Insanely cool G.I. Joe sculpting mock ups from freelance sculptor

So a couple of weeks ago it was the now famous Mike Thompson.  Yesterday, over on Twitter, Airborne4584 let me know about a supposedly unreleased G.I. Joe figure that a contract sculptor had posted on their Facebook page.

Well, that sculptor’s name is Matt Brouillard, and he has a wealth of awesome sculpted figures visible in his photo album.  Some crazy stuff in there.  Apparently he’s the master mind behind the G.I. Joe: Resolute Duke and Destro, but he also sculpted some Rise of Cobra items, including an absolutely gorgeous unreleased figure.

The sculptor says it’s a driver from a canceled 4 x 4, but did not reveal additional details.  According to some folks, this was going to be Clutch (the head is just a place holder).  Regardless of who it was, it is an absolutely awesome looking figure that clearly deserves a place in the G.I. Joe line somewhere.

Without knowing if Hasbro actually tooled anything up, there is no evidence that this figure will ever see the light day (the sculpt is just a wax sample) but it is still awesome to look at.  Truly impressive.  Check out the mirrored images below, and look at the second-to-last image for a slightly different Rise of Cobra Firefly helmet, and the last picture is the incredibly cool looking vehicle driver.  Great stuff.

5 thoughts on “Insanely cool G.I. Joe sculpting mock ups from freelance sculptor

  1. That last figure is amazing! I’m surprised Hasbro couldn’t find a place for it in the POC line.

  2. I’ve long had an affection for pencil sketches; I often prefer them to inked, colored illustrations in comics.

    These are similar; the power of the sculpts shines through on these with a clarity and intensity that plastic will never match.

    The talent is staggering.

  3. Yeah, it would’ve been a great figure. But, is it that Hasbro “couldn’t” find a place or “didn’t bother” to find a place for it?! They had to know that it would’ve been a popular figure.

  4. So is the first one. Looks to me like a cobra commander unmasked. But the face also reminds me of Sam Fisher(Splinter Cell). I hope they use that AWESOME head sculpt.

    Hats off to the sculptor for bringing out such fine detail in teh scale.

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