GI Joe Collectors Club Subscription figure Dice revealed!!

Oh YEAH.  Nice!!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has revealed their latest subscription figure, and it is the infamous Cobra Ninja Force member…  DICE!

We’ve seen this gear used throughout other ninja based figures in the Anniversary and Pursuit of Cobra line, but it looks a hell of a lot cooler all put together on top of the purple figure.  It looks excellent.

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club revealed the image on their Twitter feed, and you can see the image mirrored below.

Okay… now I need Slice!!  For more information about the G.I. Joe Collectors Club subscription service, click here.

18 thoughts on “GI Joe Collectors Club Subscription figure Dice revealed!!

  1. I hope BBTS gets some subs. Not paying the membership fee+the price of 12 figures since he’ll probably be the only one I really want.

  2. How much of that fig is from “Temple Snake Eyes”?

    I’m wondering what head is under that mask…

  3. This is upsetting. I have been unimpressed with the Sub offerings this far but Dice is pure WIN. I’m just not going to get a sub for this figure alone.

  4. … yeah, still nothing. Dredging up characters from when the cartoon was off the air and the comic was the Snake Eyes show isn’t the way to win my heart, GJCC.

    (It’s not anti-Ninja: I’d love a new Jinx, for instance, to complement all the other movie figs that we’ve gotten recently)

  5. I’d suggest saving your money then Geoff. So far the leaked subscription list has been 100% accurate…

  6. Slice and Dice….in your Snake Eyes comics…..right now :) You’re just not up to date….lol.

  7. Agreed!

    Yeah, I know any customizer could whip this one up while playing ping pong on the side, but I can’t, and $20 or $25 (whatever the price will be) is still waaaay cheaper than the average $50 -$75 that customizers ask if I were to get them to make one for me.

    Starting to warm up to this subscription idea!

  8. I’d just about persuaded myself to get this sub for the Nano B.A.T. and Topside’s head, but I was out of G.I. Joe by the time they released the vintage version of this guy, and without the aid of nostalgia, a purple ninja isn’t particularly alluring. Maybe I could sell him. I wonder if his body would serve as a Mindbender base?

  9. Simply not good enough. I will say up front that I can’t stand the ninja angle and SS and SE are enough in my book. A purple version of a previously released SS – pass.

  10. So far really looking forward to the subs here. I never got this figure when it was out but the update looks extremely cool. But i had already decided to get the subs anyway.

  11. The original Dice had a lot of detail, despite the ninja-attack-articulation.

    Just compare the knee pads, for instance.

    Is there really a need to have the same thing in a new format?

    Or should the future of re-visited classic figures start adding a touch of character advancement, rather than just close approximations using whatever spare parts are lying around the factory floor?

    Why not a new camo-pattern on Dice here at least?

  12. Whether we agree with that or not, that seems to be what the majority of Joe fans are looking for. Modern representations of the vintage figures. I actually think Dice looks great, and I’m not normally one for part-for-part translations.

  13. In my best Charles Bronson voice: “No Dice…” Mostly kidding, but again, not enough incentive to get what I can make easily with existing retail figs. Hell, Temple Guardian SE was practically Slice AND Dice and Kamakura in one package – certainly not my SE – so while I think the colors are lovely, I don’t need this character enough to warrant the (probable) high price. I need to see the rest of the twelve knock it out of the park before I will even consider the sub at this point. And I hope the Club changes my mind.

  14. For me, SLice and Dice in the original comic were just plain nutty. They’re right up there with the falconer who fabricates CC’s battle armor. I’d rather have Billy, Dr. Burkhart, etc……

  15. Definitely. I’m not hating on it or anyone, don’t read me wrong on that.
    I guess an example of what I’m thinking, it’s like Flash in the ’82 suit, versus Flash in RoC.

    I’m thinking out loud again, I shouldn’t, though.

  16. i feel like i would have loved this figure when i was in my pre-teens. now though, there’s just not enough to sell it to me, especially considering they already released most of the gear before, including the mask. i’m not too keen on the RAH axe, either, in this day of awesome accessories i’m not really digging a straight remold from the 90s.

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