Better images of G.I. Joe 7-Packs, etc.. from NYCC

So, Rob, the GeneralsJoes man on the floor at New York ComicCon had sent me some compressed images before, just so we could get them posted up on the site, but now that I’ve had a chance to go through the raw images, I’ve got some more high res stuff here.  Same images as before, by and large, but much bigger and better quality.

He’s also hoping to report in from the Hasbro Seminar at 3:00pm, so stay tuned for any news that might come out of that!


  • DistantFred

    It looks like Renegades Scarlett has lost the City Strike accessories.

  • JMM82

    I’m mostly looking forward to that new Lt. Falcon. What a much better head and face sculpt than the 25th Anniversary version!!! I think it’s cool that his beret is removable, because in reality, Green Berets don’t wear their berets in combat. At least not in the modern pictures I’ve seen of them. Maybe in Vietnam they did, but not today?!

  • Scramble

    There are some amazing figures in these two sets, definitely more winners than losers. What I can’t for the life of me understand is why Zandar is the most faithfully recreated of all the figures in the set. Pink scarf, random yellow highlights, blue bolts on his chest. So much could have been done to update the forgotten Zartan family member. So much.

  • M6d

    Looks like the weasel has struck again… No Kwinn.

  • alvarobm

    Hasbro choose well the parts to assemble this version of Falcon, and did a great job on the head sculpt and removable beret.

    The colors initially bothered me; i would prefer much more the Night Force scheme. Now, i have an idea to use Falcon not as a Green Beret, but as an UN corps commander.

  • I’m really happy with these sets. My only complaint is the packaging. No character artwork whatsoever (even on the filecards). Come on Hasbro, that’s always been one of the coolest aspects of the Joe line

  • Hawkwinter

    Rumor is that Kwinn will be the 2012 SDCC Exclsuive with an Arctic variant. Which would actually be pretty cool.

  • They’ve come and gone whenever she’s shown up in the past, so there’s still a slim hope.

    But I suspect that the Renegades figures are taking the brunt of the accessory-chopping.

  • M6D

    I’d be down with that.

  • Gqshire

    I wonder what the deal is with the Renegades plasma rifle. Hasbro is still showing Ripcord with it. Hard to tell if the Cobra Trooper still has it. If it’s still coming out. It makes me question with make the swap with Duke.

  • Greg

    Mike Thompson would agree with this. :)

  • Always a chance for another version with an updated color scheme later.