New York ComicCon Coverage – Day One

So this is getting posted a little late as I sift through various sites of coverage, but figured better late than never.

First and foremost, serious props to GeneralsJoes follower Rob, who read that I was not going to be able to be in New York this week and graciously offered his services to take some pictures at the Con!  Below are his excellent images, exclusive to GeneralsJoes:

Again, a huge thanks to Rob for the hook up.  I think these images to answer a lot of fan questions about accessories.  Lifeline, Sci-Fi, Airtight, and others clearly come with most of the previously revealed accessories, so I think fan fears that those would be heavily cut are unfounded.

In other news, rumors abound that “Topside” has been confirmed as one of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription figures, but no images are yet available.  Perhaps later on in the weekend.

I’m sure I’m not alone getting fired up about this image:

Hasbro registered for a trademark earlier this year, looking to produce a movie encompassing various different brands.  Don’t jump to the whole “oh man, MASK toys are coming back!!11!11!” bandwagon, but some exposure is better than none.  Cool poster.

Courtesy of the Twitter Page for, we have a very cool video of the Hasbro display booth:

Last, but certainly not least…if you want good pictures of these items, just hit up Toy News International.  Fantastic galleries, really nice detail on all of the figures.  Excellent stuff.

I’m still not convinced we won’t see more throughout the weekend, so keep checking back!

17 thoughts on “New York ComicCon Coverage – Day One

  1. Finally a new decent looking Falcon head! Really puts the 25th version to shame, and shows what Hasbro is capable of if they do things right.

  2. Re: Unit-E: What, no Inhumanoids? Still, some neat images updating these classic properties. Anyone know what “Primordia” is, though?

  3. The figure displays including the same loadouts as before is guarantor that they will actually come with all those accessories- It may just be they never altered the display models after previous shows despite final product modifications.

    What, no love for Unit-E Action Man? That’s even more Joe related than the MASK bit!
    That Stretch Armstrong is real crappy looking.

  4. Isn’t Lifeline a pacifict? And he’s shown holding an assault rifle and has a pistol on him as well?

  5. Well, to be fair, the original ’86 figure came with a pistol. It was just the cartoon that drove the whole pacifism angle (though the Special Missions comic kind of ran with it a bit, too). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they write something into the filecard about it…

  6. Clyde “Gnaw” Hyde. Man, that’s terrible. Naugahyde is a faux leather. Gnawgahyde is a poacher. That’s funny. Now people who grew up mispronouncing his name as ‘naw-hide’ are going to think they were right.

    Went ahead and ordered a Dreadnoks set. Road Pig and Thrasher are fantastic and the majority of the rest of the ‘Noks are good enough. Questionable looking waist on Clyde Hyde since it just looks like he’s wearing a sassy belt instead of something functional. Zandar really sticks out like a sore thumb but people would probably complain if they updated him from his original look. Zanzibar’s the only outright stinker of the bunch. He really needs something on his upper torso like a vest or just a painted on shirt. That shoulder pad is just magically sticking there. And he looks like he’s got a fauxhawk too. I think that’s actually worse than the original top knot.

    Can’t pull the trigger on the Marauder’s set. “Hey, here’s this set to compliment that Sgt. Slaughter figure we screwed the pooch on delivering to you a couple of years ago.” Gee thanks, guys. Besides that I never cared much for the Slaughter’s Marauders team. It’s supposed to be an armor unit but none of the guys in it are armor specialists and now they don’t even have the unifying 3-color camo. They’re just wearing regular camo but they’ve got blue shoulderpads and hats. Spirit ain’t even care about a shirt. Renegades look okay. Updated Red Dog is the standout of the set. I wonder what they were planning on including the football with since they couldn’t have just tooled that up for this.

    I don’t think the Unit: E poster is for Hasbro’s toy movie. That was supposed to be like Toy Story where the toys come to life after the workers go home. This kind of looks like they’re launching a comic line.

  7. Wonderful, in order to have all the Dreadnoks & Slaughter to lead the Marauders, I have to ebay Zarana & Slaughter.

    Way to go Hasbro, screw over the fans who don’t have the chance to make it to SDCC even more

  8. Yeah, the 30th one is superior in everyway, no doubt, but it’s totally different. I don’t see it as one or the other. This Renegades Trooper is for the Renegades universe which has nothing to do with real GIJoe. But it’s still cool, I totally love the design.

  9. No, you’re not the only one. I prefer the 30th Anniversary one as well. The Renegades version looks like a forerunner to the Alley Vipers.

  10. Turns out that Unite: E thing is a Hasbro crossover comic produced for the NYCC. And Unite: E isn’t the title, it sounds like it’s a renamed Centurions.

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