New York ComicCon Coverage – Day One

So this is getting posted a little late as I sift through various sites of coverage, but figured better late than never.

First and foremost, serious props to GeneralsJoes follower Rob, who read that I was not going to be able to be in New York this week and graciously offered his services to take some pictures at the Con!  Below are his excellent images, exclusive to GeneralsJoes:

Again, a huge thanks to Rob for the hook up.  I think these images to answer a lot of fan questions about accessories.  Lifeline, Sci-Fi, Airtight, and others clearly come with most of the previously revealed accessories, so I think fan fears that those would be heavily cut are unfounded.

In other news, rumors abound that “Topside” has been confirmed as one of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription figures, but no images are yet available.  Perhaps later on in the weekend.

I’m sure I’m not alone getting fired up about this image:

Hasbro registered for a trademark earlier this year, looking to produce a movie encompassing various different brands.  Don’t jump to the whole “oh man, MASK toys are coming back!!11!11!” bandwagon, but some exposure is better than none.  Cool poster.

Courtesy of the Twitter Page for, we have a very cool video of the Hasbro display booth:

Last, but certainly not least…if you want good pictures of these items, just hit up Toy News International.  Fantastic galleries, really nice detail on all of the figures.  Excellent stuff.

I’m still not convinced we won’t see more throughout the weekend, so keep checking back!

Big Bad Toy Store has the 7-Packs up for Pre-Order!

They’re up!  And they’re up with some updated (though pretty tiny) images of the figures, showing some additional accessories.

Click the links below to buy ’em while they’re hot!

Gotta say, I’m almost tempted to pick up that last set… the new 7-Packs and BOTH Resolute 7-Packs for only $35 more?  That’s a bargain!

G.I. Joe Package Artist Mike Thompson in booth 667 at NYCC on Friday

For folks who have been following along, I’ve been lavishing praise upon the great Mike Thompson for his work over on his WordPress Blog, where he has been revealing some terrific items he worked on for Hasbro, mostly during the Rise of Cobra and early Pursuit of Cobra era.  We were lucky enough to interview him last night on Whats on Joe Mind, and he revealed some pretty neat items that had not yet been revealed to the public!

He also revealed that on Friday, he will be working with Corel Painter in the Wacom booth, which is Booth #667 at New York ComicCon, and he would love to talk Joe to anyone who wants to swing by.

Also, if you have a carded PoC Recondo, Rise of Cobra Sand Serpent w/ Star Viper, Arctic Threat Storm Shadow, or Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit, bring ’em by the booth, he’d love to sign some of his work, and you’ll have a great collectors’ item.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out there for folks who might be at NYCC and might be interested in talking to one of the folks who painted some of the awesome artwork we see on our toy packages.  And while you’re waiting for Friday to come, check out his site right here.

G.I. Joe: Operation Red Retrieval fan film launching this weekend at NYCC!

So for you Joe fans excited about NYCC this weekend, it’s not just Hasbro or the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club you need to be excited about….  Mark Cheng is also bringing his excellent looking fan film G.I. Joe: Operation Red Retrieval to New York ComicCon!

Over at his Facebook page he has launched another trailer celebrating this fact, and I’m getting pretty excited to check this film out.  I’m not sure how much longer it will be until we see it launch online or on DVD, but those of you in New York will get to enjoy it this weekend.

Check it out on Facebook right here.

IDW Announces Infestation follow up event to cross multiple titles

Must be convention time!  At the beginning of 2011, IDW launched their first ever large-scale crossover event, something that is especially challenging for a publisher that deals with several licenses properties.  Infestation took the Zombie phenomenon and brought it into IDW’s library of books, and got a pretty good reaction all told.

Well, they’re at it again!  According to Newsarama, January, 2012 will launch an Infestation follow up, this time diving into the world of HP Lovecraft.  How can this possibly tie into the world of G.I. Joe?  I guess we’ll find out.  Thanks to Phil from for the heads up, and you can read the full press release after the jump.

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