G.I. Joe 7-Packs Revealed at NYCC

Thar she blows!

Just as I’m settling in to record the latest episode of Whats on Joe Mind, the news breaks from New York.  The latest 7-Packs have been revealed by HissTank.com and Toy News International…and WOW.  Some fantastic pictures especially are available over on Toy News International.

The two 7-Packs will consist of The Dreadnoks and the Marauders.  The Marauders obviously pull inspiration from the Slaughter’s Marauders, but with no Slaughter included, and also paired with Slaughter’s first team, The Renegades.

Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks truly retain the spirit of the Dreadnoks and manage to fill in pretty much every single empty spot on your Dreadnok roster.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.  Breaking down the two sets we have:


  • Zandar (new head sculpt, Zartan parts, Arctic Storm Shadow torso, new gear)
  • Zanya (new head, Zarana parts) …also…  HELL YES.
  • Thrasher (new shoulder pad, new head, new battle club)
  • Zanzibar (new head, new webgear, some RoC Arctic Storm Shadow parts)
  • Road Pig (Resolute Roadblock body, new head, freaking AWESOME stop sign club and shield!)
  • Gnawgahyde (looks like a new head, some PoC Recondo parts, new vest)
  • Burn Out (new head, based on the 2003 Spy Troops figure)


  • Lt. Falcon (New head sculpt, removable beret, PoC Dusty parts)
  • Mercer (New head, some PoC Cobra Viper parts, real COBRA tattoo!!)
  • Taurus (AWESOME new head, new webgear)
  • Red Dog (New head, repaint Bazooka body)
  • Low Light (PoC repaint in green camouflage with some Marauder colors)
  • Barbecue (25th Anniversary repaint with 30th Airtight Arms and legs in green camouflage with some Marauder colors)
  • Spirit (PoC Spirit repaint with some Marauder colors mixed in)

As mentioned, awesome images are available at Toy News International, and they pretty much blow me away.  You’ll have to forgive my minor brevity, I’m in the midst of recording Episode 25 of What’s on Joe Mind as I type.

41 thoughts on “G.I. Joe 7-Packs Revealed at NYCC

  1. I have some serious conflicting emotions with these figs. They look fantastic even the repaint of Lowlight. However, only a few have the added wrist articulation. It feels like they are taking a step backwards a bit.

  2. Geez, never thought I’d be complaining about too many Low-Lights, but here I am. I guess there’s not much choice if you’re going with the Slaughter teams, but… FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, FOOTLOOSE IS RIGHT THERE!

    (yes, I know it’s probably an exclusive issue.)

  3. I’m sorry to bring the negativity Justin. You know I was trying to keep it positive yesterday, but I’m seriously bummed. These are some of the ugliest figures I have ever seen. Especially the Joes. Just terrible. I’m really sad right now.

  4. Yeah, sorry, but this is almost a worst case scenario. Not only is a Slaughters Marauders 7-pack about the most unappealing concept EVER, but the Noks look ugly as hell, what is with those head sculpts? They look like crap.

    I’ll go to E-Bay or trade to get Mercer and Zanya, three or four others maybe, the rest you couldn’t pay me to put in my collection.

    I was soooooooo looking forward to this. Completing a collection they said, original Joes completed or IGs maybe, even Renegades would of been cool. This blows.

    They thought the Cobra island figs didn’t sell well???? Well, hold on tight.

  5. I challenge you to go to HISStank.com and look in the customs forum. Within half an hour you will have assembled a Nok 7-pack that makes this one look like used toilet paper.

  6. Frankly this is great. I was hoping long ago that we would get the Sgt’s Renegades( don’t know why they had to call Taurus “Bull” but who cares. Red Dog looks a little funky ( I think the head sculpt looks a little like Anthony Calvillo ( quarterback for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian football league and now all time yards passing record holder in either the CFL or NFL)Lt Falcon ok since slaughter could not be used, Barbeque, Low-light and Spirit a passable homage to the green brown and blue . As for the Dreadknocks. Cool is all I can say. We get Zandar to complete the family like everyone wanted and we get some classic characters. Definite Buy hopefully I can scoop up a couple sets of each.

  7. I think that they probably should have kept Low Light and Spirit, and Barbecue the way they were. But Lt. Falcon, Mercer, Taurus, and Red Dog are cool-looking. Although I think that instead of Barbecue they should have made another version of Sgt. Slaughter since it is Slaughter’s Renegades!
    As for the dreadnok pack, I think is a fairly decent upgrade to some of the figures. I think it probably would have been better if they added zartan. lol

  8. So, it’s basically “here’s two 7 packs to complement the last two SDCC Exclusive figs you weren’t able to get.”

    Ah, well–the Drednoks look decent enough. It’s great seeing a Zanya fig at last, and kinda neat to see a Spy Troops era character get the 25A upgrade. (Future suggestion: Stall family 3-pack!) But I don’t have a compelling need to own these characters, as I’m not the biggest Drednok fan. This is great for those who are, but I’ll pass.

    The Slaughter one is fantastic, though. Mercer is the biggest hole in my collection–I don’t own any version of him, and I love the character. I love that they gave him a Cobra NVR. I’m not a huge fan of the other Renegades, but they look great here. And I rolled my eyes at first at the other characters, but they all look great! Falcon is a major, and much needed, improvement over the Comic Pack version, and it’s nice to have a more military looking Barbecue. I could see this Lowlight going up against the Jungle Vipers, and that Spirit looks hard core. And you know–the blue doesn’t bother me too much. I actually think it looks kinda cool. So this one is a must.

    Now all we need is a two pack with Zarana and the Sarge to lead these guys for all of us who missed them. You could do Sarge in Renegades colors and Zarana in a Devil’s Due or Spy Troops inspired deco so that those who did manage to get the exclusives don’t feel ripped off too much. Please?

  9. Many of these bodies look way too Anniversary to me, but I’d assume that’s what the nostalgic crowd wants, and yet most people are complaining. Odd.

    I’m gonna order both sets, if only for custom fodder. I like most of the heads, at least. I mean, yeah, most of them are ugly, but they’re high-quality ugly. Gnawgahyde was after my time, but some of his gear would lend itself to an old school pulp fiction jungle adventure dude, and I’m always looking to make characters like that. I have PoC Spirit, but I’d been planning to get a second one to experiment with different colors, so maybe this one will serve that function, instead.

    I love Taurus’s head. Road Pig’s gear is great; I hope they repaint the head eventually. Mercer’s head sculpt looks great (I always assumed they’d use the Resolute head for him or Road Pig).

    Many of the bodies look under-articulated and cartoony, which’ll make them blend in with the mediocre Anniversary stuff. Still, there’s a lot here to love; anyone know what they’ll cost? I got spoiled on the other 7-packs; I scored all of them for something like $3.50 per figure.

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  11. A more full comment:

    The Marauders are, to me, the more appealing of the packs since I’ve always hated the 25th Falcon (and therefore ANY replacement is a step up), needed a Spirit, and always had a soft spot for Mercer. A decently re-useable Barbecue and a mostly redundant Low-Light doesn’t dim my enthusiasm any; assuming the pack comes in around $40 – $45, I’ll probably buy it. Any more than that and I’ll wait.

    Plus, it’ll be nice to have them filled in since their opposite numbers in the Python Patrol have gotten so much love over the years.

    As for the Dreads… eh, not caring so much. I never really liked the concept to begin with, and expanding it past the ones that were heavily in rotation in the early years never really made sense to me other than the fact that the Hasbro designers needed something more esoteric for the bad guy ranks. But then I tend to overload on Joes* at the expense of Cobra anyway. I can see where people who want every character would be happy with this, and more power to them if that’s the case. I’ll probably buy this if it gets driven down to around $30 (that was my breaking point on the Resolute sets), but not until then.

    But I just wish they’d done a SM Footloose. :( It is weird how original characters are turning into the focus of the online-exclusive stuff while the cases sent to stores at the moment (and possibly into the near future) are about 75% army-builders. That’s a distinct change from years past, when they had to use the Cobra Island 7-pack to push out army-builders.

  12. I couldn’t be happier with these sets. Well, that’s a lie, if I had been able to get Zarana and Sgt Slaughter I’d be happier. But aside from that, these sets are exactly what I’ve been waiting for since the changeover in sculpting from the VvV/Spytroops era. I can’t wait to preorder these.

  13. No worries. I have no problems with educated negativity. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Personally I love the fact that the Dreadnoks are “ugly”. They should be! I’m loving the Renegades by and large, and the jungle camouflage for Low Light and Barbecue rocks. But to each their own.

  14. I’ve talked quite a bit on the podcast about how Hasbro was almost going to regret making the Pursuit of Cobra figures so unbelievably awesome because they’re setting too high a standard to maintain, and I’m thinking I was right. I love the wrist articulation, but for the old school fans looking to work stuff into their Anniversary collections, this stuff will work perfectly, especially the Dreadnoks.

    Are they perfect? No. But neither were Buzzer, Ripper, Monkeywrench, or Torch in the 25th Anniversary line. I think these figures will fit into that aesthetic seamlessly, which seems to be what a lot of fans want.

  15. I’m kind of split on my opinion of these sets. I’m loving the Dreadnoks as that set does fill in quite a few gaps in my Anniversary collection. I just wish I could say the same about the Joes. The Renegades are nice but I’m not feeling the Marauders. A Joe Movie set with the Renegades, a better sculpted Falcon, Jinx, Big Lob and Law and Order would’ve been better IMO and actually completed the Raw Hides set.

  16. I think you’re right on the money, Monte. It’s two-fold. First and foremost, these are online exclusive sets (BBTS specifically) so certain concessions have to be made in regards to tooling costs. That means reused parts. I think it would be tough for Hasbro to find parts to reuse with the added beef and articulation in the PoC line.

    Secondly, many fans are looking to fill in their 25th Anniversary collections, and these Dreadnok figures will do that. Yes, some of them look weirdly frankensteined, and some of them aren’t 100% accurate, but that describes 90% of the 25th Anniversary line that everyone claims to love. Makes sense to me.

    If given a choice, I will always go with the PoC/30th Anniversary aesthetic. Some classic influences, but with a much more modern, realistic, hard-edged twist. Tough to do that with the Dreadnoks, and I cannot fault Hasbro for marketing to a majority mindset.

  17. I think the three Renegades are the highlight for me, though I’m not ecstatic about Red Dog.

    The fandom just needs to accept the fact that Hasbro Legal cannot get around the Slaughter issue. They were able to do it for a very short exclusive run, but it just will not happen in main line. I would imagine he was probably planned for this set initially, but for contractual reasons, changes had to be made.

    Good news is, he can still be bought on eBay for a relatively reasonable price.

  18. Personally, I think the Noks SHOULD look ugly. They’re not the most attractive bunch!

    I think Road Pig, Zanya, Zandar, and Thrasher are fantastic. They look very much like the source material and fit in seamlessly with folks’ 25th Anniversary collection. Zanzibar looks odd bare-chested… Gnawgahyde and Burnout may suffer from the PoC Recondo “foot-staring” issue…but by and large I think the figures are great, and I’m not even a huge Dreadnok fan.

    To me the Dread set has personality, which is a big part of G.I. Joe. Road Pig’s sneering “Jacko” face sculpt is classic. His smashed in Alligator Alley sign/shield… great stuff. Zandar is an almost perfect replication of his classic look. Thrasher’s seriously got that Honky Tonk Man thing going on, and his new club is pretty massive and sick. I’m amazed at the level of detail in Zanya’s head sculpt. So much stuff to love.

    Perfect? No. But certainly a lot more good than bad (in my opinion) and they’ll fit pretty nicely into an already imperfect 25th Anniversary collection, which is what many fans want.

  19. Yeah, I suspect you’re right. It would be pretty crappy of Hasbro to let the Club put Footloose out there next year, then jump in ahead of them with a Marauder version. Not to mention the Club’s new head sculpt belongs to them and can’t be used by Hasbro for their product…

  20. Of course. But customizers don’t have to work with tooling budgets, production machines, or safety regulations. For a customizer if a certain set of arms don’t fit, they can shave down those arms and make them fit. For Hasbro that means cutting entirely new tools, which costs several thousands of dollars. For a customizer if they want more paint somewhere or a torn shirt, they can cut around some figures, glue them together, or put some nice paint on the belt buckle. For Hasbro, that means an additional paint op, which means either another one gets cut, or it blows budget.

    Comparing customs to actual items produces is apples and oranges. You cannot compare the two, there are way too many differences.

  21. ok, point.

    That was an unfair comparison.

    Was just very frustrated last night, very disapointed. I had really high hopes on this one. Not sure why. I know Hasbro hyped this like crazy but they did that with RoC as well, I really need to learn my lesson. The fanboy in me keeps getting all excited, while the part of me that has to work to pay for these figures is disapointed what we have to settle for.

    After the glimpses of perfection in PoC and upcoming 30th figs the bar has just been raised. This effort would of been deemed ok back in 2008. In 2011? Not good enough (IMO)

  22. The only figure I’m excited about is Falcon, though I’m not crazy about his being a part of the Marauders. His blue beret makes him look more like he’s a part of the U.N. instead of being a Green Beret. I’m OK with it since blue is the color of the Marauders. The picture I saw of him is too blurry, so I’m looking forward to a better one. Like other comments I’ve read on various forums, I’m hoping, too, that Falcon eventually gets released single carded with his more traditional green colors.

  23. Yeah, I can’t imagine the club wouldn’t have worked in some sort of exclusivity deal when they picked up the rights. Although anyone desperate enough to pay for a membership primarily for Footloose is likely to do so no matter what even if there’s a Marauders repaint floating out there. The CC is targeted at completists, after all.

    The head being their property is another good point, although Hasbro put out a perfectly fine Footloose head in PoC so it’s not as though that can’t be worked around.

    Could’ve been worse, I suppose… it could have been Mutt instead of Low-Light, who’s a headswap away from being a nice sober support trooper.

  24. That’s certainly a fair complaint. I think Hasbro is in a tough spot. They have a huge tooling library, so they have the flexibility to do a lot of different things…but many of those tools are from the past few years, and as you’ve said, they have raised the bar CRAZY high over the past 12 months at least.

    But for exclusive sets, that aren’t mainline, they have to stick to the mostly reused tooling formula, and at this point, if we want figures that closely resemble the vintage Dreadnoks, the tooling is going to be some older tooling. Just the nature of the beast.

    I think they will fit in well with 25th Anniversary collections, and I think a few of them will work within the confines of the PoC aesthetic, but not many. Really, though, a set with such an obvious 80’s vibe…how can it possibly work with more modern figures? I think these were conceived as 25th Anniversary “filler” figures, with a little bit of character added, and I think they do that job very well.

    Will Zanzibar look ridiculous next to Low Light? Absolutely. But just look at the source material…they’re all pretty ridiculous anyway!

  25. Probably true. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have a problem paying $20 for a PoC w3 Snake Eyes or PoC Low-Light or 30th Sci-Fi (just to name a few) so maybe a MOTU like “Masterpiece” line may be something worthwhile looking into.

    The figures are THAT good. Hasbro just isn’t capitalizing on them because they throw them together with lesser releases and charge the same amount.

    I think one of the best things you ever said was that putting a PoC figure next to a 25th figure has the same effect as putting a 25th figure next to an ARAH figure. You are dead on with that comparison.

    So I’ll take you at your word and just say these sets are not targetted at me (even though I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on 25th Joes) and just leave it be.

  26. Unfortunately, I meant ugly as in crappy sculpting. I fully agree they should look like street thugs. But let/s take SDCC exclusive Zarana. Many complained she was ugly, I praised the sculpt, and still think it may be the best head sculpt ever done for Joe, because it is beautiful in how it is accurate to what she SHOULD look like.

    Gnawagahyde? Big, round, balloon like head…..not good. Zandar? Looks like he was just stung by a dozen bees……not good. Road Pig? Looks like he has hair and THEN the rest of his hair was put on top of that like a block….not good. Just some examples. Zanya looks good though. Also not a pretty girl, but she looks biker tough.

    But again, just my opinion.

  27. Not sure why you think Gnaw and Burnout will suffer from the Recondo foot stare I think Taurus will have that problem since he is the one using the recondo torso!

  28. Anytime someone’s name gets changed it’s due to trademark reasons. Either someone else owns it or the original name is too generic to be trademarked.

  29. I may look into that ebay thing–maybe. I”m guessing the same isn’t true for Zarana. But I do love this Renegades/Marauders set. Just saw the press images and I love all the Cobra gear Mercer comes with. Gonna pre-order a set ASAP.

    And how much are you loving seeing a Spy Troops character revisted? I’d love to see Scalpel and the Stall family return as well.

  30. @ General Joes, I’m also kind of bummed on the look of Red dog I think they tried to do a mix from the first figure and teh exlcusive from 2006 I think. It just seems a little out of place with Mercer and Taurus( or Bull ” must have thought of the old tv show night court character”) But still the sets work for me.

  31. I want to say it’s because Ford has the name locked up, EG Meister / Jazz from the Alternators line, but that was likely more because it turned into a car.

    What toy line has used the name Taurus recently? I can’t think of any DCUC or Marvel Legend that would fit….

  32. WTH??? All I’ve been doing is heaping praise on the PoC and 30th figures. I wasn’t happy that accessories were cut from the Renegades figs but still liked the figs. Besides that……???? Oh, yeah the list of Collector’s Club subscription that was leaked was disapointing but I did also say I’ll wait to actually see the figures to make a final verdict.

    As far as 3 3/4″ stuff goes anyway I’ve been VERY positive. Do Not like the 12″ stuff but that’s a whole ‘nother world of collecting anyways.

    I’m just very passionate about this hobby, when I’m disapointed I say it, maybe a little more vehemently when it frist happens than 6 months down the road but I do the same thing going the other way.

    I’ve also been one of the few heaping praise on what we have been hearing about Retaliation (except having Tatum back which like 90% of fandom was unhappy with).

    So based on that I can only guess that you are a Renegades fan as I really didn’t like that cartoon and especially the art style and in retrospect voiced my opinion a little too much on it, but that was about the only thing I was really negative on. In contrast I’ve been very vocal about my appreciation of the Renegades figures while the general fandom seems to hate on them.

    As for these sets, they are a step back and I won’t sit here like a sheep and nod my head in appreciation for an inferior product. Sorry.

  33. I hear you. In a perfect world, everything would be in a PoC style and G.I. Joe would just be able to survive and thrive off of that aesthetic alone, but I think there is a segment of the collectors population that is in love with the vintage style, even if that means sacrificing some of the hyper-detailed coolness of the PoC. And I definitely stand by my opinion that comparing PoC to 25th is striking. I do think the Dreadnoks can fall somewhere in between, and I definitely have room in my collection for them alongside the newer stuff.

  34. Just to add to that.

    That last statement was in reference to my reaction and was in no way implying that anyone who likes them is in the wrong and/or mindless (as I know it will be taken as such). I’m happy others are happy with this, that’s good news for them. I am disapointed and therefore speak my mind, as we all can and should.

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