G.I. Joe 7-Packs Revealed at NYCC

Thar she blows!

Just as I’m settling in to record the latest episode of Whats on Joe Mind, the news breaks from New York.  The latest 7-Packs have been revealed by HissTank.com and Toy News International…and WOW.  Some fantastic pictures especially are available over on Toy News International.

The two 7-Packs will consist of The Dreadnoks and the Marauders.  The Marauders obviously pull inspiration from the Slaughter’s Marauders, but with no Slaughter included, and also paired with Slaughter’s first team, The Renegades.

Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks truly retain the spirit of the Dreadnoks and manage to fill in pretty much every single empty spot on your Dreadnok roster.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.  Breaking down the two sets we have:


  • Zandar (new head sculpt, Zartan parts, Arctic Storm Shadow torso, new gear)
  • Zanya (new head, Zarana parts) …also…  HELL YES.
  • Thrasher (new shoulder pad, new head, new battle club)
  • Zanzibar (new head, new webgear, some RoC Arctic Storm Shadow parts)
  • Road Pig (Resolute Roadblock body, new head, freaking AWESOME stop sign club and shield!)
  • Gnawgahyde (looks like a new head, some PoC Recondo parts, new vest)
  • Burn Out (new head, based on the 2003 Spy Troops figure)


  • Lt. Falcon (New head sculpt, removable beret, PoC Dusty parts)
  • Mercer (New head, some PoC Cobra Viper parts, real COBRA tattoo!!)
  • Taurus (AWESOME new head, new webgear)
  • Red Dog (New head, repaint Bazooka body)
  • Low Light (PoC repaint in green camouflage with some Marauder colors)
  • Barbecue (25th Anniversary repaint with 30th Airtight Arms and legs in green camouflage with some Marauder colors)
  • Spirit (PoC Spirit repaint with some Marauder colors mixed in)

As mentioned, awesome images are available at Toy News International, and they pretty much blow me away.  You’ll have to forgive my minor brevity, I’m in the midst of recording Episode 25 of What’s on Joe Mind as I type.

What to know about New York ComicCon Coverage

So, officially NYCC breaks out tomorrow.  At this point we’re not entirely sure when new items are going to be shown, although thanks to the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club and Hasbro themselves, we do know that SOMEthing is going to be shown!

My initial plans were going to be to head down to NYC over the weekend to do some coverage for GeneralsJoes, but a few things have gotten in the way of that.  Primarily, we had our main database server self-destruct last week, which turned us on our heads for about 12 hours.  We have recovered, but a part will need to be installed, and will need to be installed after hours, which means this weekend.

So, my apologies, but until I can get an online gig that matches my IS Director pay, that job’s gotta come first.

Doesn’t mean you won’t see coverage here, though!  I will be combing the ‘net as I always do, pulling intel from my awesome comrades throughout the online community and make sure you get the details and analysis you’ve grown accostamed to.

We are also recording the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind tonight, which is of course before anything is revealed at NYCC.  However, in order to properly digest and report whatever is going to be shown in the Big Apple, plans are to record a second special NYCC Edition of Whats on Joe Mind on Saturday night so we can give some “on the spot” input and feedback to the new 7-Packs, any potential GIJCC items, and perhaps even some G.I. Joe 2 toys?  Hey, we can hope, right.  ;)

Anyway.  Keep your eyes on the site throughout the weekend, as I endeavor to feed the reports back in digestable chunks.  GeneralsJoes has made some great strides over the past few years as I kind of get used to the blogging format, and I just want to thank everyone who has stuck through it.  I know I have a ton of work to do cleaning up old reviews, I have dio-stories to wrap up and many other things on my G.I. Joe-related plate, but it pleases me greatly to see how many of you are visiting and how many of you seem to enjoy what I put out.

The rest of you can go pound sand.  :shifty:

More cool G.I. Joe art revealed by Mike Thompson, this time of the 12″ variety!

One thing that we discussed on the last episode of Whats on Joe Mind was an interesting piece of art that package artist Mike Thompson had posted on his WordPress blog earlier in the year.  January to be exact.

It was obviously a G.I. Joe item, but we were having trouble identifying it.  Well, to our surprise, the ever astute Chuck (can sarcasm be properly transmitted over digital words?) directed us to the somewhat recently released 12″ Paratrooper figure, and sure enough it’s a match!

So for you 12″ fans out there, or you Joe fans who just love the package art, there you go.  You can see the original post on Mike’s excellent blog right here.

Also, if you like what you see at the blog, DO NOT MISS What’s on Joe Mind this week!  We will be talking directly with the very cool Mike Thompson himself about his experiences doing the package art, working with Hasbro, and we’ll be busting out the nail files and water boards to yank out all those trade secrets he’s got.

Keep your eyes on the Podbean Page and expect it to go up Thursday/Friday.

More weapon images and video from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Courtesy, as usual, of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we have some more tiny little tidbits into the production of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  A few days ago, he Tweeted the following, with the below image as well:

“Don’t take your guns to town”

And then early this morning, he gave us a little video snippet including a pretty awesome looking pistol with silencer.  Along with the following Tweet:

“12:15am. On set. Weapons clear. Silencer on.”

Nothing Earth shattering, but still some very neat little looks behind the scenes.  As usual, make sure to follow Dwayne Johnson on Twitter for all the skinny.

Augustus Cho joins G.I. Joe: Retaliation as a “North Korean Leader”

You probably won’t recognize the name, as Mr. Cho is primarily a candidate for Town Council in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  However, this article at the Herald-Sun reveals that he also moonlights as an actor and is currently in New Orleans filming G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The interesting news, to me, is that Cho will be portraying a “North Korean Leader” which reveals at least a little bit about the potential plot.

Okay, maybe not.  I’m desperate for G.I. Joe: Retaliation news, okay?!  Don’t judge me.  Read the article for yourself right here.