Wave 3 Case assortment listed in Previews? I’m not convinced

Maybe it’s just a hunch…but over at HissTank they’ve been talking a bit about a Previews listing and it sounds like folks are making some assumptions that it is a “Wave 3″ case assortment.  I’m not necessarily buying it.

Check out the thread right here.  Supposedly this new “wave” includes: Tunnel Rat, Ripcord, Cobra Trooper, Scarlett, Steel Brigade, Iron Grenadier, Viper, Cobra the Enemy, Storm Shadow (Renegades) Hazard Viper, Techno Viper, and Stalker.

I know the first reaction from a lot of folks is being somewhat put off that there are so many repeats in the case.  Personally, I’m thinking this assortment is much more likely a revision case.  I could be way off the mark, but the fact that the new figures are only single-packed in the case tells me this is not the initial push for Wave 3.  Plus, based on the timing of some of the figures…  I know we saw figures like Sci-Fi at the same time as Storm Shadow and Stalker at Toy Fair (in press photos) which makes me think he’ll be out before later revealed figures like Ripcord and the Renegades Cobra Trooper.

I do like the fact that Hasbro continues to work army builders into assortments, but it’s my firm belief that this is merely a refresher or revision case, and it shouldn’t be taken as gospel that this is Wave 3, and that this is a standard Wave 3 case pack.  Too many question marks here.

Fortunately for us, with NYCC right around the corner, I have a feeling a lot of those questions may be answered soon.

  • Hawkwinter

    I hope so Justin. Like I stated over on HISStank, if they release Techno-Viper and Renegades Cobra Trooper one per case there will be blood in the toy aisles.

    Looking at past releases, your theory is sound, new figures are released 2 per case.

  • Steevy Maximus

    I said as much myself, and Previews DOES have a history of posting revision case and not the “primary case” in numerous other lines. Don’t agree on the view on wave selection: it really doesn’t matter when we see the figures, Hasbro probably pushed Renegades (specifically, core characters) out first because it IS the only version of GI Joe that is actually seeing any (however anemic it might be) marketing support with a cartoon, and Hasbro probably wanted to ensure a solid “core cast” was available for Christmas.

  • Benjamin

    I agree too. But one other good thing here is if local retail gets a case and sells it through the same day (like has been happening all year, more or less) then at least I can just order this case assortment at get one of everything. Wont help with the army builders, but if everything dissapears really quick at least we have options without having to sell/trade any doubles.

  • Cobra-commander

    go see the posted pics at hisstank.com

  • Cobra-commander

    They have pics of every figure you have mentioned.. Storm Shadow looks like the sideshow version, with alternate “renegades” head

  • Hawkwinter

    To add some fuel to the fire…..my comicshop guy said that Diamond doesn’t list revsion cases in this manner. Didn’t want to say anything based on just that but I see over at HISStank that Corey (SmallJoes.com) has stated the same thing.

    Get your pre-orders in NOW! lol

  • Kuukuuson

    I called refresher case as well.

  • Are people really looking for the Renegades figures? G.I. Joe collecting has become a specialist hobby and not mainstream as far as I can tell.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I loves me some Renegades. Bring ’em on!