Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Crimson Guard and Urban Thread Pre-Orders are LIVE

Go get ’em!  I don’t care what anyone says, I’m digging that Crimson Guard.  Get the exclusive one quick so he can look like Fred!

Sideshow Exclusive:

Crimson Guard Sideshow Exclusive Edition 12-inch Figure

Regular Release:

Crimson Guard 12-inch Figure

Don’t forget about the fantastic looking Urban Threat – Condition RED diorama set either.  That has a level of bad assness itself.  Hit the banner below to pre order that bad boy!

Urban Threat – Condition RED 12-inch Figure Environment

Awesome stuff coming from Sideshow, and I’m sure more greatness is on the way!

Whats on Joe Mind Episode 24 is online now!

You’ll have to excuse my inexcusable delay in getting this posted…  work has been a cascading fireball of crap over the past 48 hours.

But nothing lightens the mood like harassing Chuck for 2 hours, so the Whats on Joe Mind podcast is just the trick.  Ace Allgood from The Trenches 12″ community returns to spread his enthusiasm and love of all things G.I. Joe, while the rest of us take some time to banter back and forth, speak about the Club subscription (and membership), argue about the pronunciation of the word “DiC” and make light of Chuck’s principles.

All in another night’s work.

Check out the episode at our Podbean Page, and you can also listen via the embedded player below.