Halloween Costumes.com Contest Winner announced!

About a week ago, I announced the exciting HalloweenCostumes.com contest where we’re giving out a gift certificate to the excellent online costume store, which carries many military and G.I. Joe themed costume to be used for your Halloween festivities.

We are happy to announce the winner as John… Aka Engineernerd!

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Thanks, and even if you didn’t win, you have to check out HalloweenCostumes.com for all the latest G.I. Joe and military themed costumes on the ‘net!

Lovers of cheesy 90’s animation rejoice! Shout! Factory “broken ground” on DiC DVD set

We’ve heard mumblings and grumblings over the past several months about a Shout! Factory DVD release for the 90’s DiC series, though nothing really official or concrete.  Well, we still do not have anything official, but things are at least looking a little more concrete courtesy of Brian Ward over on the Shout! Factory community forums.

Conversation about the DiC series came up recently, and Mr. Ward chimed in:

“DiC never owned this series.  They were basically a work for hire.  The show is owned by Hasbro and we have the license.  As I’ve stated in a few different places, though apparently, not here, we were just too slammed with other projects to work on this series for release this year.

That being said, I’ve officially broken ground on it.  So I’m hard at work.  I’ll let you know more as I can.”

You can Read more @: Shout! Factory Community – The Definitive G.I. Joe Thread

So it sounds like things are moving along.  Hold your breath, Joe fans…before you know it you can kick up your feet on your living couch and relive the majesty of classics like Kindergarten Commandos.  It’ll be a wondrous day.

In all seriousness, those of us long time Joe fans will eagerly snap up these DiC releases.  Yes, they have their own quirks, but showcasing those awesome 90’s neon colors, and the outrageous characters is really what the essence of G.I. Joe animation was about in the 90’s.  As twisted as it may be, I am really looking forward to this.